Wiz Khalifa Reflects On ‘Kush & Orange Juice’

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Taylor Made.

Where does the time go? Today marks five years since Wiz Khalifa released his landmark recording, Kush & Orange Juice. MTV caught up with Wiz in L.A. to get his thoughts on the project. Needless to say, if you want the old Wiz, listen to his old mixtape.

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  • I hate to judge a man by how he looks but this guy looks like some mom going through a mid life crisis.

    • Pat

      Deadass, he looks like a crackwhore.

    • CASH

      A man doesn’t worry about how another man looks like #DamonDashVoice

  • Kush and OJ changed mine and a million other people’s lives. Such a classic

    Wiz Khalifa, the Weeknd, Juicy J, and more beats. FREE. Use/share. Much love

  • Reggie Bo

    maybe he needs to record his next album in pittsburgh cause everything after Kush & OJ has been trash

    • Aldo BangBANG

      Kush and Oj was good but i dont think everything was “trash”
      I mean, cabin fever was a good project, great 2011 summer party music on there for sure.

      • Reggie Bo

        true but his albums havent been good and everything since taylor allderdice is subpar mixtape wise

        • GetReal

          none of his albums were ever that great, but people don’t give him enough credit, rolling papers was solid, onfic was cool and black hollywood was also a solid project, kush&oj is only better cuz of those sampled beats that he wouldn’t had been able to clear for his albums

        • Aldo BangBANG

          i honestly never listened to much of his stuff. i know rolling papers did suck ass tho.

      • CASH

        Cabin fever was dope, as well as Flight School. Rolling Papers was a solid album! Wiz does his thing. Yes, a few other projects were trash.

    • yeah

      Nothing wrong with onifc

      • Reggie Bo

        i didnt like it really

      • Based Guy

        everything was wrong with onifc

    • GetReal

      taylor allderdice was just as good, and cabin fever, and 28 grams served its purpose for the summer

      • Reggie Bo

        TA was pretty good but not on kush and oj level and 28 grams was wack except for 6 songs

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Too much money makes you lazy.

    • bottom side inc

      Too much drugs make you garbage

      • el jim chapo guzman

        yeah you right.

      • Stephen

        Unless youre lil Wayne.

        • bottom side inc

          ESPECIALLY if you’re Lil Wayne

      • FALSE. Eminem… Jimi Hendrix… DMX… Lil Wayne… Etc. I Could go on & on but I’ll stop there. MULTIPLE artists in history FLOURISH when high on some sort of drug. Ugly truth.

        P.S. Are you willing to scarce sobriety for greatness? #TIMELESS

  • (i·ro·ny)

    You would think that him knowing how people felt about that project would make him want to produce something with as much quality as K&OJ

  • @navenoblique

    I remember downloading this on one of rht first four twenties I knew I could get stoned on without my parents trippin. Looking back I didn’t hear how Curren$y influenced it was

  • Okaga

    “WIZ KHALIFA REFLECTS ON ‘KUSH & ORANGE JUICE” He don’t need to reflect he need to go back to that.

  • yeah

    (Cont. off headline)- and thinks to him self, man, things have really went to shit.

  • That mixtape deserves an award because it crossed him over and was the first album that Twitter word of mouth took to another level. He became king of the net rappers and showed millions how to use the net effectively. Now if you study Wiz he has always been a pop rapper who followed the trendiest sounds. Cardo had a lot to do with that sound and him and Wiz aren’t workin anymore so that explains the departure from the feel of that album. Plus that’s jus Wiz musically. He stays consistent with smoking weed and having catchy hooks over whatever beat people seem to gravitate to. Whether auto tune or trap, dude is jus that kind of artist. So watever new sound is coming best believe Wiz is goin to use it to stay relevant.