• Sagat X

    Dayum = What everyone said when you get suflexxed on stage at your own show!!

    • I came here to say this but you beat me to it. lol

  • el jim chapo guzman

    This nigga should hang it up

  • staytru

    plies song ridin the south stand up!!!!!!

  • DOPE

  • IcebergDaddy

    Color Money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IcebergDaddy

    I see Meek on this track going in.

  • T

    Plies snapped on the first part of this joint, and if you from the South you should already know “being friendly will get you killed” Plies knew better then to trust a dirty nigga with Air Forces on…. That slam was crazy, but the footage that came out after the slam was even better….

  • Man this song tight. And honestly, Plies always had a ill flow and his lyrics aint too trash.

    Too bad he always getting ethered, but im a still bump Plies over Ross any day of the week

  • This is horrible

  • color money music.

  • TRUE T.E.A.M