New Music: A$AP Rocky “M’s”


Count It.

Rocky participated at the Red Bull Music Academy lecture series today in London. During the gathering, he premiered his track “M’s” produced by Honorable C-N.O.T.E. Get your Ms up, ALLA coming soon.

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  • West West

    Dat Beat is hard!!!! Bridge leading to Hook is crap!!! Hook is hard!!! Why he biting Seans All Me Verse Flow!!! I liked Multiply waaaay better!!!

    • Dr Hater Blocker 8000

      well said

  • Steazysea


  • Mr.Stealyogurl

    These beats be amazing these days.. lyrics not so much

    • Krillin is a Bitch !

      You can’t expect someone like ASAP ROCKY to have actual lyrics.

  • brza

    this can’t be the CDQ? the beat is swazy

  • Guest


  • el jim chapo guzman

    the beat extra hard but the vocals ass as fuck.

  • DOShow

    This goes hard don’t know what some of you other fools are talking about…

  • asap makes some bangers but hes an average rapper lets face it

  • Kip Thanatos

    14:47 FAME

  • Donn

    I will say A$AP got progressively better. Its nothing we haven’t heard before tho, bitches, money, etc etc. But definitely above average. Just don’t mention Rakim ever again tho, he was a God MC who spoke about the struggle so vividly and didn’t care about turning up.

  • ayohellno


  • MidWestFlyest

    That beat goes

  • Krillin is a Bitch !

    *Yawn* I’m good

  • Starlion

    flacko is the realest

  • fullyautomatic

    Dis shit goes boo boo

  • MJeezy

    beat hard as a motherfucker

  • nowadays with yall trash rappers I just wait for someone with bars to steal your hot beat and make justice with it

    case in point here. (waits for remixes)

  • hostage

    “me and yams made the plan. then I payed my self and gave my self advance. Way before I became myself, i like to thank myself, because I made myself the man…


    mhm mhm, that’s that shit..