New Video: Post Malone “White Iverson”


The Answer.

While a Rolls Royce kicks up dust, Dallas neophyte Post Malone, swags on all of us in the middle of the desert. Ball out and download the track here on iTunes.

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    • fox

      He sounds more polished than Makonnen, though. Like he has a vision and not just stumbling his way through good production.


        Both can’t rap is what I meant by the comparison. Or white fetty wap whatever u prefer.

  • Davide Leroy

    Way better than Riff Raff, Iggy, macklemore, Ilovemakonnen. you know all the white rappers.

  • Tomas Anthony

    Makonnen needed the hottest rapper to hop on the track to co-sign while this dude made a hit himself w/o any features..

    • brza

      This has Drake feature written all over it

  • el jim chapo guzman


  • brza

    lol what did I just watch? Seems like the era of mumbling

  • YGG

    Why is this considered rap nowadays and not R&B? Wigga is singing

    • Davide Leroy

      Future sings, drake sings, your mom sings when I’m in that pussy,


        Did u really compare post “no one has a clue who I am” Malone to future and drake the two hottest names in rap right now

  • Be real

    2dopeboyz been posting post Malone shit for months. Why rap radar just now jumping on the wave now that it’s a hit? But they post a white iverson K camp freestyle. B.DOT YOU A COPY AND PASTE BASIC BLOGGER AND CANT EVEN DO THAT WELL.





    • LOst pRoDigy

  • J.O. Cool

    I love this song so much…But this video is fuckin terrible…Why they got him in leggings and margielas in the middle of the desert…Why are there random Bentleys and g wagons in the middle of the desert…Why is there a random ball goal in the middle of the desert, at which he doesn’t een try to shoot…At best, they could say it represents him rising to fame and opulence in an empty environment…But at worst, this shit totally fails to capture the actual feeling of the song…They shoulda taken the literal route…

    • Brian B.Dotâ„¢ Miller

      Maybe A.I. was unavailable?

      • J.O. Cool

        Lol, not that literal route…

      • LOst pRoDigy

        Tidal search…(Wrapped Tight) …album (Untold Truths)…go to song titled “Pop’s Pain” show me some love Benson… Lol …check it out

  • phreash2death

    Drake remix in 5,4, 3,…

  • If I was directing this video, I would’ve had him play one on one with a guy who looks like A.I maybe some cheerleaders on the sideline, And1 mixtape style. I’m over the abuse of luxury cars doing stunts and desert scenes are played out.

    Hopefully he does something better for ‘Too Young’.

    • Uncle Tom

      This is why you’re broke. The year is 2015 you stuck in 2001

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Sweet dreams how was it?

  • Honestly the video not that bad. So many unauthorized fan videos tried to capture the essence of the song and did good jobs that he really had no other choice than to make the video about himself and not the song. Singing (yes not rapping) in a desert wit a foreign car and other solo looks give him an upscale OLD MTV Video Of The Week look. So shout out to his team for understanding anything else than this would have been redundant on an artistic level. It’s ok to be redundant otherwise. Side note tho: I’ve been seein old footage of Post Malone and he’s been on some folksy stuff and I’m not so sure how deep his Hip Hop roots go so hopefully someone reads this and begins giving us more footage of him before this song so I can embrace a true artist and not a culture vulture. @remarkoble1

  • North Griffey

    Never heard of this guy until I saw this post.

  • Uncle Tom

    This song would be dope if I wasn’t already half way tired of this new age drowsy vibe and was comftorable with another white clown with cornrows in the rap game. How is this nigga skinny and fat at the sametime. Margielas turning into Jordan’s makes me want to burn every article of margiela clothing I own and throw this weirdo in with the pile

  • thedeamkid19

    music is ok, the rest sucks

  • Deezel Washington

    tf is this

  • 2 cents

    He’s probably horrible at basketball

  • whatcanbrowndoforyouhuh

    Asap Lou, is that you?

  • whatcanbrowndoforyouhuh

    A$AP Lou is that you?

  • Z to tha A – I

    that shit wack!

  • EastOakland510

    I can smoke to this

  • post malone the truth

  • itokgta

    White boy in desert with cornrolls. We are indeed in the end times.