Dame Dash Presents: Loisaidas

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To call this a “short” would be an understatement. But for now, here’s the first episode of Dame Dash’s movie series, Loisaidas . The film is executive produced by Kanye West and features Murda Mook, Smoke DZA, The Lox, and of course, Dame himself. You can pre-order the seven episode series on their site here.

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  • Torry

    There’s no picture

  • Colonel Mustafa

    So this is basically a homemade movie cut down into segments. Dame Dash really struggling aint he. First off, this is a replica off another similar series on the web (name not hitting me right now). Second of all, the bodega scene look amateurish. Third of all why all the music videos within a 15 mins segment? Thanks for stuffing artists down our throats. This just wasn’t interesting. I’ll pass. Two thumbs down.

  • who is kaye west?

  • Mr.Stealyogurl

    It’s funny cause this been out .. I wonder what made this post happen?

  • Carlito R

    Dame and Kanye should just hire Rafe from “Money & Violence” youtube series to come help write and direct for them.

    • Brian B.Dotâ„¢ Miller

      Young bols be wildin…

  • el jim chapo guzman

    This shit low budget than a moher fucker..wasted sixteen minutes of my time.

    • mikey the greek! fk u bama’s!


      • el jim chapo guzman

        Esco trash fuck you to bama.

  • mikey the greek! fk u bama’s!


    • NYComicBookGuy


  • Nattown

    People really don’t understand…to get away with a low budget flick: focus on titles and sound. It’s that simple. Use some of the car rental budget for better sound isolating equipment and a quick internet search and $16 will have your titles looking pro. BUT people NEVER focus on this.

    • tututhebadboy

      BRUH. It seems like NOBODY actually makes this a priority. There’s no way these music & sound design geniuses should be avoiding this. I have a few problems in general with the short film & series come-ups of hip hop as of late. Aside from patchy & sometimes gratuitous content in these things.. I hate that we don’t get to see patience & quality. I get it, niggas gotta get this shit out… but damn, a directional mic, boom mic add-ons, anything. Its not like niggas gon use a bunch of budget on special effects..get that sound right! ‘Violence & Money’ causes these same problems for me. The fact that you just started isn’t an excuse for the fact that you’re still making a film. Its a big deal. Its hard to follow this stuff knowing that niggas may cut corners a bit just to hurry & get that final cut out before anybody else. I dnt like this notion of being independent just to be independent. We want good independent shit.

      • Nattown

        So true. The content/story is simply to get “hip hop fans” watching because this is “hip hop” to the immature. The sound thing though…the sound bothers me SO much. You can hook up a boom or a directional to a damn iphone in 2015 and we still have that horrible horrible “we didnt spend any money on sound equipment” sound. Your “We want good independent shit” is so heavy. Should be an indie film fest slogan.

        • NYComicBookGuy

          Damn, I couldnt agree more! Well Said!

      • NYComicBookGuy

        Take em to church!

  • Van Sertima

    the fuck is this?

    i’m just saying… will anyone really take protest for mike and eric seriously with shit like this floating around? a whole fifteen minutes of shooting but then go stand in from of the police with their hands up? foh

    • Let’s follow each other kid. I like your train of thinking.

  • Miss.S

    the answer is NO…. thats all.. there is kids on VINE doing better in 15 seconds this bullshit i just wasted 3 minutes watching..

  • tututhebadboy

    Damn. Everybody so dark & gangsta with this new hip hop movie & series shit coming out. Its like all we get to see. Mainstream tv= Black women maintaining..but doin a lil foul shit. Youtube, Web/Indie shit= Niggas tryna G they way out the hood… young ‘the Wire’s. Hell even Drake had a lil dark ass joint…abt Canada. Kno we got more up the sleeves…

  • Guest

    Dame is reaching so hard

  • Starpoint feat Renee Diggs

    Damn, the Newport was $13 bucks. LOL! must be NY.

  • Kip Thanatos

    Dame Dash, this is garbage. Yet, another outlet promoting that which is already seen and heard through this culture, and the fact that the xerox machine known as Kanye West is promoting this, just illustrates my point with his lack of vision. Drugs, Guns, and violence… smh, i’m over it.

  • Nattown

    I want a hip hop short series about the cliche dude from the hood who gets locked up on drug charges (just to appeal to the masses) and after being released, he craves one particular sandwich from a place that closed down whilst he was incarcerated. While he already changed his ways, and isn’t even remotely “about that life” anymore, the mini series is a comedic journey on him finding the chef of that damn sandwich and turning it into a webcast. He could be a huge hip hop head, run into hip hop figures along the way and can be super outrageously funny. But smart funny, like Seinfeld or something. In other words…a black “hip hop” series doesn’t have to be just about niggas getting shot.

    • n

      now thats some shit i would watch, the “guns, drugs, money” shit is played. , spoofing/comedy (if written well) is were its at these days dame should hook up with kevin hart and maybe do something

  • NYComicBookGuy

    The total cost of this video = Struggle Dollars and ninety nine cents. SMH

  • Black man putting a bullet in a black man’s head. How original – not interested.

  • Jason
  • Dumb

    more blacks shooting more blacks..
    oh wait there will be a story.

  • BlactrickSwayze

    Money & Violence >>>>>>>>> this bullshit