New Video: Cee-Lo Green “Robin Williams”

robin williams

Laugh The Pain Away

From Richard Pryor to Robin Williams, Cee-Lo uplifts up our spirits and smiles through the suffering on his heartfelt single accompanied with an interactive visual. Keep that head up and look for his Heart Blanche very soon.

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  • el jim chapo guzman


  • LOst pRoDigy

    T-Mo and Kujo need to give CeeLo that fade for this shit!! Phil Hartman, Robin Williams and a bunch of other white comedians that really weren’t all that funny they were just goofy as hell.. Dafaq outta here Ceelo should of said Bernie Mac, Patrice O’Neal and the list goes on…

    • Michael Ib bett

      Humor is subjective. But im guessing you’ve never seen the stand up performances of whomever you’re talking about. Just Mrs Doubtfire and Black Sheep etc. Thats like saying JJ Watt shouldn’t honor Randell Cunningham in a speech because him and a whole bunch of other black quarterbacks really weren’t all that good they just ran around a lot, and he should have spoke about Montana, Kelly, Marino etc . It’s as rediculous as you sound.

      • LOst pRoDigy

        Look randomly offended white guy here’s a perfect example of when trying to be a smart ass goes wrong your comparisons are completely of base…Obviously you never heard Cee lo when he rapped in this small start-up group called Called Gooodie Mob they composed such southern classics as “Beautiful Black Skin” “OMNI” SOUL FOOD and the list goes on all uplifting a people and culture from which he came not sure if JJ Watt started his career giving two shits about the black players that paved the way for him. oh yeah he’s white the path was already laid Ceelo could have picked funnier dead black comedians and the song would have had the same impact but he’s cooning for white America point blank period…trying to get back to that Voice audience awww the negro named a song after Robin Williams give him an endorsement….. BTW Robin Williams was annoying he blew my high on several occasions but bless the dead.


        • Michael Ib bett

          You’re rebuttal of..”yooo he was in Goodie Mobb tho dungeon family he talked about other stuff before” is hilarious. But you still sound like an idiot and it didn’t help your point at all.

          • LOst pRoDigy

            Lmao you used quotations and completely miss quoted everything I said…bahahaha!!!!

            You lose!

          • Michael Ib bett

            Lmao. You’re dumb as fuck. I wasn’t directly quoting you. I was impersonating you. I broke up what I was saying, with what I was saying, you were saying. There’s more than one use of quotation marks, you tool. And nah, I don’t even like Robin Williams, some of his serious movies are alright though, he’s not as horrible as a Steve Harvey or Jeff Foxworthy. Bye, dumb fuck. “Misquoted me” lmfao. Yeah by the way. It’s misquoted. Not miss quoted.

          • LOst pRoDigy

            I understand you rarely interact with humans outside of your house so your having a hard time letting go but our little convo is over thanks for participating semen breath not sure how your so offended by me stating using black comedians would have had the same impact but I’m not changing my mind….bahahaha!!

          • Michael Ib bett

            You’re offended and hurt that cee lo might just like Robin Williams. Why would you give a fuck. Lmao. Bye dumb fuck. Miss quote

        • Levi Garcia

          Robin williams was dope bitch

  • MrSkeezyMak

    I Doubt this is Fire.

    • demi

      good thing your
      doubts don’t matter

  • dodo

    tf is this crap?? c-lo trying super hard to get back. bruh, you’re wack.

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Hmmm interesting, RIP RW