50 Cent Returns To The Breakfast Club



Along with co-star Rotimi, Curtis Jackson returned to ‘The Breakfast Club’ to promote the second season of ‘Power’. He spoke on what we can expect this season, new music, competing with Diddy, sharing the Summer Jam stage alongside French Montana, fatherhood, more.



Following his GMA performance, Fif returned to Power 105.1 He spoke on his new album, Beats By Dre, Jay Z’s incident, Citi Field pitch, Floyd Mayweather and Tiny and more.


Coinciding with launch of their show on Revolt TV, Curtis was back breaking bread with the Breakfast Club. He spoke on his relationship with Puff, Rick Ross, recently being on the same flight with Ja Rule, business fallout with Tony Yayo, his next single, new album, leaving Interscope and more.

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  • tbd1983

    50 is the biggest sh#t talker in the game

  • lol this was a good one..

  • 1234…

    I think 50 threw some subliminal warning shots at Floyd, just reminding him who’s boss but knowing Floyd he’ll take the bait and lose is cool.

    Don’t even try it Floyd you ain’t conditioned like that, yeah in the ring you’re untouchable but handling the business and publicity side of things is 50 bread and butter.

    Floyd doesn’t have the same reach as 50!

    • JB

      yeah it sounds like 50 was pretty much saying Floyd is a clown,

  • If you missed last nights live broadcast of The ILL Out Radio Show on 107.3 WKCR Online here is the stream & download. http://illoutradioshow.podomatic.com/entry/2012-09-13T20_28_04-07_00

  • HUBZ


  • The_Man

    Another dope interview


    50 & relevancy in the same sentence? HA!!!!

  • JMillionaire


  • izucrazy

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^you and blogging in the same sentence haaa!!!!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Nice interview alots of theses rappers can learn alot from this man.

  • Nickey Negrito

    Intelligent interview or what 50 described as a more RELAX AND COMFORTABLE CONVERSATION.
    This was just as real as DMX’s interview.

    Funny thing that 50 pointed out was the Black on Black crime situation and comparing it to the Triads and Russians. I think i can agree with 50 with a percentage of 85. The other %15 being, Blacks just don’t want Black on Black crime to be associated with us in general. Basically, fuck violence.

    I also thought 50 was going to say the Joe beef stemmed from the HOW TO ROB joint, where Fif went at PUN. I didn’t know it wasn’t that far back. Shocking.

    50 is a very intelligent man and yes, we need more RELAX AND COMFORTABLE CONVERSATIONS from all artist. This way we can really see who they are.

    I even understand now, why 50 constantly makes street records.

  • jamiezz

    as much as i havent checked for 50 since like 8years ago. This man came a long way. One of the smarter and more calculating dudes in the industry. Great in interviews

  • Evil

    I wonder if 50 cent has any real friends in his life.He`s putting buisness before his best friends,loyal friends and thats just sad.
    50 should be grateful to have a rider like Yayo,he may not be good at rapping but as a friend,Yayo has been loyal as fuck and gets treated like shit.
    You never see Banks and 50 anymore either and now 50 wanna start a pr company with Pacman instead of Floyd..sigh
    You may be rich as fuck but when you close your door at night,i think you`re a lonely man.

  • Crewz Controll

    @Evil / I definitely agree fam

  • Hui Lu Kim

    Charlmane watched his mouth very well in this interview, I see. Lol

  • brollya

    i guess the unit is over for real now… i was in denial for a minute bout it but now i see its dead now…. im a still be bangin the unit forever tho

  • @ Evil

    yo lil fantacy bout 50s life actually is closer to the life Jay-Z lives … turned his back on niggas that helpd make him like Beans, Jaz-O and Dame, and now hangs out with kanye, Chris Martin and Gwenith paltrow, ppl he met 10ys ago at host lol.

    50 still fucks with yayo, banks, em, dre, whoo kid, chris lighty, lala and mayweather (niggas hes known since day 1) … n theres absolutly nothing u can do bout it buddy no matter how muh u wish a nigga was lonely n for his downfall.
    N if takin a nigga with you 2 riches, gettin him a record deal, gold album, gettin him out of jail early, features on yo cd (Straight to the bank ft. Tony yayo) and promoting his shit (thisis50) … if all that is treating sum1 like shit then sign me up, coz i’d rather be Tony Yayo then be beans or Mimphis Bleek lol

    But never the less nice try hater (9/10) for effort

    • GetReal

      nigga stfu you don’t fuck with none of them niggas did you even watch the interview

      • MMG Pleather

        you’re replying to 2 year old comments moron

    • Guillaume Pilon

      they chulling with money makers people thats normal

  • County Of Kings

    cosign 100% @Evil

    this nigga @[email protected] is a delusional 50 stan wit his head up 50 ass. dont bring jayz into this convo. those ppl u named werent jayz best friends. the only person on your post is jazo thats it. dame is business , beans is an employee.
    ask bleek if him and jayz are still brothers. listen to the combat jack show wit bleek him and jayz are still fam my nigga all day he dont need to make records or go platinum jayz is his friend period. ask tata been wit jayz before dame, before beans. he still wit jayz always he dont need to make music thats a real friend. and now jayz has a wife that he trust. 50 has none of that he is a lonely man. all those ppl u named are business affiliates of 50 not friends, his friends were banks yayo and bang’em smurf. thats all over now. u sound stupid wit all that shit u talkin em and dre thats business nigga he already dissed dre and he will again.
    when he tried to team up wit beans, i saw clearly what 50 was doing. he poking jayz but he’s the one that really moves like that. him and floyd was friends, now they not so he wit pacman? thats some snake shit. all business i guess, good luck wit that

    • onlyrealshh

      yayo banks and smerf were employees. bangem say in a video me and yay used to pump 50 packs sell his drugs. floyd a sucker and a dummy but he can box. fif be telling him real game but he wont listen. he had that man promoting that boxing shit then left him hanging after fif spent his $ while floyd was in county crying with a release date in pc. yea the shit wit pac is business he a business man u know this cuz right now u commenting on him at his place of business. rip pac. he joking with jay z. how u knoiw jay really happy. he write from 03 to 06 no one touched him 26mil solo, 5 from game, 3 from banks, jus under a mil yayo, 3 mil beg for mercy. reebok g unit clothing then he acquired vitamin water. he respect jay and jay respect him. then 50 came thru like hurricanes do i thought i finshed his ass at summer jam too

  • michelle michelle

    Fif is clearly a smart guy who understands the ups and downs of the music industry. I’m not sure if he’ll ever recapture musical relevance but I hope he finds happiness in his personal life. Being a good judge of character is the one of the most important skills u can have.

  • GAWD

    the man is a genius

  • FTW

    50 has mastered the art of talking in circles. A person can extrapolate what they want and leave the rest. Fifty can have three different conversations at the same time and plausibly deny any part of the conversation accordingly.

    Law 4: Always say less than necessary.


  • NYC

    yall mad cuz he don’t hang with banks two dudes can only rock for a min if u were a millionaire and your friend used you for hype n what not you gonna want him to do it on his own you cant carry a grown man

  • weedhead

    50 is a real dude i learnt alot from him real talk.. and the unit will be back jus like u niggas never said dipset was gon be back together. at some point there is a g unit song comin we all know that

  • Papi Morenito

    Did he use the word actual? Haven’t watched the interview, yet!

  • Name Withheld

    Curtis Jackson’s music career is over. Rick Ross bullied the bully

  • The one rule 50 never learned is that there is strength in numbers. That’s why Jay stayed relevant (ROC Nation). Kanye (GOOD Music), Wayne (YMCMB).

    50 had the Unit and at one time was running the game and moving onwards to become formidable record company in and of itself…

    But Fifty let too many personal issues get in the way. Dropped The Game live o Radio just because Game said he hasn’t got beef with the dudes that Fif had at the time.

    You keep relevant by being the boss of the next batch that are.

    • OLOl

      Shut the f up bro.

      • Darth Plagueis

        No but what he said was true. No matter what Fig=f says, he KNOWS that the whole situation with Game started because he didn’t enter into Fifty’s beef. The irony is that Fif has always said to us that he was never a friend of Game’s…

        Yet Game should have taken on his beef? That was a fail.

        I want Fif to win though. I want him to win BIG! The game needs his voice (see what I did there?).

        • Anthony Kelley

          No it was wasn’t thats the portion Game put in the air that would be half of it, you didn’t want to get involved in Fifs beefs but as soon as you could you dropped that album and dissed jay z who couldve murked dude and 50 had to make calls to diffuse a situation. first album out, jay could’ve made that fool disappear, people swear up and down they know a whole situation but if you do you cant leave out facts

          • Anthony Kelley

            Also people also always seem to leave out the fact that Dre was ready to go ahead and drop Game because he was not a song writer, a rapper but couldn’t write a hook or put a song together to save his life. Jimmy asked fif to work with him, and he did, gave him most of his songs that were going to be prepped for the Massacre album and he re-wrote material for the Massacre. Game drops his album and starts to feel himself jumps on stage and talks shit about Jay, fif was live on radio when people were sayiing get your boy, Angie Martinez show, then had Flex interview later on, spent most of that time trying to keep Jay off his ass, because he was invested. Jay would have wiped Game off the map.

    • onlyrealshh

      live on radio. that nigga was passionate. he aint with me no more he somewhere accross the street! lmfao. fif a damn fool but i feel’em. he took 9 shots one to the face! and the whole world gave him there ass to kiss. u cant take chances with niggas like game after u been thru that or young buck bangem smerf or trav

  • Daee

    @Jesus Himself

    I love how people like you say “50’s not relevant”, when he’s on top 10 forbes hiphop list every year…with or without an album.

  • Blaxdon

    A lot of big words….no hits my nigga. Sorry about chris – a fan

  • Blaxdon

    On some real shit ….I think this nigga might ‘ve snapped a little bit. What they call it denial?!

  • Great interview! 50 is one of the few artists I can watch and or listen to all his interviews during his promo runs even if they are repetitive.I’ve been a fan of him since power of the dollar and he has grown very much. I hope for nothing but the best with his upcoming album and ventures. G-unit needs a revival though. Kidd kidd isn’t a bad signing and neither is paris and governor but he has to pick up a major free agent and strik some success so he can be relevant for another 10 years.



  • chills thrills

    you can tell this nigga just got some real knowledge,,,from them jews,,and business men,,he wasnt talking like this at his peak,,,chris lighty,,is the man,,made fif filthy,,,thats whats up,,,,,all runs come to a end,,, g-unit is done its not a bad thng,,,, it was fun,,,,i wanna see one of these rap niggas,,,,,co-sign some scientist,,,,doctors,,,,,engineers,,,,,,entertainment is a short stop,,,cause niggas got short memories,,,must be the trees,,,,,any way,,,,rock on brother,,,

  • Monkey

  • i like what 50 said at the end about kim k. she aint a ho she just had a sextape now people judge her every move with every guy she date

  • No Lie

    50 is rich on purpose! That’s why he can still eat w/o a hit spinning…These young rappers better learn and learn quick!!!! First time in a long time they asked questions and listened instead of talking and saying dumb shit.

  • DJ Game

    this dude does the best interviews. gotta love fif.

  • Mdu

    The greatest artist that the genre have ever produced

    50 CENT he’s a dope no one come close 2 him

    He’s different & unique

    His ambition for success in everything that he’s doing keeps on incouraging me to hustle even harder that before

    Street king energy: sms: G-unit

    What else do niggas want; before they can know it; he will be the richest person in the world

  • LookingAssNigga

    Damn, 50 cent the realest nigga in the game. Dude is a real boss, not like fat fuck ricky who comes to the breakfast club talks a big game when he opened a bunch of fast food spots.

    • Justin TimberBAKED

      Why are you bringing up Rick Ross on a Curtis post? Damn y’all dumb ass niggas be promoting the shit out of him on every Curtis post. I mean damn are y’all still mad a CO put the nail in Curtis coffin? Lol

      • MMG Pleather

        Rick Ross is discussed in the interview.

      • LookingAssNigga

        Cause Rick Ross is mentioned here and he was just on the breakfast club a while ago and he talked so much about what a “boss” he is. A real boss spits facts and insight like fifty, he doesn’t try to highlight how amazing he is.

      • Get Moneynigga


    • Get Moneynigga


  • polopolo1

    Niggas like 50cent are niggas u gotta watch out for, he’ll manipulate the shit out u, lol everyone here is like “omg fuck he’s such a genius let this nigga run for president” yes he did drop some gems but he rambled a lot about shit that didn’t even matter, rick Ross’s introduction into the convo was sooo arbitrary and the transitions were terrible but he’s pretty articulate so niggas ain’t really notice, but when you sweep dirt under a rug it only appears to be clean step back and look at the big picture

    Not only does what a person say have to make sense but the motivation behind it has to make sense as well

    • areal1

      Word I’m like what happened to the old fif interviews where he just said what he thought I think he had great things to say but he was trying to articulate so he lost his train of thought allot and was rambling a little but it’s still better than most of these other artist interviews but yeah I c what your sayin I got the same vibe

  • ¥Serino¥

    https://soundcloud. com/serino/sets/the-rise !!!!

  • Gunplay’s Chain

    Charlamagne on his best behavior.

    • Obby

      Lol he don’t wanna get caught slippin like Steve Stoute

  • rockiefresh


    • MMG Pleather


      • Dan Karlin

        ^ said in almost every rapper interview ever.

  • Dope interview as expected. Gonna be funny watching all the Fif naysayers rockin with his music again. LOL QUEEN$. #AnimalAmbition #TIMELESS

  • Obby

    Damn, another great interview! Felt like I was listening to a pRofessor’s lecture. I like how he breaks down certain things like how he gave Sha Money an advance plus 1 point of GRODT n how interecope changed. Too bad the industry don’t wanna see fif win

    And he definitely is right bout Banks, he’s got no grind mentality. He aint shot any vids for V6, that FNO &CC2, it’s already spring n CC3 aint fuckin out yet! Gunit would still be poppin or at least have a longer run if they had artists that are on top of their grind as solo acts (meek n wale/mmg, drake n nicki/ymcmb, push big.sean/GOOD, j cole roc nation

  • GetReal

    this is when I like 50, he should do seminars and interviews solely cuz i give no fucks about his music

  • Rico F

    Envy aint looking like part of this happy family

  • Kingly_Caracter

    One of the best interviews I’ve seen in a very long time.

  • GetReal

    i will this though its funny 50 compared those kids to child rebels when in reality they got this mentality and conditioning from the same records 50 cent put, i was 10 when get rich or die trying and it would be a lie for me to say that didn’t influence me to want to have the same exact image (smartened up of course)

  • Get Moneynigga

    Tupac,50,Jay Z,and T.I. our some of my favorite artist and ppl to hear a interview from.It’s crazy that all 4 of them our high school dropouts but yet but still they are intelligent and very articulate.50 always honest to the point when he takes 5 to 6 sec. to answer some of his questions.It’s almost like he have so much to say that his brain has to clear some of his thoughts out the way to respond.This was a great interview glad to hear 50 respond to a lot of things that’s going on w/him and in the industry.

  • Me

    I wish they would of asked about trav dissing him

    • Anti-Hero

      Hes not gonna waste time talking about some nobody like that…
      Trust me they will run into each other again sometime and Meek Mill might not be there to play peacemaker! Godfather will humble Trav quick.

      And Trav lookin like a bitch dissing 50 and fronting like he stole that ThisIs50 chain when he knows 50 gave it to him.

    • DonG

      Trav a nut for doing that shit, none of the rap niggas in those instagram flicks promoting that record…they know what it is! Especially Meek!

  • RapRadar step it up

    This is A CLINIC on conversation control. ask 50 what he ate for breakfast and he’ll start talking about the importance of breakfast and then jump to how he learned about nutrition on tour and then jump to how he tours in areas that most artists don’t and then jump to how that helps his headphone sales and then jump to headphones an example of where his attention has been the last few years… before you know it it sounds lie his breakfast this morning is the reason he hasn’t released an album in 4 years! Hahaha. Take it how you want it, but I don’t take it like he’s bullshitting me. I peep game and try to learn from this cat. Just me.

    • Trillionare

      U think he does that on purpose? I can never follow his interviews he never stays on subject!!!

    • Vurbz Fenomeno

      realest comment ever…its ridiculous…he likes the sound of his own voice..dude can’t stay on subject

  • Guest%

    He didn’t even mention J.Cole name just said “When Jay-z signed the guy.You don’t see him around that person at all. Until he got hot enough to function without Jay-z.”-Around 16:30.

  • PTK

    never bet against this man

  • FreSH82

    This nigga never give you a straight answer, he just goes on with all that talk to throw you off your actual question..

  • ghost

    These 50 fans or stans only appear in blogs comments, you dont see them buying his album, thats why its over for him!

  • igottagetit

    good interview

  • NativeKing

    c tha god doesn’t dare trip on dudes he knows will swing on him…


    Animal Ambition is going to be the biggest FLOP of the year. 50 Cent better start making up all the excuses for it flops.

  • GreenBergs

    we all know fif security aint light..

    • Anti-Hero

      Lox was just on Hot 97 this week and Jadakiss and Styles P said 50 showed up at their studio by himself, just a mac book.

  • GreenBergs

    why dont i believe that banks was releasing music still consistently but not dropping videos at all…and still doing shows..?

  • Nic Aych

    Yee looks good in pics only

    • thisniggaherelol

      Nigga she look like CTG! LOL That’s the UGLIEST pic I EVER SEEN of YEE! You tripping my nigga lol

  • Extra Domus

    50 cent – master drifter…he cannot stay on topic to save his life hahhahaha but within those random thoughts he drops gems

  • Trillionare

    50 my nigga but I can never follow his interviews he never answers the questions, he jumps from one thing to the next in the same question. He is all over the place and he just wind up talking about nothing. Both of his Breakfast Club interviews I’ve had to turn them off early because they were putting me to sleep

  • daniel

    50 is a brilliant speaker . He’s definitely a brilliant businessman. I will be coping his book 50th Law later this week.

    • smh

      if he such a brilliant businessman, why haven’t a deal worked out since the water deal? These guy a dumb nigga that read alotta book. he don’t get high so he can remember the shit that all lol. His label G-Unit DEAD. his headphones aint selling and don’t give me that overseas bullshit lol Beats got 67% of the $100 and up headphones market on lock EVERYWHERE! He movie deal folded. his energy drink company folded. he losing money with that sms boxing shit. the tickets only $10 lol……I can keep going but ill give you a try…name some shit 50 did in the last 5 years that ACTUALLY popped off….I’m waiting

      • Strong Enough

        damn did you drink all that bottle of haterade or just some some? god damn lol

      • Vadit Bolinger

        Let me see you say G-Unit is dead but what rap label is actually selling records like that anymore? You say his headphones ain’t selling but yet he’s signed a deal with Lucas Films, NCAA and Nascar but you’re comparing a company that was just started in 2012 to a company (SMS Audio) that has been around since 2007 (Beats By Dre). You say his movie company folded but he just finished doing a movie with Bruce Willis (The Prince) and is shooting a movie now with Jude Law (Spy) right now overseas. You say his energy drink has folded but yet the website is still up with over 500,000 likes on Facebook & 37,000 followers on twitter with Colin Kaepernick, Wes Welker and Erin Andrews endorsing it not to mention it’s the only energy drink sold in Walmart next to 5 Hour Energy. You say his boxing company folded but his top fighter Yuriorkis Gamboa is fighting on June 28th. If you are gonna hate a man at least bring factual statements instead of fabricated lies

        • RT

          Where his music at the charts? On itunes? Where the millions deals? G unit clothing? His shoe deal? His great rappers signings (dont dare say kidd kidd)? His box company with floyd or pacquiao? Come with facts no rumors next time! Nice try tho

          • quakedhh

            Wait. 50 himself has said he’s made almost $3 Million alone off Animal Ambition. The ‘Smoke’ record is slowly climbing the charts and plus this album is just a warm up. He has bigger hits on SKI and I know this cause I heard the ‘Lighters’ track he has with Chris Brown. Second off, clothing and shoes for rappers have been dead since like 2005. Jay-Z doesn’t have that anymore, Diddy doesn’t neither does 50. Shit died a long time ago. Third, he said AFTER SKI he will be going behind the scenes and building G-Unit as a major label and signing more artists, that also takes time. Next, that Pacqiao and Mayweather fight NEVER is going to happen, what does that have to do with 50 Cent at all? Floyd and 50 ain’t cool and Pacquiao is doing other business ventures. And he did come with FACTS all those things he mentioned are FACTS look it up. No rumors idiot. Check it for yourself.

  • Thomas Montana

    How many times did he say ACTUAL and ACTUALLY? I lost count after 13.

  • RT

    Lets the see the stans say this is the best interview somebody ever do since jesus christ was here. Funny thing is that no one of them is gonna buy the album to save the embarrassment next tuesday #factsonly

    • Vadit Bolinger

      Fact of the matter is 50 will be traveling all over the states promoting his album, movies and TV shows and sadly you will have to watch him all summer living his life hating with #FACTSONLY hash tags

      • Mr. Real Talk

        That’s cool, but he’s still gonna flop and not sell more Rick Ross!!!! Then what? lol I’m glad we get to see him all summer so we remind him how bad this album flopped!!!! Every post ima be shitting on his new album sales so that’s perfect. I just hope u 50 cent dick huggers can handle that

        • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

          “That’s cool, but he’s still gonna flop and not sell more Rick Ross!!!! Then what?”

          What do you mean “then what”? Then he’s gonna release another and bank more money than Ross did from his album because he is indie. 50 already won the rap game compare him to someone like Ja Rule or Nelly who cant move 30k now not that fraud who never went platinum once.

          • justaskingNOhate

            you think 50 go do MORE than 30K copies the first week?

          • Free Gunplay’s Chain!


          • justsayingNOhate

            I think he MIGHT do 60K copies. He won’t crack the 100K mark I know that. And that would be SAD when GRODT did 1.3 MILLION the FIRST WEEK! That 1.27MILLION “LESS”!

          • FACTS ONLY

            different times, no one going plat first week anymore

          • FACTS

            no one LOST a million PLUS FANS either. When you sale OVER 10 MILLION TWICE you should ALWAYS crack the 500K copy mark the FIRST WEEK! You can’t go from a MILLION the FIRST WEEK to 50K the FIRST WEEK, my nigga.

  • Vadit Bolinger

    Over 90 comments in less than a couple of hours lol this nigga 50 is so relevant

    • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

      some of them comments are as old as 2 years, RR just updated an older article.

    • Mr. Real Talk

      Nigga Es comments are from 2 years ago u fucking dick rider smh lol

  • Blowing Money Fast

    Well, there are actually from 2 months. The current interview has about 4 actual comments.

  • .LOL.


  • JRobe

    50 gives the best interviews!

  • EchoxHotel

    See how active 50 is compared to his last run with interscope? Without them holding him back he can go and do what he wants and its working, just sustain the fans you have screw hot today gone tomorrow crowd

  • locodadon

    fif is the prototype

  • LookingAssNigga

    How can you be black and hate 50? You niggas are genetically defect.

    • ThaRealHater

      Same as u can be black, call another black man nigga, and criticize your fellow black man. Youre a walking contradiction. lol.

  • Lola Michel



  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    wow..was charlamagne even in this interview?

  • ThaRealHater

    Niggaz worried bout his numbers but 50 got more albums made, not sold, than u niggaz got money in your pocket right now. LOL. Fuck u talkin bout numbers and u niggaz aint ever seen a million anything. FOH

  • another dope interview

  • tete

    50 AGAIN.. speaks the truth and dont care what people say

  • Losayin

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    50 is a sexy motherf’er. no home