Goldlink ‘XXL Freshman’ Freestyle


The Golden Child.

Goldlink has put in his share of work over the years and it has caught the eyes of XXL for this year’s freshman class. The young MC shares what the DMV has to offer today’s a cappella.

[I’m working on] a bunch of shit. A lot of music, a lot of ideas, a lot of expansion. I’m working on the expansion of what we’ve created, of what we’ve built to this point, trying to expand that. Just everything; the story that we built from the first tape to Rick Rubin. He plays the guru [role]. He’s the kind of guy you come to, to center all the ideas you have, to level everything out. That’s what I’m working on. And then trying to expand on that and just see how much bigger we can make it. I’m just creating right now.


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