Jim Jones On ‘Highly Questionable’

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Jim Jones kicked it with the Highly Questionable crew this afternoon on ESPN. Taped two weeks ago, he talked about his upbringing, previous brawls, Farrakhan, and French Montana fued. Afterward, he gave Papi instructions on making it rain.

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  • The Gary Group

    Nigga still mad at French. That boy Jimmy was a true track star at the Rucker

    • el jim chapo guzman

      couldn’t beat jimmy they had jump him.


    dont forget to try that Vamp Berry Soda yalll, hottest shit in the streets, i mix it with that Effen vodka.

  • Takeover189

    I think because of Max B. I could be wrong though, I’m from California and don’t know too much about New York beef.

  • lostprodigy

    ESPN or ESGN what the fuck wrong with Jim and Cam anytime mainstream media stick camera’s in their face they make it a point to sound as ignorant as possible. News flash douche bag your a business man stop scaring away potential revenue streams with this gangster act.

    Respect my Perspective.

  • heez

    Dudes a clown why are they even interviewing him he’s washed

    • aikens todd

      He was never clean.

      • PREMERE

        You never clean either hoe.


    Why did they interview Him And RHQ smh I didn’t wanna type his name out hence the abbreviation

    Highly Questionable Sucks!

  • SlipDiddly

    Poor taste to be saying anything negative about French Montana at a time like this. RIP Chinx. Damn Jimmy in high school you was the man homie

    • West_Little_River

      the interview was taped 2 weeks ago

  • The biggest adversity this guy has ever faced is his daddy not teaching him how to line up a beard.