New Mixtape: Gucci Mane ‘Trap House 5’


The Last Chapter.

Gucci takes it back to the trap with the fifth installment of his Trap House mixtape series. Guests include Young Thug, Peewee Longway, Zaytoven, Mike Will Made It and Chief Keef. Download here.

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  • Duane Mecca Johnson

    Can’t knock this man even if you tried!

  • TrapGeek716

    I dont even listen to Guwop anymore once I discovered Big Heavyweight. FACTS ONLY,

  • Yamzz

    He said fck a featufe

    • Yamzz


  • Reality over industry

    Another trash mixtape. A great weed plate tho.

  • erfgret

    At this point it’s stupid not to think this man isn’t the greatest rapper to ever live… it doesn’t even make sense to think otherwise.

    • Shock

      Hardest working of all time, without a doubt

  • ToadDaddy

    Gucci is in jail releasing mixtapes
    Gucci Tha Goat

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Gucci is the truth…behind bars he working harder than your average rapper..

  • Louiev

    This man is consistent, I can’t knock em for that.

    • Dan Karlin

      You can if he’s garbage.

      • Louiev

        You can, I’m not.

      • Shock

        Yeah we are just going to let you hate

        • Dan Karlin

          Right, criticism means I’m a “hater” and I would have been a “stan” or a “dickrider” if I said anything positive. Dear LORD, the people on rap blogs are fucking morons.

          • Shock

            Bruh, hating is offering overtly negative statements out of context. An opinion would have been if someone asked, and you commented nah I don’t like it. Hating is when you know you don’t like an artist, and still take time outta the day to click on his post and talk shit. You are a hater

  • LēTeck

    This nigga probably eating mcdonalds in prison


    Free quwop

  • true story no lie

    Still bumping the dinner mixtape. Guwop go hard

  • Reality over industry

    A bunch of yarns for this Album and his catalogue is horrible

  • JB

    hardest working rapper since lil wayne back in the days. when he gets out of prison everyone is going to want to work with him thats for sure