Noah “40” Shebib Defends Drake



Despite the Instagram DM made public by Hitman Holla, Drake’s been quiet about the ghostwriting allegations. Last night, producer Noah “40” Shebib turned to his Twitter account to addresses accusations, writing music and contributor Quentin Miller.

No one can question my involvement in drakes career. We have come a long way together. So let me start by putting something into perspective. I can’t count the hours that myself and drake have spent writing producing and recording music. Let’s just say… 5000 hours…I’ve spent maybe 30 min in a studio with Q. Nice enough guy, very talented…. If your asking if he contributed to if you’re reading this… Yes, he did. You can also see that by reading the credits. If your asking if q contributed to if you’re reading this the answer is yes. You can also read that in the credits. 

No one is as talented as drake. It’s not worth my time. I need someone who understands song writing on a higher level…Sometimes that skill is used to recognize other great songs… Like in all forms of music… Except rap. 

Rap has a stigma about writing your own lyrics and rightfully so… its a very personal art form and its rooted in speaking truthfully. Thankfully for me drake isn’t just a rapper. He’s also a musician and a producer and a creator.

We go beyond the normal boundaries that rappers want to sleep themselves stuck in. We’ve been fighting those rules from day one. If no one noticed there weren’t many singing rappers in ’08. 

Theres countless number ones and songs drake has written for others never mind himself, thats the funny part lol! To be even feeling my own need to say these things is crazy. and even more ironic is that drake is maybe the most personal rapper ever. never has someone spoken about themselves or there own perspective so vividly… ever. its why people have called him soft… because he shows humility and is truthful and honest. so if someone wants to be upset that drake made a great album, go for it, get mad all day lol! but don’t ever question my brothers pen.

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  • 1KillMovez1

    drake writes his own shit i believe… he probably gets helps here n there but majority of rappers do.

  • bcl187

    Hhahaha i always knew drake jewed out and had ghostwriters! Drqke is gay like his fans

    • 1KillMovez1

      pipe down pussy!

  • kendell evelyn

    Don’t talk about u the best or how u murk people lyrically if u not writing your shit. Point blank period, we don’t respect it. U in the category with diddy and dr dre which is fine but don’t claim to be a dope lyricist. Sorry but J Cole Kendrick HOV Eminem Rakim, those are lyricist. Drake is an entertainer

    • Iamstillmusic

      Thank you, his fake persona kills me

    • intelligentsoul

      If Drake, the biggest artist in the world of rap right now, has a CO-writier (cant be a ghostwriter if proper credit is gven) then what makes you think more artist dont have them? One thing us regular 9-5ers dont get is that its hard AF to keep thinking of shit when 1)youre rich and probably not as hungry 2) you can get any woman you want 3)youre on tour yr round trying to make money. Im sure shit is pretty difficult to get inspired after all that.

      Think about why it took Kendrick damn near 3 years to be his album out ASIDE from the way he wanted to piece it together

      • Iamstillmusic

        I personally don’t know why anyone cares though, Drake sings more than he raps. He was never the best rapper alive. He’s more of pop, Rnb

      • Tbh

        IF THERE IS SOMEONE HELPING YOU WRITE YOUR BARS THAT DISQUALIFYS YOU FROM BEING THE BEST AT WHAT YOUR DOING CUZ YOUR NOT DOING IT. no one said he doesn’t write anything but your not the best if niggas is helpin you. Plenty of artist write their own shit, how would someone BUYING BARS be the best lyrically. You got dudes who write AND PRODUCE there own shit. DRAKE GOT 40 who really is a musical Martin Scorsese. That’s great I respect there catalog. But then u running round talkin bout how niggas ” don’t murk u in any category ” or how u got the game one lock. Nigga how? You buying your shit. That’s not your wit that’s not your intelligence. If I had Picasso paint me something and pass it off as mine am I a Great artist? It use to be a sin to not be original wit your shit but this young generation soft and can’t even keep real. When my favorite artist is subpar I express it not make excuses for them. Drake staNS kill me. I’m sorry. Love Kanye I argue hard for dude and he was top 5 but he lost that spot when I heard he uses writers. You can be a great artist/ entertainer with your music and I’ll respect you for it. But You’ll NEVER BE CONSIDERED THE BEST.

    • k.smith

      Pretty much how I always saw it with Drake.

  • Itsastyles

    My boy interns at Lakehouse Studios, and met one of the people that engineered for Drake. He told me Drake definitely has writers, but more so for guidance and structure. And he writes most of his stuff anyway tho?! I mean, that’s like saying Michael Jackson wasn’t great because The Dream wrote some songs for him?! And I can go on…But this is rap, so I forgot we can’t accept any new process. Motherfcukers like Meek don’t understand growth. Which is why he’s stuck with a group of niggas like MMG, and they fit perfectly. Bunch of hood niggas who got lucky. What’s the problem with steering away from the norm to be great?!

    If this is the game you’re gonna play meek, then be ALL about, not use just drake to help your sub-par album that was overhyped and had like 1-2 hits. We might as well tell producers to stop sampling right?! Because technically that’s not their beat either. You see once you start saying stupid shit like Meek did, then the process never needs because now we gotta point out everything and not be biased.

    • Yamzz

      R&B is more about how you deliver the words. That’s why covers are so embraced because it’s not about who wrote it but how well you can deliver it. Hip hop has always been about the words your speaking and if you call this growth then the culture is just gonna grow til it’s extinct.

    • the problem is not about how you make your music, you can do whatever you want as long as you respect other’s people work. the problem here is that drake claims to be the best rapper mc and many people do seem him as the best rapper mc, but how can you be the best rapper mc when you don’t write all your raps when other rappers do.

    • Kris Kompute

      What’s your boy’s name?

  • el jim chapo guzman

    It matters because drake is using someone else’s charisma as his own. People love rappers because of their swagger and what they have to say. But if it’s not yours then your acting. Drake is acting still.

    • Kris Kompute

      You take the charisma of a black man by saying “nigga”. Fuck you.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        HATING ass nigga fuck you

  • Iamstillmusic

    This is so weak. Drake makes good music from time to time but his persona is so fake. He’s always claiming to be this tough honest guy but won’t even directly address any rapper which is why I can’t respect him as an MC. All this propoganda about him being the realist rapper isn’t true anyway, that would be more of Kanye or J. Cole who are the same person on and off the court. J. Cole laid down his life in his albums in a poetic way that reminds me of Pac. Everyone calls Drizzy the realist because he sings about women but that doesn’t make him real.

    Are you trying to tell me, Draje has been heartbroken since So Far Gone, and is going to be for the next 10 years? Stop it. This dude is an actor who makes good music

    • Itsastyles

      I definitely get where you’re coming from for sure man, that made sense. But at the same time, now it’s like he’s being made a direct target as if he’s the first or only one. Are you kidding me?! Diddy, Dr. Dre, and way too many more big artists who some are now considered legends have had ghostwriters and people acting like drake fake. Any reason and chance to hate this guy, people will take. And trust me, as much as I wanna believe dude is that consistent with songs, I know he’s had writers of course. But you guys are acting like that’s what his whole career is based on?! Those ghostwriters are for his hit singles. Started from the bottom, 10 bands, star67 or for his more more heartfelt tracks where dude sings you know?!…That’s like saying Michael Jackson isn’t great because he had people write what he sang. The Dream was writing for him at one point before people even knew who he was. So if we’re gonna point the finger, there’s alot more to blame and take down with him. And trust me, I’ve been waiting for Drake to get more personal and aggressive instead of being subliminal all the time. I do feel like that would make him more accepted as an MC, and kinda prove he doesn’t need writers.

      But trust and believe what you said made 110% sense, but I feel like people are kind of being biased and playing a blind eye to the bigger picture just because it’s drake.

      • Iamstillmusic

        Some rappers are said to have writers like Dre and Diddy and like you said that’s okay. My problem has always been him acting like no one is realer because he’s s heartbreak rapper who isn’t even heartbroken. The tough guy attitude has to stop too.

        I applaud you for admitting there was a truth to my statement and I wonder what direction VFT6 is going to take. I’m tired of the same dialogue, Drizzy has been repetitive

      • ilexx

        Thing is, Dr. Dre and Diddy aren’t legendary for being rappers. They are legendary for being producers.

        I think that’s where ppl are drawing the line. Even with Kanye, I feel ppl accepted it because he is a producer first and that’s fine.

        Drake’s entire persona is built on bragging that he is the best and how many hits he has and look what he was able to do on 5 years and bla bla bla.

        But wait, you paid somebody to write that bar for you? Wait this flow we thought was yours is borrowed?

        Wait you paid this guy to give you 6 more flows and hooks too? Wait so you just got a factory of ppl engineering your rhymes?

        You can’t even be mentioned with the greats. Maybe you good at what you do, performing or acting like you best, be great at that but he better not spit another line about him being better than anybody.

        • Iamstillmusic

          Thank you sir. All I’ve been trying to say

  • drake fans are trying to shift the debate to – does it matter who writes what? – in absolute terms it really doesn’t. drake would probably make many songs sound better even if he didn’t write them. but when you’re talking about best rapper or mc, you can’t compare niggas that write their own raps and niggas that don’t, that’s it. and you can’t claim to be the best rapper or mc, when you don’t (partially) write your raps and some rappers do. so in relative terms, it really matters, so stop denying that there is an issue here.

    • Music

      Drake never said he’s the best rapper. And no one but the people says shit like that. The people already gave him is legacy, nothing can tear the down.

      • all he did on his new mixtape is boost himself up and call himself better than everyone.

        and legacy’s are after-the-fact. drake’s career isn’t over and he is at his prime. the legacy he’s headed to leave now is:

        i lied and pretended to be someone i’m not whilst claiming i am real and making people think i dont lie.

        • Music

          No, he made a mixtape that was his interpretation of gritty street music.

          And how does he have a ghostwriter that is properly credited and paid, I have no clue.

          Guess what, all artists have writers. Music isn’t made by one person in a secluded room lighting candles. Making big songs is a group effort.

          Meek had Louie V Gutta & Tory Lanez as writers. His last album is full of extremely polished and fully developed songs suddenly. Shit guess what? Tory Lanez was on the intro and not credited at all. What you call that? It’s ghosting.

          Nicki never had ghost writers? She wrote ‘Pills & Potions’?

          You think Jay , Nas , Big and Pac never had creative input by someone else? Not even people who made the beats?

          The entire music community now is like “really? We work with other people all the time” and everyone else is saying “no everything must be done by one person” lol.

          • creative input is not the same as having someone write for u.
            and a producer and a rapper are/can-be two separate entities, it usually is. i understand that.

            So yeah, my bad if i seem somewhat heedless with my comments but i feel disdain knowing that drake, who i thought was brilliant mind, cant even do what a Rapper is supposed to do; which is To rap – spit a hot 16. and he allegedly asked someone to write his verse for R.I.C.O.
            that’s considered weak; per the standard of past and present hip hop lyricists.

            Like damn drake, u cant even write your own little verse?

            it’s disappointing.

          • Music

            The reference track doesn’t tell us anything regardless. What if drake wrote the words and needed the flow? Drake and Q could have easily made it together and Q recorded his vision of it and it stuck.

            Everyone here acts like if QM dropped his version he have multiple grammys and #1s. lol

            There is no doubt Drakd had help making IYRTITL and I understand. That album went for a street sound he alone couldn’t tackle. He made a dop project and QM is getting credit and bread, what’s the problem?

            Only in rap do you have to write your own bars or whatever but drAke doesn’t write bars, he writes fully formed songs, huge difference!

          • ilexx

            Except it was somebody else’s interpretation of street music. Just saying…

      • k.smith

        Actually, he did. He’s quite boastful about being the best rapper.

        • Music

          Drake with or without a writer will still destroy anyone right now.

          I’d bet my bank on it every time.

          With a catalog with 100s of songs he managed to pay and hide that many ghosts? Lmao

      • Kris Kompute

        WTF drake do you listen to?

    • im a drake fan and i absolutely care that he has ghostwriters. this ruins his image for me.

      no wonder IYRTITL was so different and mostly RAP.
      i want to believe he didnt have ghostwriters before IYRTITL.
      if he did, damn that sucks even more (for me as a fan).

      i probably wont buy his new/future shit unless he can prove his RAP verses are all him, especially if he’s gonna be on that “ALL ME” shit. like nigga, all you? YEAH right.

      then again he may have employed ghostwriters for this mixtape since he was trying to push it out quick so he could be out the YMCMB contract.

      ^ but that’s that Drake Stan in me talking.

      let’s see how it all pans out.

      …btw i DONT care if his SINGY-SONGS are ghostwritten or whatever, singing is a different ballgame. Rap, u gotta be authentic/organic. In my opinion.

      • Upheaval

        I really respect you for this.

        Most Drake fans are acting like these allegations shouldn’t be taken seriously & don’t have the capacity to damage his legacy as a lyricist.

        Daps for keeping it 100.

      • WTF

        mostly rap? didn’t you hear Comeback Season, Thank Me later & Take Care? there’s just as much rapping on those past records than the newer stuff. Comeback Season is all rapping.

      • marty mcfly

        I think people think a “reference track” means somebody is ghost writing for Drake word for word. Thats not what it is.

        • ilexx

          No a reference track is when somebody submits a demo track for a song to be performed by somebody else.

          I don’t think ppl have that mixed up at all, I think they heard the 10 bands reference track and realized Drake took a hook, flow and a his 1st verse from somebody else… Now they feel offended by the fact that the guy they thought was the best rapper out is just another rapper who needed a major assist to appear great.

          Esp when that rapper boasts about his accomplishments every chance he gets.

          Boasting that every song he is on sounds like “Drake featuring Drake”, like wtf? Now we know all these songs Drake features on should say ft. Drake’s Writing Team.

          • marty mcfly

            If they feel offended then they too soft. Drake gotta couple hundred songs so if he’s just kickin back while everybody works for him? Shit that niggas a boss.

          • ilexx

            I’m not saying Drake doesn’t write any rhymes. He writes along with some of the ppl who help him I’m sure but if what he took and used for 10 bands, if he is doing that for all the other songs Q. Miller is credited on then yeh he was rather fraudulent on this mixtape/album.

            Anybody who held him as one of the best out right now, I can see why they might be mad. They put in hrs arguing with their friends about Drake verses Kendrick or Drake vs J. Cole.

            I’m just saying, there are a few ppl out there right now hurt over their fav rapper being exposed. Let em vent tho lol…

      • Megamind

        If you let this sway you from liking an artist, you were never a fan to begin with. I say this as someone from the old school. I respect Drake for who he is/what he does. He never pretended to be overly gutter…he makes radio hits, period! Stic Man wrote some of the hooks on Nas’s Untitled, does that take away from his greatness??
        Hell know…half of the cats in here don’t even know stic man!!!

        The ref track was just the hook, I doubt dude wrote the verses. Shit ghostwriting ain’t new…Ask Kanye who wrote Heartless (Cudi)…ask Jay about Sauce Money, Dr. Dre & Snoop about Cube and The DOC…as long as it bangs.

        This is something that’s only frowned upon in urban music. No one in here probably knows who Rod Temperton is..WHITE DUDE from England…wrote THRILLER and like 3 or MJ biggest hits EVER!

        At the end of the day…Meek is still where he is and please believe…his pockets will feel the effect in the long run. Ask yourself, would you want to work with someone unstable, volatile and emotional for something as simple as not tweeting your album??? Seriously…bc all the other shit Meek said is bullshit! The guest appearance alone from Drake on his album was enough to peak the avg fan’s interest.

        Enjoy the artist you like for what they do…fuck the other shit bc guess what…ask Shawn Garrett, Rico Love and The Dream how hard it is to be an artist…and ALL of them have written SMASHES for other people. Just because you can write it, don’t mean you can deliver it. Kanye is a perfect example of this. His style has changed from album to album based on who was in his camp going back to rhymefest, malik yusef, cons, cudi, big sean, pusha, lupe, etc…YES he’s STILL Kanye!


        • k.smith

          It was actually the hook, the entire verse and hook that Drake took from Q. Miller.

          • Megamind

            Annnnnnd? After all I typed that’s your reply? WTF lol

        • Kris Kompute

          Drake pretends to be gutter every chance he gets. He’s a chameleon, zebra fraud.

          WTF Drake do you listen to?

        • Jason

          I’ve never got that “if ‘x’… you were never a fan in the first place” shit. Please explain it.

          I’m a big fan of Jay-Z but if I found out he was a peadophile it would effect how much I enjoy his music. So I guess I’ve never been a real fan in the first place?

          • Megamind

            Well when it comes to art….you can’t complain about the TYPE or HOW the art is made by an ARTIST that you like and admire. The pedophile analogy doesn’t really fit here. I respect Bill Cosby the comedian, philanthropist, actor…that I’m a fan of…the rapey, conniver not so much.

            I hope that clarifies the statement.


          • Jason

            Well explained, fair enough.

          • soooo

            Don’t u dare put callous bullshat on jay. use other exmples please sir, not pediphillia(sp).

          • Samsohn

            @Jason. haha, perfectly said and hilarious

    • tututhebadboy

      exactly bruh. Soo many fans tryna just put it all on Meeks saltiness. I’ll admit it was low I guess.. but damn… Meek didn’t single handedly dig up all this & post all this stuff everywhere.. this could be a big deal.. aint no just “who cares who writes”.. nigga WE do.. everyone in rap cares. This niggas been riling up battle rap the past few months off MC credit alone.. Think he going in there against Murda Mook after this fiasco?.. jus saying theres some answers needed.

    • Observer

      Kanye West, Paul McCartney, Tyler Bryant, Kendrick Lamar, Karim Kharbouch, Ernest Brown, Cydel Young, Victor Mensah, Allan Kyariga, Mike Dean, Che Pope, Noah Goldstein, Allen Ritter, Mario Winans, Charles Njapa, Malik Yusef Jones,Patrick Reynolds, Rennard East, Noel Ellis

      Those are all the people that “helped write” All Day

      Shawn Carter, Timothy Mosley, Jerome Harmon

      Those are the the people that “helped write” Tom Ford verses for Hov. Mind you the hook of that song, is simply Hov chanting, “Tom Ford, Tom Ford, Tom Ford”

      Most rappers have somebody else write their hooks for them as well. Open your eyes, everybody is making a big deal out of this because its Drake. We all know the boy can rap, sing and generally make great records… Just stop

      • marty mcfly

        Jays verses aint even written. Now whatever context or capacity people are “Writing” for Jayz? Idk but I don’t think anybody is writing his verses.

      • k.smith

        It’s common knowledge that hooks get passed around and written for other people. But what Drake did was different. He took the hook, entire first verse and flow from Q. Miller. Who knows what else he took…

      • a

        Timothy Mosley, Jerome Harmon have PRODUCTION CREDIT not song writing credit. They mad the beat. Timothy Mosley is Timbaland’s real name Timothy Mosley, Jerome Harmon

      • ilexx

        First of all, check every credit you’ve ever seen homie, the producer ALWAYS gets a writing credit aswell.

        Do you know who Jerome Harmon is? He is a producer who works with Timbo name J-Roc.

        So both producers get a writing credit which is natural and Shawn Carter wrote the rhymes.

        So don’t be trying to use Hov as an example or even Kanye.

        Various people have also come forward and say Kanye is very generous with his writing credits aswell. If you had a verse on the song but they took it off on the finished version, Kanye still gives you a writing credit. Kanye even went as far as to say if you as a producer worked on the record and you added this sound but we expanded the beat and then decided not to use that sound anymore, he will still give that person production credit because they added to the vibe. I can’t remember who it was that Ye gave a writing credit and dude said he didn’t contribute a word, he was just there when it happened. Anyway I digress.

        Drake’s homies being in a room saying I think this would sound ill is one thing but having reference tracks submitted and shit is completely different.

        Somebody gave you a hook, a flow and a verse? That’s cheating in my eyes.

        Oh so you perform that shit better than the next man so that make you the best? GTFOH….

        • Observer

          How do you know ilexx? Are you in the studio with both of them as they’re making these albums?

          Hov is my favorite rapper of all time, way above anyone else it’s not even close. But even he had to deal with this to the point where he had to address it in his raps…

          “I’m not biter, I’m a write for myself and others…”

          All the GOATS have had to deal with this. There are any number of potential situations that could have transpired that led to this… Beats, hooks, flows and yes even verses float around the industry until someone who wants them picks them up…

          Are we also going to ignore the fact that Drake has ghostwritten and gifted people entire songs, verses, hooks and written for other people…

          The entire situation just wreaks of hypocrisy, couple that with the fact that we have that idiot Flex, dropping reference tracks, sucking Hov’s dick calling him (one of) the GOATs when just a little while ago, he was calling him a “corny corporate rapper” when Hov had stolen his idea for website/album format or whatever…

          The amnesia people have when it’s in their favor is unbelievable… How soon we forget

          To me people are just blinded by their hate of Drake, which is fine, but just say that. If you choose not to listen to Drake because of this, again that’s your own prerogative. But don’t say that he don’t got talent, because we all know that’s just a lie…

          • ilexx

            Allegations against HOV were never about ghostwriting.. They were just saying he bit lyrics from Big and a host of others.

            There has never been allegations that HOV had a ghostwriter, so check your facts.

            What you said about Flex too, even when Flex was hating on HOV about the whole thing with the app, he actually bigged him up for being one of the greats in the same breathe. So acknowledging his lyricism while exposing Drake, wasn’t that hypocritical.

            I don’t want to keep running in circles so here it is:

            I’m not saying Drake hasn’t written for himself and others but this time Q. Miller is a credited writer on six songs on his album. We have now heard one of the reference tracks and we can hear that Drake took a hook, flow and a verse at the very least from that reference track.

            All I am saying is this, if Quentin Miller’s contribution to those other 5 songs is as big as his contribution to 10 Bands, then Drake is looking rather fraudulent.

            I’m sure Drake has written some of the amazing stuff he has said and that’s cool but taking a hook, flow and a verse from somebody else is a little more than “getting a line or two from the homies in the studio”, you got a serious assist. Some would say he is cheating. What I’m saying is, he can’t claim being a lyricist nor that he is the best. In fact all the braggodocios shit needs to come to a halt but we will see how it plays out.

    • Facts man…. I’ve been saying this all week,

    • I get where you’re coming from since I grew up during that era where writing your own raps was important but maybe that rule needs re-evaluating much like the rule you had to be from Ny to rap. As I’ve gotten older and can see that pretty much everything from movies to stand up routines to books are not just made by one person, sure they may have one persons name attached and whose used for branding and marketing purposes, a whole team helped push that product to market. Kevin Hart doesn’t write all his jokes, neither did Seinfeld. Does that tarnish their legacies? No. Maybe not writing all your rap lyrics, shouldn’t disqualify you from best rapper status either.

  • TimeChange

    same bla bla you hear from Kanye fans,lol, ‘he’s not just a rapper,he’s much more’ ,ha,sorry son,at the end of the day you’re just a rapper,nobody is looking at you as a genius creator except your fans, to the other 99% who know you, Your Just A Rapper. And if a rapper cant write his own lyrics damn, this isnt other music groups, It’s Rap.

  • SapToad

    Drake three albums all written by him and with some assistance but this mixtape/Album make people look at him differently only because we didn’t know he needed a reference track to write his bars. I would like to see how Drake will come out of this.

  • Kris Kompute

    This ghostwriting shit is only a big deal for true lyricists.

    Drake ain’t a lyricist and never has been. He’s a singer who can rap some. All singers have teams that write for them.

    Retire this story about his fake ass.


      Yes he is or claims to be why did he get made at kdot or throw shots at common on stay scheming

      • Kris Kompute

        Who gives a fuck what he claims to be? It’s about what he is. And he is a singer who can rap about frivolous shit. Not a lyricist.

        Meek apologized this story is dead.

        • BO2BROLIC

          If you wanna wear that hat be prepared to get challenged or called out. The cat is out the bag homie. Get mad at Kendrick for saying he going to kill him on any track they together on or you challenge murda mook & talk that battle rap shit he definitely sees his self as a lyricist. And everybody else does to he’s a fraud goddammit.

  • West Side

    Drake the most personal rapper ever? Hell no !!! One word Eminem. Nuff said

    • MrSkeezyMak

      Exactly what i thought when I read that

    • Savimbi

      Joe Buddens is up there also, the mood Muzik series were extra personal. But em definitely too, Drake doesn’t come close besides his relationship woes, I’ll give him that.

    • intelligentsoul

      Think…Drake is the most personal rapper as the things he talks about relates to a lot of people. Eminem is VERY personal but idk too many people who wanted to kill their mother or some shit…its different

      • Iamstillmusic

        What does Drake talk about apart from heartbreak and “I’m the best”

        J. Cole is the most perishable rapper, the way he laid his life down in his albums is remarkable. Kendrick put his LIFE on GKMC.

        More people can relate to heartbreak but I don’t think that makes him the realist

  • T

    This the perfect moment and time for Drake to drop another album; if him and Meek been had beef; Drake should have dropped on the same day Meek did just to son him and sell more albums… Personally I can care less what Meek Mill thinks, maybe I will start caring when he tells the world that Louie V Gutta wrote on Dreams & Nightmares the album; maybe i’ll start caring when the so call best female rapper Nicki admits her Ex Boyfriend wrote on her albums, or maybe i’ll start caring when Jay Z admits The-Dream wrote on his albums… For Meek Mill to say the industry been knew Drake had ghostwriters then he should have never asked Drake for them dope features…. Meek started dating Nicki and turned into a hoe; the nigga thinks he’s better then everyone; he better stop smoking that crack with the barbz an realize Drake will be here longer then him an will always be ahead of him….

    • Epul

      The Dream?

      • T

        Yeah The-Dream; the same way Meek can jump out the window an claim Drake has writers and you guys pay attention to it is the same way you guys need to pay attention to when other artist admit to writing for people… It ain’t no secret big name artist have ghost writers; just like Louie V Gutta wrote Meek’s hit records off Dreams & Nightmares, google it!

        • BO2BROLIC

          Louie v just wrote hooks for dude meek gave that nigga his first industry check stop bringing his name up

          • T

            Oh JUST HOOKS lol I thought rappers do it all? Nigga it’s important to mention Louie V Gutta moron because shit like “Young & Gettin It” an other songs wouldn’t exist…. Also Meek Mill is a fucking idiot for lying about Louie V Gutta writing for him and not giving Louie V Gutta credit on the album, Drake on the other hand gave Quentin Miller credit for composing…. Meek lied about working with song writers, Drake never lied… You know why the Quentin Miller shit don’t bother me? Because I can read an I read the credits on Drake’s album when it was first released…

          • BO2BROLIC

            Meek did give him credits on rich & famous & few other songs on dreams & nightmares. Meeks best work is dwmtm anyway fuck louie v where he at

          • T

            Meek never openly gave Louie V credit and you know that; thats part of the reason why they fell out as friends… Louie V said that himself, do your research

          • T

            Also if you did your research via. Twitter or Google, you would know Louie V wrote “Young & Gettin’ It” for Meek while being in Miami, do your research before you let Meek and bloggers brainwash you…

          • BO2BROLIC

            Meek didn’t even rap on that song & it sucked bad. Now I know why I hated that trash meek didn’t write it thanks for that info

          • T

            Fam the point that I think we are all missing is that all rappers work with ghostwriters… I use to think Meek wrote all of his shit too, just like I thought Nicki wrote all her shit but I had to realize and do research for myself… Nicki and Meek both have had help, just like sometimes artist may call in other writers for help with writers block…. That Miller kid didn’t write for Drake he presented Drake with ideas and Drake used the song structure and ideas for a song, is that a form of needing help to make songs yes…

          • BO2BROLIC

            He did write for drake dupple head

          • T

            He gave Drake ideas idiot… Just like Trick Daddy would do for Trina back in the days; all artist source tips including MEEK MILL….

  • The Jack of Spades ♠

    I swear people will find anything to hate on someone over. When you write songs a personal aas Drake does, shit, any artist really, having a ghostwriter for hooks, or other creative contributions is how music is made period. This is why artist have their favorite producers, engineers and co-writers because everything takes harmony. I only know of NO RAPPERS that can take full credit for the songs they release, not even freestyles over someone else beat. <—That's how amusingly petty this all is. For all of you sitting back hating on another person for stepping outside the "rules of the game", you're hating from the nosebleeds because the stars are on the field. Just set back and enjoy the music man.

    Since we're hating, I bet you didn't stop listening to Tupac because Shock G ghostwrote several early songs for him? Shit, Frank Ocean started his career as a ghostwriter for artists such as Justin Bieber, Damienn Jones, John Legend and Brandy did any of you start acting like bitches when you found this out? Did you guys hate on Nas when Jay Eect and wrote for his Untitled LP? Or what about Nas writing for Foxy, Diddy and Will Smith? The RZA and GZA for ODB… Run DMC for the Beastie Boys… Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Royce Da 5’9″, Rakim, Knoc-Turnal and Kendrick Lamar for Dr. Dre? Dude… it doesn't stop. Just sit back and appreciate Hip Hop for what it really is, talented people collaborating with other talented people to bring you something dope, damn near non-stop.

    • Savimbi

      Dre is not a rapper tho, and he never claimed to be the best rapper so your point is null. No one has ever written for Rakim, Royce, eminem, Kendrick etc and that’s why they’re respected and regarded as some of the best lyricists to ever touch the mic.

  • suckerfreeuniversity

    CMON SON. SEE NOW THESE LAMES IS REALLY FRONTIN CUZ DRAKE takes other rappers songs and raps them without changing a fucken word! ASK AMIR OBE about STAR 67. It’s is a prime example. YALL NOT SLICK AT ALL.

  • STRIK9

    This is the thing. All of you ‘rappers’ out there got one job, which is to spit some lyrics. 90% of yall cant even make a beat and when you do its usually weak as shit. When you cant even write or produce your own shit, you shouldnt be in the rap game and all your doin is takin up room and space for others with real talent. All you doin is actin. Your doin shit others made for you. So take yall untalented actin asses out to Hollywood n stay outta this music shit. Half you muthafuckas are the reason to blame the game has gotten as weak as it is now.

    • Upheaval

      Thank you!! Someone who actually understands the art form.

      • TheTruthIs…

        “Lose Yourself,” written by BMI affiliates Eminem and Jeff Bass, won the Oscar for Best Original Song at the 75th Academy Awards ceremony in Hollywood. The song was featured in the film 8 Mile, which starred Eminem in his movie debut. Eminem and Bass previously shared a Grammy Award for 1999’s Best Rap Album, The Slim Shady LP.

        Sorry to burst your bubble…

        • Upheaval

          lol idiot.

          Do you know who Jeff Bass is & what he does? Clearly not

        • Wizard Kelly

          Producers get writing credits, you niggas gotta do research man

          • STRIK9

            Bass just played or programmed some shit on the song, along with a few other dudes. Its not like he wrote a single lyric or anything

  • Kingly_Caracter

    I’m confused… The rap community NOW cares about authenticity? Interesting…

    • T

      You know the so call rap community don’t give a shit about authenticity, they only give a shit about RUMORS that come from desperate people trying to gain attention

      • Kingly_Caracter


      • Iamstillmusic

        You’re wrong. Everyone knows Rick Ross is fake so no matter the type of album he drops no one puts him higher in conversations than he already is.

        Drake is just an entertainer and that’s fine, but not a real MC


      Nah hip-hop just don’t like rappers that claim to be the king but don’t write their own bars

  • kendell evelyn

    No one cares when singers have songs written for them cuz u want to hear there voice. With rap u want a person wit and intellect. Drakes been actin like that’s all him, if it was just entertainment that’s fine, but u U CANT CLAIM TO BE THE BEST


    came up that’s all me, no help that’s all me, all me for real – toronto’s very own

    • Iamstillmusic

      Lil Wayne made him who he is

  • freakyboul

    you just said lol after text your career is over

  • freakyboul

    when you can’t write anymore you stop making music, everyone included

  • Epul

    Make since as to why some rappers release very few songs in between albums.

  • runthewave

    IYRTITL DID HAVE A DIFFERENT SWAG…YE DID HELP WITH HOVS “LUCIFER”TRACK…is MEEK IN HIS FEELINGS? Would it be different if Meek just dropped a diss track? All rappers get bars from others, down to your best…but whole songs, or your hottest line on your album…thats different..but trust everybody takes suggestions…The end of my conclusion J COLE is the best of the generation… imo

    • Iamstillmusic

      Yes, he’s actually the realist rapper

  • Johnny Ryall

    This is why Drake should be considered one of the top ten entertainers of all time just not one of the greatest rappers of all time. There’s a reason your mom knows Drake’s music, it’s a well produced product.

    • Iamstillmusic

      Entertainer? Maybe

      Rapper? Never. He’s nowhere near Kendrick talk less of the top 10

  • Pete

    From what I have heard he’s been jacking flows, not lyrics, except on hooks (which everyone does). I’m still not a fan of jacking somebody else’s flows though. When debating him against other artists, I can’t look at him against Kendrick or J. Cole in the same way anymore, but I still like his music.

  • Eric Davis

    What do you dumb niggas care? You praise Dre. You praise Rick Ross who is obviously fake etc. drake legend deal with it.

  • Em’s Ghost Writer

    Whether you’re team Drizzy or Team Milly, most people don’t realize that just because someone is listed as a writer on a song doesn’t mean they wrote lyrics. You can come up with a bass line, you can be like “this is the kind of snare we should use” and you’re helping write the song. Most people are missing that key point.

  • Akeem Hall

    This genre is never going to grow.

  • bluey

    drake wants the cred as one of the best rappers ever….But 40 is giving him r&b excuses…..Words like “understand writing” “song wriiting”,musician, creator are all ringer terms…..WE TALKIN BOUT HIP HOP!!!!! RAP!!!! BARS!!!! We dont do “writers” in hip hop…. this is awful..

  • Seriously4

    Half of you niggas favorite rappers had a cowriter at one time for some songs or albums . Like 40 said Drake the most personal rapper how can you write about somebody else personal life for them. You can’t. Bottom line drake hasn’t disappointed since 08 he Just keep giving us hot shit

    • Iamstillmusic

      But he isn’t the most personal rapper ever.

      Females relate with Drake because his main subject matter is heartbreak so he sells albums

      But name a project as life enlightening as GKMC that Drake has? Or Eminem MMLP2? Or J.Cole FNL?

  • private

    Carter, Kanye West, L. Parker, A. Lomax, B. Chandler, R. Lemay, J. Morrison, J. Densmore, R. Krieger, R. Manzarek These are the names of all the writers of Takeover, one of Jay’s best songs. I still rate Drake as an MC, and he comes up with 95% of his shit, the reference track was just for flow and not for lyrics, even though I don’t totally agree in using reference tracks. Drake is still my fav and best believe Aubrey will bounce back. Dude always bounces back when the pressure is on.
    Duckworth, Matthew Samuels, Stephen “KOZ” Kozmeniuk, K. Lewis,Brent Kolatalo, Jefferey Campbell ,Alexander Izquierdo, Zale Epstein. These are all the writers for the blacker the berry. This is not new in hip hop and we don’t know the writing process for all the artists.
    Meek is a fuckboy, it is funny how your friends turn on you in this world “There’s no code of ethics out here anyone will take shots at you here” – Drake

    • Wizard Kelly

      Producers get writing credits, no one writes Kendricks bars

    • McGlock

      samples/interpolations/vocals get writers credits. know your shit before you shit post.

      • private

        Shut the fuck up, I know that already I checked and there were some names that I could not figure out what they did. All I was saying was it takes many people in the process of making a great song and we don’t know if one of them helped Kendrick to form a verse.

        • McGlock

          Maybe do some research than post a shit opinion.

  • Ash

    The one that I needed was Courtney from hooters on peach street. yeah….nobody wrote that shit for him…

  • MR.REG

    I just want to say I for one believe drake writes his own lyrics and for the record look at any of your favorite rappers credits and u will see that it’s more than one name with writing credits also snoop dogg a Also admitted that other artists wrote songs for him on ego tripping people love to have something to hate about so sad also it’s a known fact that drake has ghostwritten for a few artist so stop with the hate no one and I mean no one writes an album all by them selves check the credits and p.s I am not a drake fan but not a hater fan

    • McGlock

      It was determined he doesn’t write his own lyrics wtf are you even saying?Also, the other credits for writers are for the samples/interpolations/vocals.

      • MR.REG

        No what the fuck r u talking about u just one of them who believes everything u hear and it’s not h just forsamples/interpolations/and vocals look up an original song with no samples and u will see every rapper has help from producers to other rappers on their team so stop believing everything u hear and just because someone recorded a verse and said he wrote that doesn’t mean he wrote I can go and record someone verse and say I wrote just another reason to hate on someone niggas kill me

        • McGlock

          I stated facts.

          • MR.REG

            If u say so but let’s just agree to disagree u feel a certain wsy I feel a certain way and I’m not one to argue back and forth in the internet unlike meek mill




  • Kevin Banks

    10 Bands


    If the rumors are true its over for drizzy…….

  • Kip

    Hey! Drake! I just have one question to ask you: “Who are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu gonna be. When it’s all over, When it’s all.”

  • Ducified

    DiRTY SUGAR “When I start the lecture, I build momentum like architecture…”

  • LOL so basically wrote a sweet ass paragraph to justify drake having ghostwriters the nigga had ghostwriter thats it period you gonna claim to be A1 with the pen and be above all other mc’s in the game then decide you even feel the need for ghostwriter…NAH FOH this just confirms what i been thinking for years there are many other mc’s that would flame drake on the mic freestyle/battle/or song writing wise…and im not even hating i think drake can spit just not nothing amazing in my opinion

  • Rooskie

    Fact: rap is the only genre where helping someone is a no no. 2nd until all this came out “soft drake” wasn’t a rapper he’s an r&b artist.
    Which is he? Can yall stop the hate?

  • “I do better with the rider(writer) in my system..” lol. Seriously though, isn’t this how Kanye does it now? But if the question is is there a ghostwriter… What’s the difference? There’s like an average of 5 writers per song on IYRTITL…

    • McGlock

      Ye doesnt claim he is the best rapper tho

      • Well he sort of says that, rap is the new rock n roll, and he is the biggest rock star… But I see what you’re saying. Another issue is though: where was this argument while Drake was getting hot? Check the writing credits for all his albums… It’s at least him and 40 on all of them, many times it is 3-4 “co-writers”. Now, if QM is/was a “ghostwriter”, but was credited as a “co-writer” along with a number of other artists, in plain sight for all to see… where is the line drawn between the two? I’ve never really thought Drake is the best rapper… But I do think he is up there in the top two/three in terms of body of work every album. Those works of art take a team. Best example of that in my opinion is MBDTF.

  • jay

    ok that was a lot of talking for a yes or no question and i still dont understand what he’s saying. It sounded like yes Quentin Miller helped write the stuff on IYRTITL.

  • Earl Butler

    With all the comments i have read, i have yet to read someone comment on how pussy it was for a “street dude” like Meek to be airing out his differences like a House Wife of Atlanta.

  • Earl Butler

    If Meek mad about Drake having help he may want to look into getting some help himself. I streamed the DWMTM and although it had some dope beats, this nigga talked about the same thing every song.

    This is his second album, been rappin since he was 12 and still sound like the 13 yr old in the dvd with the nappy braids.

    If you ever wanna know what a Meek song is going to sound like, just read his IG

  • OnaMo

    Here is tips Easy with raprada’ r********* Here’s Tips

  • private

    I am charged up mother fucker!!


    @ The end of the day in hiphop when it comes to dropping a “MIXTAPE” when did we strat having other people help write “BARS” Where they do that @ OH YEAH #RAPSNEWGENERATION! Lets deal with the FACTS a MIXTAPE & ALBUM are two different things! A mixtape is to showcase your freestyle & writing ability as a artist & a album is to showcase how will of a song writer you ARE! The system has 85% of you blind deaf & dumb clueless mtf lost! Thats why game so fucked up! You got these artist dropping MIXTAPES calling them ALBUMS just for a quick buck!

  • I really, really don’t care. He’s just an entertainer. He doesn’t put food on my table or pay my bills. It wouldn’t bother me one way or another because I’m still going to listen to the songs I like and not listen to the songs I don’t.

  • Piqué

    The thing is, ghost writing has been around for ages and still gave you the shit you love, its not how its produced, its how’s its performed.
    And I’m not sure if you realised but Drake his self used to be a ghost writer, so now he just showing people his full potential but also giving people the chance he had.
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