Yelawolf & Travis Barker On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’



Since the release of Love Story, Yelawolf’s been keeping busy. And last night, he and Travis Barker appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to perform the cut, “American You”. Show some patriotism and download the album here on iTunes.

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  • So Icy Boi!

    white trash. Love Story is a fuckin country/rock album. Yelawolf aint no hip hop. swag

    • Struggle Jennings

      Bitch YOU ain’t hip hop..

    • MadShot

      Dude ending his speech by “swag”. You lost all credibility boy

    • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

      Where did hip hop come from ? rOCK N ROLL. The country vibes are dope !!!!

    • lenstrom

      Bait and switch.

  • Kris Kompute

    Korny Kountry Krackers.



    • Guest






  • Another favor for Paul Rosenberg SMH

  • el jim chapo guzman

    redneck piece of shit.. I hate Hells Angels Motorcycle Club they look like a bunch of faggots.

  • M.U

    Yelawolf is a hip hop artist doing country and rock right. He made 4 rap albums before he experimented with Love Song. He been had the Dixie flag just like a lot of other whites AND blacks in the south. Know nothing about what your commentin on but still decide to do it

  • F*ck Drake

    Each of those guys are just Yelawolf from a different universes

  • Davide Leroy

    Why can’t we all be friends? Everyone and Everything has a place in hip hop.

  • Hussle

    I keep reading motherfuckaz on here saying this is the best album of 2015 LMAO im sorry…dont wanna make it a black and white thing…but wtf this shit trash

  • Dan Karlin

    Once again, a comments section on Rap Radar assured me that racism is totally cool as long as it’s directed at white people.

    • chelsea

      you can’t be racist against white people, dumb fuck. do you some research.

  • IKEEPIT100

    LOOK WHOS NUMBER posts!!!!…hol on Huckkkkkkkk toooooooff..i jus spit a lugi in yall mother fuckers eyez now whipe the goooo out lmao..yelawolf put out the best album this year period..ONE OF KIND..not some bullshit kendrick did on sum blues shit..bittin off NAS life is good album…

  • Julio Cesar

    Apparently because this song doesn’t include the words bitch, ‘random car brand’, hoe, money, Yelawolf is disregarded as hip hop. Still spits a better freestyle than most the corny rappers people ass rape from this comment section.

  • MJeezy

    love story is one of the best albums that came out in 2015.

  • The only Tanya

    Me too I want to have pictures with them! btw, I’m serious about the announcement of the tattoo.

  • The only Tanya

    My favorite song is Tenessee Love, for everyone’s info Tenessee I named after myself my nickname Ten, Nessee is my scarecrow. U.S.A is my turf!

  • The only Tanya, I am Taliban

    I love the Love album, the collaboration of Yelawolf and Eminem and MGK. I appreciate everyone for talking about me, about my life the highlights and the low lights, I feel honored because I got respect from everyone about how I do things before, my favorite is Tenessee Love, I know the words of my loved one when I hear it. I’m ok if everyone is speaking about me, and about MGK’s question about the fans, yes I would like to have that now that you have explained it to me already the importance of it. I would like Yelawolf himself to continuously be talking about me. I would like Eminem himself to continuously be talking about me. And also Machine Gun Kelly I would like himself to continuously be talking about me. I like all the results of the music movies, I like all the interviews, thank you everyone for giving me justice, because this time, now, I am being heard. Yes I am the amistad, I am alive.

  • The only Tanya, I am Taliban

    I have received my barracks uniform already, all are personal clothes. I’m serious about the system the internet games.

  • The only Tanya, I am Taliban

    I work pro bono, so everyone don’t expect I have hard cash, I don’t have any. By the way, give me money. *(smiles)

  • Tanya

    I would like to explain and make clarifications to everyone who is concerned that, Phillippe is my standard procedure to be a wife in the future. So the entire time I am single. And phillippe have many code names.

  • Tanya

    Everyone’s comments are weird. If u know music all you have to do is appreciate..take it or leave it, listen to it or not the song is just someone else’s expression. Why would anyone argue if it’s a genre or the other, when in fact it belongs to one songwriter!

  • Tanya

    All my songs are in the line up charts lead by Heart of Dixie, Guns n Roses, Sex Pistols, and some are in the Tales of Cryptkeeper, that’s a long time ago ever since I’m Kinder why would just anyone ask me where all my songs are, ofcourse I created genres, I am rock, hip hop, ballad, love songs, punk and RNB which is the combination of Rock n Ballad, reggae and so much more. What is everyone up to? I am my only composer, I am my only producer, I am the only songwriter and everyone is arguing about my work! All you have to is ask me, I will answer everything.

  • Tanya

    I have code names in music industry, in movie industry and in entertainment industry, I am the owner, producer the only one of Hollywood. What!?

  • Tanya

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  • Tanya

    Everyone! I accept love gift, I prefer cash. LOL

  • Tanya

    Everything that I said that should come out are all in Yelawolf, Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly interviews.

  • Tanya

    I am Tanya the producer of Eminem, Yelawolf and Machine Gun Kelly, all these are my personal life testimony. Deal with it.

  • Tanya

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  • Tanya

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