Kanye & Kim Expecting Second Child

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Further West.

Congrats to Kim and Kanye on expecting their second child!!! 👶

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Kanye and Kim will soon have a new addition to their family. During the mid-season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim revealed that she is pregnant with their second child. Back in June 2013, the couple gave birth to North West. Congrats!

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  • ITS ME



    Congratulations to them!!! It’s kind of ironic & fucked up that sometimes 2 people actually trying to have a kid, have sooo much sex they actually get sick of having sex!! At a friends house the other day & a preview to a episode came on & there’s Kim talking about “I still can’t get pregnant after having sex 20 x a day” or some shit like that & I’m thinking “WOW” it must really suck to fuck so much you get tired of it”!!!!! Especially when you got kids made from 1 night stands & quickies at a party!!!

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      20 x a day? That’s alot of fucking.

  • tha OG

    Them kids are going to have some Fucked up names!

  • Judge Joe Dredd

    Congrats to Ye and Kim….. Hope he has a boy and names him West West y’all. j/K but congrats to them tho.

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller


    • HA!

      Fuckin clown lol

    • DancinToad

      U are a definition of a Fuckin weirdo.

  • Hussle

    They gon name him/her SXSW. HA!



      • lonely

        7 Facebook friends..

        • Mylo

          Ha! Art of deception lol

  • Michael Ib bett

    Kanye obviously thinks he’s a peacock.

  • Baka AKA Not Nice

    R.I.P. Rap Career. Can’t raise two kids and record another Dark Twisted Fantasy at the same time. Po’ out the liquor

    • drewsmit24

      Ye of little faith. If a canadian jew can be consider one of the hardest rappers out kanye can still produce. But RIP to Kim’s figure, the 2nd baby always is the worst on females bodies

      • Swayz

        Smh, like she can’t hire a battalion of surgeons to do whatever needs to be done. I mean, her mom ain’t all that, but she alright for having squeezed out like 6 of them lol, and I’m sure she probably had some shit tucked and snipped too…

    • alex

      …Because rappers are known for putting off children so they can focus on their careers

    • ThaRealHater

      Dont confuse what you arent mentally capable of with a genius.

      • Baka AKA Not Nice

        the nigga needs to go listen to “Lights Please” and fall out that puss. we got a world to change nigga. BAKA NOT NICE.

        • ThaRealHater



  • MJeezy

    Congrats Mr. West!

  • Dan Karlin

    He’ll perform the delivery himself because he’s a doctor now!

  • Dark Matters

    What are they going to call this one? Mid?

    • ThaRealHater

      First name: SouthBy
      Middle Name: South

  • OH GOD

  • watch them fuck around and call south or east west

  • el jim chapo guzman

    I hate them both but Criticize them all you want at least they’re not welfare babies..

    • marty mcfly

      Only you would talk shit about some babies, you hate so much cause you got issues beyond what people on welfare have to deal with. Their issues are financial, yours are mental.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        welfare mother with 4 kids, 23 years old, knocked up again, got her $630.00 of meds free, plus she gets a free ride because she is always knocked up.. We the taxpayers pay for ALL of the government programs marty. Taxpayers like me. It would be nice to rid of these programs..

        • marty mcfly

          Well clearly Kim aint on welfare but only you see two wealthy people and use that as the time to talk about welfare kids smh. We the taxpayers? Fool we the tax payers also pay for shit that america doesn’t even need or use. Our tax dollars also get used to fund government private jets, parties and dinners that we’ll never get an invite to and our tax dollars pays for wars, weapons, and lobbyists groups that we have no parts in. You pay taxes cause you live on american soil fool but I’d rather some “welfare baby” out there gets a decent meal before my tax dollars pays for another government company designer watch for some rich snobs on Capital Hill.

          • HeyBuddy

            Real fucking talk. Fuck Chapo and his fake ass…

  • Donn


  • DancinToad

    Congrats Ye and Kim, I don’t blame Kanye I would get Kim K pregnant once every year for four years straight.

  • BlackCrown216

    Maan, every picture I see of them together, they look uncomfortable.

  • Room 222

    South West.

    Seriously is Kanye fucking kidding. This shit should be illegal.

  • mani

    Who gives a.fuck…???