New Video: Lil Wayne “CoCo (Freestyle)”

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Free Weezy.

Considering his current situation, Tunechi keeps the setting appropriate in the visual for his O.T .Genasis remake. Directed by Eif Rivera. Correct instrumental included.

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  • Father

    Considering how cheap this video looks i dont know why he took so long to come out with this garbage

  • trooooo

    whats up with that kendrick cd for real tho. I love rap.. Doesn’t really feel like rap or hip hop to me.. Feels more blase than anything else. Like he tried to hard to be different. I was ready for some more money treez type songs. You can say whatever you want about the lyrics but on my fourth listen im almost more turned off than I was on my first listen. His voices he does barely gel with the music he is rapping over. When he raps it sounds forced. I just wanted him to spazz on some nice beats. Instead I got a cd that I keep getting told is art. Shut the fuck up with that. Nas had cds that were art. Eminem did. Ludacris did. Biggie absolutely made two masterpieces with Life after death discs 1 and 2. Kendrick tried to hard to be different and it fell flat. The majority of the beats were a slap in the face to most rap fans.

    • Mista

      The fact that you mentioned kendricks album on a lil Wayne post shows me Kendrick got your attention. The album is classic.

      • Negus

        I should of type something similar to keep it short I rant on my reply.LMAO

      • yaaup

        Yeah for being such a let down.

        • Mista

          I would call it a letdown too if l
          All I listened to were party raps and coonish bullshit. Its more things in the world than having a good time. Wipe the boo boo from your brain son!

          • yaaup

            Your opinion is the reason it is such a let down.. Ab soul and schoolboy q aren’t coonish bullshit but if they tried this shit on their next album my response would be the same. Gibbs ain’t coonish bullshit but if he tried this shit my response would be the same. Your opinion is the worst to have. You aren’t better than anyone who listens to drake or ludacris or some real shit. You just think you are. Your like meta talib kweli and mos def fans. At least Talib and Mos def rapped on classic beats. Kendrick spit in the face of all rap fans with these beats.

          • Shock

            Naw Schoolboy Q definitely makes coonish music, as well as Gibbs. You just want to hear some gangster shit and trap beats…thats a damn shame too. The beats, which are infused with soul and are unapologetically Afrocentric, stops you from hearing the message that every Black person needs to hear.

          • yaup

            so what chinese mah fuckas arent supposed to hear this shit? it is just mediocre music that is racially charge so it will get good reviews lest those reviews get called out on social media as racist and possibly lose their job. mediocre music.

      • radio raheem

        You’re right It is a classic.. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t all over the place… You have to be very educated to understand and not everyone is able to understand… But besides LYIRCS.. The beats and songs were ok I only liked 7 out of 16, the rest was either rushed or unfinished or just sloppy and confusing

    • Negus

      First of all Kendrick told everyone do not expect GKMC type of songs, second he did what he always wanted to do. I love the album I thought he challenge himself to be very creative where ever track tied together very well. How did he sound force tho I don’t hear it and lastly the Album is a near classic the verdict is in already 94 rating at metascore.

      • yaaaup

        so what.. a bunch of white people who want people to think they are progressive in agreeing with the ranting of a black man who feels an outdated struggle? this album is so racially charged than anyone who speaks out on it publicly will have their opinion smashed as someone who is a little bit racist.. They aren’t they just understand when a sound, sounds forced.

        • Mista

          Outdated struggle??? You live in fairy tale!!!

        • Shock

          White privilege at its finest….the struggle isn’t at your front door, so you choose to ignore it smh.

        • William Witherz

          It’s not an outdated struggle, but Kendrick is just not as deep as everyone wants him to be. I didn’t always like deadprez songs, but THAT was racially charged. Public Enemy was more about the ills of society and more politcally charged. This dude changes his voice a couple of times and babbles about Lucy and people act like he is speaking for Black Men everywhere. I’d prefer more Blacker the Berry and less… everything else on the album. (Alright is my joint too)

          As a black man, his struggle feels much too watered down for me. I wish Pac would’ve told him that at the end of the album when they were conversing.

          But like I said, I applaud him for being different, and I don’t hate it.

    • el jim chapo guzman

      let the truth be told….

    • just for the record: everyone ignored Mystic’s 2nd album last year which craps all over Kdot’s album imo if your looking for those beats & rhymes

    • PhilLee8

      I thought i was the only one that felt that way, he can rap, don’t get me wrong, but some of his tracks are too left field for me, idk, its an ok album, but from the comments i see about this album being “the album of the year” & “life changing music”, i just don’t hear it, but, to each its own.

    • mikey the greek! fk u bama’s!


    • Iamjob

      I completely agree. To me, this is Kendrick going 808 and Heartbreak. And to any pusscake trying to argue…I love ALL music, long walks on the beach, Starbucks coffee, and a bowl full of dicks. Kiss kiss!

    • Tha4704 .

      If you feel this way, I compl understand but if you do, This is what’s basically wrong with today’s hip hop fans in a nutshell.

      • shizy

        Absolutely everyone is a critic and this is about to go down as one of the best years in hip hop with the start of Cole’s album then Nicki’s ( call it what you want but great album minus sir mix sample) Fabs, Big Sean’s, Drakes, now Kendricks next Wale, Meek, Kanye, Jay Electronica and potentially JayZ/Bey comp album…. This year shows promise for hip hop!!!! Niggas need to sit back and enjoy the ride!!!

    • Shock

      meh…we gotta agree to disagree. Kendrick won me over with this album…I haven’t heard music this moving or inspiring since “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.” Biggie and Luda were straight spitters, but this is the most creative, artistic album since Aquemini. I get tired of just listening to music that makes me want to put my middle finger up, Kendrick’ album makes me want to put my fist up, and in today’s climate, we needed that.

      • William Witherz

        you mean, put your fist up for two minutes until this nikka switches the beat to some smooth jazz and spits some poetry.

        • Shock

          Lol you haven’t really heard it huh

    • radio raheem

      I felt that way also… One of my friends said it best… The album was basically about black history… Which is great but it was too much and off guard… He should of mixed it up a little bit which more MC HIP HOP VIBES

    • B201

      yo for you to say that kendrick’s album does not sound like rap or hip hop is one of the dumbest things I ever heard. That statement alone proves to me that you don’t know what HIP HOP is!! i don’t like to judge but in this case I will…you probably just started listening to K Dot when GKMC dropped because Kendrick has always been different. But I digress …this album delivered a powerful message about the black man in America. “I was ready for some more money trees type songs” how old are you ?? 15? Nowadays you fake rap fans just want to hear ignorant coon shit…but I’m presuming that your not black but if you are….you’re a disgrace.

  • Negus

    Still fucks with Weezy.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Kendrick Kendrick stfu this is a lil weezy post God dammit!




    • blackholesurfer

      you said CACA. ROFL

      • THE REAL mac DIESEL


  • The Rock says

    Hate when niggas shoot vids to unoriginal shit

  • ATL

    I’m always gonna be Weezy fan but he drop the video for this mixtape too late IMO. It’s really no reason to promote the mixtape anymore, it’s not like it’s on sale on iTunes or something. I don’t really get the PR, just drop the Carter V already

  • Gordon Shumway

    “You’ll be Batman and I’ll be robbin’ the bank.” – Lil Wayne

    • Starpoint feat Renee Diggs


  • compensation over favorite line for this freestyle

  • MJeezy

    I heard a little little homie talking reckless in Vibe
    That’s quite a platform you chose, you should’ve kept it inside

    Drake and Tunchi were upset with tyga for taking his problems with young money to public. but then Wayne goes and does the same shit. atleast tyga didn’t make a mixtape that’s dedicated to dissing them as far as i know.

    What I learned from hip hop is, you NEVER turn on family. so is this really hip hop? sure families fuss and fight all the time, but as drake said “you should have kept it inside”

  • Chan

    I’m a wayne for 4 life. I’m excited to see what he’ll do without baby. Looking forward to the carter 5.

  • Jay

    Wayne coming for his spot watch

    • VJay213

      Even Wayne isn’t that delusional.

      • Jay

        Yeah watch