Nipsey Talks N.W.A. Film; Lauren London

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Hussle In The House.

Nipsey was back in the neighborhood this morning with Big Boy and his crew. He talked about his independent grind, Victory Lap, turning down the N.W.A. biopic, dating Lauren London, clothing line, Jay Z, and more.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    Smh Fake ass MC Eiht.

    • Dafuq

      What a hater.

      Nip is a self made boss. And he has a legit squad around him.

      Idk why someone would want to date one of little Wayne’s baby mommas though

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Lol nipsey hussle is joke, how could you take a nigga that weight sixty ponds serious…

        • MrAfrika

          How do i take you serious, keyboard personality? You hate on every damn body but maybe 2-3 artist, you are not a hip hop fan, you’re a radio fan.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Negative mrafrica.

        • Dafuq

          What does his weight have to do w anything? Lol, c’mon Jim.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Nipsey hussle snitched on his homie do you remember that.

          • Mylo

            You sound dumb loc…

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Research mylo

        • GetReal

          niggas you’re the biggest joke on this site, how could anyone take you serious LMAO you’re seriously a clown, i enjoy reading your stupid ass comments keep it up bitch

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Whatever getreal



      • el jim chapo guzman

        Says a bitch made nigga like mogul.

    • Sagat X

      Kill yourself Green Card Guzman. Every West Coast artist posts you do a lot of hating. Must be a bitter hater from NY on that 95 bias shit!

      • el jim chapo guzman

        I’m from Harlem N.Y. sagat..

      • Mylo

        Hush cracka…. A if you from LA who hood say is Sunday? I’ll wait

        • Sagat X

          You doing all the talkin cool get them words in cause dead men can’t speak!

          • Mylo

            Once again cracka… Snoo hood day is Sunday? You ain’t even from the Land lol and after Sunday everybody gone know.

  • RightHook

    intelligent brother. great business mind. his answer on why he didnt take the role as snoop in the nwa movie was a very smart move.

  • tha OG

    This nigga need to drop a album!!!

  • bumpy johnson

    early on in the interview .. I was sayin wat hov is doin with tidal … this is wat nipsey is about on the local level …. same philosophy …. I keep sayin jay is goin to win .. with tidal .. because .. at tidal u are your own employee and boss .. .. where as apple / spotify .. etc .. u are just the employee and artist to the company …

  • DeadCroaker

    What kind of man takes the left overs after Lil Wayne tho I mean Lauren is fine but she have a child with Lil Wayne tho.

    • thats a dumbass philosophy

    • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

      Why do you use “though” twice in a song, though?

      • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

        *in one single sentence, though*

  • John Jay

    Enough talking… Drop the albums, tour and make some more

  • ThaRealHater

    The Future