• bobwats

    Such fire!

  • YouknowhowIdo


  • Weston Havard


  • DOPE

  • dmc

    What the fuck

  • Sky

    Wow fireeeee

  • el jim chapo guzman

    yelawolf houses moves but his twelve cars don’t

    • Davide Leroy

      Get you some money

      • el jim chapo guzman

        I got way more you.

  • Sonic

    Wow, boring and sounds dated.

    • Public Hairs

      Young Thug in the avatar disqualifies you tho.

    • Tristan Isaac

      All your favourite rappers are boring and sound dated. I mean, seriously? Young Thug? He’s not even a Thug, he’s LAF & gay!

      • Sonic

        Young Thug is the shit. You lost your mind, white boy.

        • Tristan Isaac

          Yea, I lost my mind to good rap, you lost it ti shitty rap. What makes Young Thug better than the rest? If you can tell me that (with good reasons), I stop saying he’s gay and retarded.

          • Maybe his ethereal flows, his obscure lyricism or his avant-garde approach to the form?

          • Tristan Isaac

            Obscure lyricism? You mean lyrics that don’t make sense, right? No, thank you.

          • No I meant lines like, “I call the spot elementary because I keep a K around here” that make u think for a bit before u get it.

        • Pic

          Fuck young thug pussy ass fake dick in the booty ass nigga

    • Shots_FiReD_1983

      Kill yourself

  • Mcolombi

    Holy fucking shit

    • CarolSampson
  • Chase Paypa

    I fuck with young thug but that boy rittz don’t play haa LAF!!

  • Dorothy
  • Bkmkj

    Wow this shit crazy…that boi crooked man..he just different bruh…it always seem like he go in the most shit crazy…

  • Dope!

  • 8Galaxy5

    What a banger!
    This is real rap music,hate on this and you are LAF

  • Adam Davis

    Fuck yah Rittz, that shit is sick as fuck

  • Shots_FiReD_1983

    Kxng crooked bodied it as usual

  • Mandrake

    Next to Nothing album is hard AF. This remix is no different. STRANGE!!!!!!!!Music and Shady need more Collabs

  • Opaljenik Tip

    get Jarren on it,….hahahahahah
    dope as fuck,

  • MJeezy

    Holy shit. What the actual fuck just happened!!? yo this shit is fire! all four of them dudes absolutely destroyed it and all four of them dudes are slept on in this game!

    Side Bar: Next to Nothing was a dope ass album man! one of the best albums to come out in 2014!

  • blackholesurfer