Young Money ‘Next Up’ Cypher


All Together Now.

While the Cash/Young Money issue continues to work out their issues, YMCMB showcases their young roster’s talents by debuting their Next Up cypher series. Presented by Civil TV, the 13 minute clip features Lil Twist, Hood, Euro, Flow, Cory Gunz, Gudda Gudda, and even some slick shots from Tunechi himself. You don’t wanna miss this, Baby.

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  • Harold Douglas II

    Shots fired at young thug

  • 400_Degreez

    Wayne play too much

  • PGsFinest

    Twist and Big Hood Boss both from Dallas. Dallas got some real spittas lowkey.

    • TheRealness

      Just got put on to Jesse Heavyweight from Dallas. His last 2 mixtapes are classic bodies of work Makes me look at Dallas differently.

      • Aldo BangBANG

        Im from dallas lol but yeah Dallas does have a lot of talent …just not any good plans on how to come up, unfortunately.

  • Just Mike

    This suppose to show your crew off and the leader playing games. You could’ve shut the internet down if you really tried and went off. Our so called current legends of the game are fucking lazy they don’t want to change the game just rape it and enjoy life. Cant be mad at that tho right? Hip Hop is over just reruns.

  • burr_gucci_burr

    Wayne should of.gone.first that would of saved me a couple of.minutes…….aint nobody worried about them.other kids

  • LēTeck

    Twist Flow Gunz Gudda Tune

    • tipp0183



    “i be with them niggas that will fuck they step sister”

  • bk718

    lil wayne crack is wack bruh

  • blackholesurfer

    Flow and Cory are the only ones that spit. the others can eat a dick.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Real shit though… when your name is lil wayne….you could say bull shit and it comes out sounded dope.

  • Shock


  • BlactrickSwayze

    cory fucking gunz.

    • MrAfrika

      Twist – Average
      Hood – Close Your Mouth ForEVA.
      Euro – Ok, but so are a million other rappers that rap like you.
      Flow – If Tech Nine and Wayne did the fusion dance..Shot at thug, ha!
      Cory Gunz – Best Out The Group.
      Gudda Gudda – *skipped*
      Wayne: Worst iv’e heard from Wayne, WORST NIGGA.


  • weezy killed it and gudda and flow went beast also cory too

  • IJ

    Only wack one is Hood

  • Dsunn


  • Twist surprised me

  • AfrodanJ

    Wayne looked like he was getting pissed on the whole time

  • Manny Israel

    Lil Twist Washed everybody ..Can’t believe it… I gonna act like Wayne was sleep the whole time.

  • Aldo BangBANG

    i hope all of these were straight from the Dome so they could at least use the excuse that it was cuz every one of these was boring and wack.

  • MJeezy

    That was soooo bad.

  • North Griffey

    Cory Gunz

  • Chronic

    Wayne was wack, dude was way too fucked up. Corey gunz straight killed that shit though

  • Marcus Felton

    Umm…..To Pimp A Butterfly.

  • ViewsFromThe6

    This is why Birdman has been holding back his album….

  • room2roam

    corey, gudda, and wayne, with a side of twist. nice

  • MJeezy

    can everyone please focus on the dude with the 007 hat. his facial expressions are priceless! lmao

  • tipp0183

    lil twist, corey, Gudda, nice. Wayne still got it when he takes it serious.

  • yesken

    Waynes face during cory z verse says it all…….killed it