• bcl187

    Wtf is this?

  • Oh yes..nobody does gfunk like Snoop..have a feeling this gonna be my fav CD

  • el jim chapo guzman

    What the fuck was that?

    • It’s actually not too far off from his “Sensual Seduction” video tbh.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        that was garbage.

      • MassConglom

        Sensual Seduction was actually pretty funky on some “Black late 70’s/80’s” sh–, this sounds like some “Happy-ish New Black” sh–.

  • tha OG

    This is a good jam

    • Did you hear the Tuxedo album? (Jake One & Meyer Hawthorne)…straight funk, awesome album

    • cmonhomiewemajor

      Snoop makin the right moves this far into his career

      unlike eminem and ll cool j

  • 60

    He is the young thug of the west.. Hes been wanting to come out for a while.. Let him be free..

    • JEM

      You’re a clown.

  • Starpoint feat Renee Diggs


  • Trillionare

    I’m fucking with this!!!!!

  • Fire

  • @SkiYewNiverCity

    Dope vid! This is my shit!

  • Reggie Bo

    Pharrell & Snoop is always magic

  • something different. dope.