New Music: Lil Durk x Jeremih “Like Me”

like me

The Shit.

Along with Jeremih’s sultry vocals, Lil Durk bosses up on his brand new single produced by Vinylz and Boi-1da. His Def Jam debut Remember My Name Drops May 12.

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  • Croaker

    Stop Serving Trash.

  • The Incredible Creation

    really, Def Jam gonna drop his debut album in a couple months with nooo fuckin buzz at all? smh -_- zZzZzZz

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Omg top of the trash.

  • Donn

    Ok I’m gonna go head and break the 4th wall and say why do these industry niggas do this. Whenever a rapper can’t come up with a. Single they throw a rnb nigga on a hook and come up with a love song to get the females and they gon play the shit outta the song till it somewhat pop and then the album flop but the single did a mill lol. Come on man. Stop with the formula we’re over it

  • mars

    Smh, the AR’s don’t tell this nigga to annunciate his words? Every song he seems to mumble more and more

  • I love trap and all that ignorant music but this man is straight trash. Like he’s really garbage.

  • Justin Brown

    why does this cover look like a dick and balls….smh

    • ualreadyknoo

      cause u gay nigga

    • TopNotchN3gro

      Cuz thinks singles about to fuck up the clubs