A$AP Rocky Releasing A$AP Yams Album

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A$AP Rocky visited Charlie Sloth at UK’s BBC 1xtra radio show to promote A.L.L.A At about the 14:00 mark, Flacko says he plans to release a Yams posthumous album of material they had worked on before his passing. Below is footage of his “Jukebox Joints” performance at yesterday’s Roots Picnic.


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    has he addressed how him and his whole crew denied that Yams died of a drug overdose and then it was reported that he actually died of an overdose.

    • Trenttrizzy

      Why does it matter? I’m sure if someone you were close to passed in a way that would have ppl view them negatively you’d probably do your best to make sure it stayed private.
      The truth got out, he doesn’t owe people an apology or a “you were right”. You’re a douche for even asking that.



  • So Icy Boi!

    this album is too boring……I hate indie rock and Danger Mouse. swag

    • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

      Indie Rock and Danger Mouse is exactly what Hip Hop needs right now.

  • ITS ME

    So would this be… Yams actually rapping? Or one of those things where someone else is rapping and he pops up on the track saying this and that? I don’t think I’ve heard Yams ever rap before, unless I’m missing something

    • Guillaume Pilon


      I heard he was some type of manager

  • el jim chapo guzman

    2k first week.

  • watching his interviews, he seems more comfortable in the UK.

    • Dark Matters

      People are more relaxed in the UK. Less tension less competitiveness and more respect for others. So, naturally he would be more relaxed in the UK>

  • Epul

    Album is trash.. That Max B joint was tough tho

    • 400_Degreez

      Trash? naaaa son

    • mike h

      Agree with the Max B joint. Disagree about the trash.