DJ Kool Herc On ‘The Combat Jack Show’


Father Knows Best.

Kool Herc, the man responsible for this thing of ours, recently kicked it on The Combat Jack Show. For a hour and a half he spoke on his origins, creating hip-hop, drugs, and everything in between. Dig in your pocket and pay homage.

The father of Hip Hop Kool Herc gives us a very rare interview documenting the birth of Hip Hop, how he ran the game throughout the 1970’s, how his man Coke La Rock was the very first rap emcee, the records he discovered, how he almost died for this culture, his battle with drugs, health issues and his top five emcees and deejays. This one is for the history books. We do this for the culture!

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  • Donn

    This should have just as many views as any other post here but kids don’t put their money where their mouth is. IF u care about the culture then press play. Shout out to the God!!

    • ThaRealHater

      Fuck the culture.

      • TrillaThanYew

        Fuck yo hatin’ ignorant ass. If you’re feeling like “Fuck the culture” why the Fuck are you even on this site??? Without DJ Kool Herc, a site like this doesn’t exist…#BlessingOnBlessingsOnBlessingsWeBlessed!!! to have this culture.

      • bigswerve

        Little ass kid probably doesn’t kno shyt bout real hip hop..what bout kool mo d krs one mc shan..

        • ThaRealHater

          All of em fuckin suck. What about Rakim, Ll cool J, and Ice Cube?

  • who’s Kool herc? – New niggaz

    • TrillaThanYew

      Correction my brotha: New “Ignorant” Niggaz

  • didnt know he was from jamaica i thought he had a slight accent too



  • Beautiful…hope this lives up to my anticipation.

  • el jim chapo guzman


  • Yung Scotty Too Thotty

    this podcast changed my life. hip hop is alive and well, listen to him speak on this unique platform.

  • Kris Kompute

    Putting two hours aside tonight like it’s the national championship game.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Almost 2 hours to listen to this old head? No I don’t think so. He’s no 50 or g unit.

    • TrillaThanYew

      This “old head” is LITERALLY the beginning of Hip-Hop Culture. I assume you just don’t know better so I’ll give you a pass and just pray for yo’ hopeless ass. #Blessings

      • Guest

        Man is a legend sho some damn respect little boy

  • Judge Joe Dredd

    The father of hip hop…. Listening to him, industry rap nigguz have been snakes and cheats from the beginning.

    It’s fitting the mentality and nature of the “fan base”, “journalists” and so called “gatekeepers.”

  • Antonio Cesaro

    Without this guy….this genre would not be what it was…shit may not of even been hiphop