New Music: Prince “Baltimore”

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Increase The Peace.

Before taking stage at his ‘Rally 4 Peace’ concert in Baltimore tomorrow, Prince shares his ode to Charm City in recognition of the city’s recent events. The concert will be streamed on Tidal.

The original recording subsequently became a demo when Prince, that very same night – all alone in Studio A, played all the instruments on an entire new version of the song. The next morning Joshua Welton and Kirk Johnson transferred Prince’s tracks in2 Studio B. and mixing began. As the song neared completion at Prince’s behest Eryn Allen Kane graciously flew in on a moment’s notice and graced the track with her angelic presence.


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  • Kris Kompute

    Thanks RAPradar. And don’t give me that “Prince is a legend, how dare you?” bullshit. Ya’ll don’t post Elton John, AC/DC or any other legend’s new music.

    Song grooves though.

    • straightfacts

      when they make records about baltimore, I am sure Eliot and Brian will oblige

      • GeraldinePQuam

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    • noGUV

      fuck u

    • Sean Power

      listen to the topics its bigger than what genre of music it is,


    Granted I’m not sure why is this on Rapradar, the song is pretty dope.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Freddie Gray’s arrest record.
    From The Maryland Dept. of justice.
    About 18 arrests for narcotic violations

    • the-Lebron-curse.

      Nobody likes a snitch.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Me either my dude

        • the-Lebron-curse.

          No reason to bring up Freddie. The cops were found guilty his record has nothing to do with it. Let the brother rest.



      • el jim chapo guzman

        Thank you bama you still my nigga.

    • Dame Dash Son Cookies

      Your post just delivered your parents a humongous L.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        thank you my asshole


      So what thats the past my nigga…..

      • el jim chapo guzman

        pass and some pending

        • PREMERE

          Dam my g you a wild indian, it aint good to talk foul of those that have passed. Smh

          • el jim chapo guzman

            I didn’t talk foul at all. the truth is the truth premere.

    • GetReal

      you need to catch a bullet, its not even funny any more i don’t fuck with your presence on this site AT ALL fuckin piece of shit

      • el jim chapo guzman

        don’t read them comments than a free world getreal.

    • hilroycahier

      You make it sound like people are born and want to sell drugs. Like it’s the dream life they’ve always envisioned, but since it interferes with the law that they deserve the consequences because of their apparent ‘choices’. That’s like saying the people who dig through dumps in the slums choose that life. That’s ridiculous. People are getting in bad situations because their environments are fucked up. And people in most cases didn’t make their environment. You need to rethink how you view things.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        How many people would’ve went to his funeral if another black drug dealer killed him?

        • hilroycahier

          Well we expect criminals to kill each other, so as you are implying, not many people would pay respects. But this man didn’t fall by the hands of a criminal, which is why the whole thing is an issue. If that drug dealer was caught and charged for murder he would also serve his time and no one would say shit because justice is served. Getting their JUST due. In this case, police, being apart of a greater government system that controls the masses, are the ones doing the damage. And although there are a thousand reasons for this guy to die as people seem to suggest, you don’t see surgeons deciding whether or not to save people – they just do it good or bad. Deciding that the police didn’t make a mistake because this guy was a criminal suggests he didn’t deserve his chance at an honest life. That’s what I’m getting at. Given the opportunity to do good, clean, enriching things, people won’t ever look back and be ignorant. The only reason people make ignorant decisions is because of a lack of exposure to good decisions and ideas. Put blame on the “black community” but it’s not like the black people ever came here (USA) with the best of establishment intention or any intentions at all. So people can say, they do this to themselves, I’m saying the do do it, but it’s no different than something else that’s never taught what to do. Guidance and principles are needed in life and you’d be reaching if you said these things weren’t purposefully stifled in the cases of some people.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Look first of all as with just about every single publicized black death in this country, you have the Rev. Jessee Jackson and company cheering these people on! Dr. King would roll over in his grave if he could see all the crimes being committed by his people in the name of civil rights? Destruction of a city and the very same one they all live in is not quite my idea of a peaceful protest. And according to this post these black pastor cheerleaders are calling for a continuance of this type of behavior until the “black lives matter” movement gets its point across. REALLY? THIS IS, IN NO WAY, DR. KINGS IDEAS. 

  • DJ

    Prince is by far the most talented musician to ever live! The treasures in this man’s discography are from another universe and this song is now added to the collection.

  • The Incredible Creation

    The reason why he probably did the record tho… zZzzzzz

  • Aldo BangBANG

    did the people in the comment section just try to Justify the act of selling Hard drugs? lmao GTFOH, probably the same people stomping on the US flag for LIKES.