Amber Rose Calls Out Kanye Ghostwriter

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Drunk & Hot Girls.

Amber Rose continues to stick it to her ex. While at the Supper Club in Los Angeles, Amber instructed the DJ not to play Kanye West records before claiming that Travi$ Scott wrote his songs. Yikes!

This afternoon, she wrote on her Instagram handle, “Lol Note to self Amber- when ur shit faced off the Crown and coke stfu it’s not cute.” Blame it on the alcohol?

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  • Mylo

    Never wife a whore…. Never save a bitch….. Treat a tramp accordingly

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller


    • T


    • Dafuq

      Preach my g.

      These industry niggas roam around wifing these hoes up.

    • Sagat X

      Niggas wired your ugly ass mama so stop being a hypocrite

  • T

    Funny how a broad with a fake ass and pretty smile can say anything that comes to her mind and you media outlets will run with it…. If a ugly chick would have said some shit like this no one would even care… Travi$ Scott corny for letting this bitch say some wack shit like that and the DJ corny for letting the wack bitch interrupt his set…. Just to entertain the bullshit if Travi$ did right all ‘Ye shit explain his past hits before he linked up with Travi$, ‘Ye should pull a Wayne and sue this broad Amber…

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  • thabookie

    Travis can’t write a coherent verse to save his life, nevermind a song.

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller


    • Kingly_Caracter

      Travis ill bruh…He’s 100% a weirdo. But I can actually believe her on this one. Listen to Travis’ old stuff then listen to dark twisted. Treatment is almost identical. Kanye still on of the greatest to me…but every great got a BIG secret. Bless.

      • T

        Lol don’t you think My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy inspired Travi$ Scott pin game in a way…. You guys have to stop letting these young niggas blind you with weirdo claims, first it’s Drake is on the same level as Hov, then it’s Young Thug is the new Lil Wayne, now it’s Travi$ Scott is responsible for Kanye West lyrics… The OGs birthed these kids, not the other way around…

        • Kingly_Caracter

          You would be amazed just how this industry works my G… Trust me… BIG established artists borrow from unknowns all the time. Travis didn’t start making music when he met Kanye.

          My theory is what it is because he had that sound BEFORE DTF. Don’t believe me go check out Travis’ older stuff… Same vocal treatments. Kanye is still a GOAT in my opinion. But I will never for one second think these dudes don’t take styles, flows, and treatments from lesser artists.

          Your views prove why it’s so lucrative to do it that way…No one would ever believe a lesser artist could have “helped” an artist as big as Kanye that much. That’s the reality of the industry. Bless.

          • T

            Conspiracy theories are almost as worst as opinions, let’s state the simple facts here, Travi$ Scott doesn’t rap better then Kanye and his music proves that’s “not a opinion it’s facts”…. Another fact is this claim came from a drunk Twerker who happens to like fucking celebrity rappers and then make false claims after they break her heart…. Also ‘Ye birthed rappers like Travi$ and even reinvented rappers like Pusha and Common…. Why on earth would ‘Ye need Travi$ to write all his music like the Twerker said? That’s like saying Kanye doesn’t produce his own music? The verses on WTT do you think Travi$ wrote that too? That’s like Birdman getting drunk and saying Young Thug wrote all of Wayne’s classic material, it’s BS… Also Kanye has always listed his writers/producers in album credits… He’s not like Nicki or Iggy who pretend they write ALL their music

          • Kingly_Caracter

            Conspiracy…”You know nothing John Snow…”

            …Bruh what I spoke of is not a conspiracy or an opinion. It’s a fact that established artists leverage lesser artists for ideas, point blank. You obviously have no real knowledge of the industry if you can’t even accept that simple fact. I can’t claim I know everything either. But I know that to be true. I have zero respect for Amber personally… but hoe or not, she was close enough to him to get songs dedicated to loving and hating her. Gotta count for something.

            “Travi$ Scott doesn’t rap better then Kanye” is an example of an opinion. Bless.

            This is just one of many…

          • T

            You proved my point we know who who wrote for Kanye and that link is exactly what i’m trying to tell you “WE KNOW” not WE THINK…. Just like I said it’s coming from a Twerker, not a musician so that not only makes it a opinion it makes it a bullshit conspiracy… A opinion that comes from a stripper ‘Ye made famous left and married another chick, Amber is bitter and that’s facts… The DJ of the club and Travi$ is corny for letting her make those drunk claims… If ‘Ye has mentioned other writers why hasn’t he mentioned Travi$? If he can mention others he can mention Travi$ too just like he has admitted to Travi$ helping with production and Kanye loves production more then rapping if you ask me, so why hasn’t he admitted to Travi$ writing for him just like mentioned Travi$ producing for him? I just think it’s funny how someone with no creditability like Amber can get people to believe anything, if her fat ass? What is it?

          • Kingly_Caracter

            But… I just proved he DID write for Kanye with citation. Wasn’t that the whole argument/disagreement. Wasn’t that her claim? Real shit…correct me if I’m wrong for establishing that fact. I may be misunderstanding what you’re saying.

            I’m going off of

            T-” now it’s Travi$ Scott is responsible for Kanye West lyrics…”

            The answer to that is yes according to documented facts tho 😛

          • T

            Tell me what records he wrote? Show me the credits? Also list the albums he wrote on, not the albums he’s produced on. Just like you gave me that link of the artist who wrote for ‘Ye which is facts not opinions, give me a link to the credits of Travi$ writing for ‘Ye… One again why can Kanye acknowledge other celebrity artist as writers but not Travi$ as a writer? I’ll tell you why Travi$ only produced for ‘Ye he never wrote for ‘Ye and that’s facts because it’s in the credits…

          • Kingly_Caracter

            A producers job is more than just making a beat bruh… Lyrics/songwriting/hooks are also a part of the job. How do I know? I produce also. And I gurantee you will not find a document stating that he literally wrote anything for Ye as a rap artist. I wouldnt expect a magician to show me how he does his tricks either…That’s why they are called “ghost writers”. Technically, they don’t exist.

            But, you know what…you’re right. I shouldn’t state it as fact. My issue is, you seem to be dismissive that it’s even possible like this is something new in the industry.

          • T

            Yeah it happens in the industry and that’s facts but guess what another fact is Kanye has never lied to his fans or been shy or scared about who has wrote for him… Just to make things a little more interesting if ‘Ye wanted to throw his weight around “AND THAT EGO PEOPLE SEEM TO HATE SO MUCH” he could actually sue Amber Rose for stating opinions and trying to ruin his credibility as a artist, you do know that right? Kanye has always been fair in stating his collaborators in alum credits and on live TV, Amber just mad ‘Ye is happy with his family and her family is falling apart, why are we even allowing a chick who knows nothing about music cause us to even believe the bullshit shes saying and if you haven’t noticed shes now trying to pull a Jamie Foxx and blame it on the alcohol

          • Kris Kompute

            You produce? Post your shit.

          • Kingly_Caracter

            I’m good bruh. I try to separate personal commentary from business… Bless

          • marty mcfly

            What “exactly” did Travis “write” for Kanye?

          • Kingly_Caracter

            Not sure honestly. I simply think it’s possible…

          • marty mcfly

            Its possible? Oh ok

          • Kingly_Caracter

            Sassssssy! (Finger snaps). LOL! Hey I can admit I’m wrong…This comment shit doesn’t mean that much to me bruh.

          • Kris Kompute

            If you too scared to post your art, then stfu talking about “this industry”.

          • Kingly_Caracter

            Yes…I’m terrified of “Kris Kompute”. You sound fuckin terrifying. -_____-

            Business Pleasure

          • Kingly_Caracter

            Post your work address and contact info…

      • tana2548


    • Guest


    • Music

      Maybe travis didn’t write an entire song but I do believe kanye uses his style a bit.

      Anyone remember when the Kendrick verse to All Day leaked? Huge portions of his verse was used by Kanye.

      Is anyone really surpised about this? The music industry is full of ghostwriters and copying, and guess what? Every artist has done it one way or another.


    Seriously, on some real shit US that are in the KNOW have heard that sometimes Kanye has a ghost writer. The Travis Scott thing might be new however, those that got hip to Travis Scott had said “Wow, his beats sound alot like Ye’s” than we learn Travis is working with Kanye. We can go back and see the changes so I wouldn’t be surprised if Travis indeeds writes for him.

  • half the industry writes his songs lol

  • marty mcfly

    If thats the case Travis writes better songs for Kanye then he does himself. Kanye been saying for like 5 years now that when he’s recording its like 20 other artists in the room throwing lines out, thats why its 100 names on the niggas album credits. Kanye never tried to say he doesn’t have help but as far as his classic material? He wrote that shit. Through The Wire, Last Call, Can’t Tell Me Nothing etc…

    • Kingly_Caracter

      Agree bruh.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    I think Kanye West needs to see a shrink. or at the least go to anger management classes. He has no idea how to act with a real woman. He couldn’t control Amber Rose and it bruised his gigantic ego so he resorts to name calling. Kim is a little mouse who’s like a puppy following him around. He tells her how to act, what to say, where to live, what to wear, probably even what to name their child. I can’t see a mother wanting to name her daughter North West. She’s a puppet and he’s in control.

    • T

      Amber Rose seems to be more focused on Kanye and his family instead of Wiz and her family… It’s almost like shes obsessed at this point. Is Bey a puppet because she named her baby Blue Ivy? You niggas weirdos a Stripper like Amber Rose would love a nigga like you she would have you wrapped around her finger LOL. Name calling? Amber started the name calling way back in her interview with Sway and other media outlets, and to be honest I think any dude would rather date Kim K then Amber any day, Kim a hustler Amber is a twerker, to different lanes. If it wasn’t for Kanye no one would even know Amber Rose was even born…

      • el jim chapo guzman

        If it wasn’t for ray j no one would even know who the hell is kim.

        • T

          Pop culture wouldn’t know who she was, put her fathers are both OGs Robert and Bruce, Paris Hilton actually introduced her to the mainstream world, people like me and you wouldn’t have known who she was if it wasn’t for Ray J, but the business world already knew who she was, and strip clubs only knew who Amber was before Kanye and Russell Simmons smashed her…

          • T


          • Michael Ib bett

            Noone else remembers that. She came thru as Paris Hiltons friend. Oj Simpsons lawyers daughter

          • Tec1

            Russel Simmons smashed Amber Rose? Worddd lmaooo

    • Kris Kompute

      Why do you care so much about another nigga and how he handles his hoes?

      • el jim chapo guzman

        I bet you handle your hoes the same way.

  • Aye bitch. You ain’t with ye or wiZ anymore. I don’t care if u got a seed, who gave yOu a pass to Call us niggas. Foh and go kick rocks

  • Future911

    I can dig rapping, but a rapper with a ghostwriter? What the fuck happened?

    • Black

      It’s as old as hip hop, or even literature.

    • tana2548


  • hotzauce22

    Amber is just salty that Kanye got Kim pregnant and she’s stuck with Wiz’s baby

  • So Icy Boi! ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

    Travis is a better artist den Kanye. lmao young niggas over old salty niggas. swag

    • Guest


  • DJ Game

    Amber, you are not allowed to say “Nigga”. You are Caucasian. Stop it. The White people of Brooklyn have spoken.

    • SON.OF

      Shes black and Italian

      • Michael Ib bett

        No she’s not. I just looked it up. Her dad is Irish and Italian and her mom is Scottish and cape verdean…cape verdean was in the slave trade and as a result, centuries ago there was obviously interracial reproduction with Europeans, no different than a lot of South American countries. Basically, no..she’s not black and italian.

        • Jeina

          Please don’t disrespect Cabo by saying that because there was slave trade they’re not black because the whole African continent suffered from it and Cabo is part of Africa.

          • Michael Ib bett

            Noone lived there before Europeans came. I’m saying amber rose isn’t black and italian…she is 25% cape verdean. At the most 12.5% african or anywhere down to 3

          • Jeina

            No one lived there but then black people arrived, anyway it’s very sad that you see them as europeans with one drop of black in their blood because it’s not the case but quite the opposite !
            Can’t believe that because of this woman their whole country is seen like that

          • Michael Ib bett

            I didnt say that..there’s obviously 100% Africans there as well . im talking about her

    • brza

      Agreed! I mean she’s not Asher Roth white but still

  • Jazz June

    Now we all know rhyme fest and others have helped ye. But travis?

  • MazelTov

    Kanye don’t write rhymes he write checks.

  • Kev

    Why’s this a big deal? Everyone gets help. Once a rapper reaches a certain height there’s too much money at risk for stakeholders in his brand. They gotta keep the lyrics sharp to keep the product of highest quality.

    • Derek Addison

      Kanye had writers since day 1

  • DEA7H13

    ahh dah dah dah that’s how the fuck you sound..

  • SON.OF

    MTDF came out in 2010, same year Ye and Amber broke up. Travis wasn’t even around yet, how the fuck she know who wrote what…Ye has writers and never hid that.

    • Travi$ wrote for Watch the Throne & on. Not MTBDF. PUSHA WROTE FOR THAT ONE. LMAOOOOOO! Ye had writers since DAY 1.

      ie: RhymeFest, GLC, Consequence, Pusha T, CyHi, Travi$ etc.

      PS. Can’t be a LEGEND/G.O.A.T with ghostwriters, B. #TIMELESS

  • brza

    lol the effects of alcohol never cease to amaze me

  • bossedup718

    of course its true. alcohol is that truth serum. not like we aint know kanye dont produce or write his shit since college dropout was out..foh.

  • Reggie Bo

    If they stopped playing niggas she used to fuck there wouldn’t be any music left to play

    • Kj Hamilton


  • dodo

    yeaa. she crazy..

  • TRUE T.E.A.M

    Amber Rose’s New Artist –

  • fig

    why this bitch so fucking comfortable saying “nigga”
    that dj should’ve checked her.

    • Michael Ib bett

      Cuz she was drunk. She seems corny a.f

      • JReezy

        Word. That sounded so awkward coming out of her mouth.

  • Amber Rose “stop playing the niggas I used to fuck music”
    (Dj deletes playlist and club ends)

  • this old dirty tennis ball head bitch needs to chill

  • jaja420

    She put Travi$ in the WORST spot right there LMFAO

    • Jivenchy


  • Derek Addison

    This isnt a big deal. We all know kanye has had writers since college dropout…right?

  • brollya

    bitch shut the fuck up (eazy e voice) thats wat niggaz get fo tying towife des industry hoes


    This bitch is a fucking liar.

  • Balls Johnson

    It’s always the people that don’t do shit in life that got the most to say. Like what the fuck does Amber do……………….