New Video: Meek Mill Ft. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown “All Eyes On You”

all eyes on you

Relationship Goals.

Whether in public or at home, Meek Mill and Nicki have no qualms canoodling his new music video featuring Chris Brown. Directed by Benny Boom. Dreams Worth More Than Money can be purchased here.

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  • Charged up

    “no woman ever had me star struck or had to tell me get my barz up”

    • Kris Kompute

      MAN, STFU. Drake sells out for more pussy than anyone in the industry. Stalked skylar diggins. Crying to Rihanna. Get off his dick.

      • freakyboul

        but you stalkin him

        • Kris Kompute

          Bitch you stalking me.

          • freakyboul

            greatest comeback in black history

          • BrickDaddyKane

            You’re white so STFU!!!!!

      • J.O. Cool

        While it’s a cold line, I totally agree that it’s completely hypocritical…Lol…

    • Bkmkj

      Every woman got drake lame ass star strucc lmao …including nikki lol…


    Baby lotion soft….

    • Iamstillmusic

      Compared to who? Drizzy?

      Take this L


        Compared to no one. This song and video is soft period

        • Iamstillmusic

          But when Drake is a bitch its expected. Understood

          • YOUNG NIGGA

            Ive never seen drake make a video with him holding his girlfriends hand twirling in circles. the fuck nigga

          • Iamstillmusic

            He doesn’t have to, his music speaks for him.

            Let’s not even have to debate on how soft Drizzy is, he’s the probably the softest rapper in the history of the game

          • F*ck Drake

            that was pretty cute hahahaha

    • freakyboul

      baby lotion hands

    • Poisonous baby lotion.

  • Solid radio record… I think Chris Brown stole the show though. His feature gave the song some much needed personality.

    • choco prince

      It was his song in the first place.

      • BO2BROLIC

        How the fuck you know

        • choco prince

          He’s been shopping demos to your fav artists for almost a decade

    • the hook definitely makes this song.

      • freakyboul


  • engee00

    these two have overexposed themselves since December… is that a new record?

  • thedeamkid19

    boring as fuck

  • Sonic

    This is hip hop.

  • MrAfrika

    Meek said “Imma drop this video of me kissing the hottest chick I the game as a response”.

    • yeah but…

      Drake kissed her first.

      • BO2BROLIC

        Drake didn’t get the pussy though

    • RTH

      without all that makeup she just another hoe

  • Amir Tribe

    This is the wrong fucking day for this video to drop.

    • BrickDaddyKane

      Depends. If Meek drops some Ether type shit it’s perfect cuz when he trends on Social Networks he gets the mainstream pop crowd with this record and the “streets” with the diss. But if the diss is trash….. #GameOver?

  • Are we in the twlight zone? The battle rapper is putting out love songs and getting emotional online and the lover rapper is putting out cold calculated battle raps and moving in silence.

    • Observer


      • freakyboul

        jew heard


        lost all respect for Tweek Mill – first you start the beef and say your street crazy and don’t mess with street dudes and you don’t have a button, blah blah and you don’t take shit back. THEN THE FUCKING VERY NExT DAY! you start sneak apologising and saying shout out to drake let him be great, and explaining your self… let me re phrase that – justifying yourself (in hopes that 6god) won’t get mad – saying you the “REALEST” . So drake just straight up disses you on a song and not on twitter. And what do you do? you fucking jump on twitter and respond there, are you a fucking rapper? are you the same Meek claiming – “Whoever thought lil’ ol’ Meek Milly’d pass Jigga?

        I’m just thinkin’ a tad bigger” – on Stand Up on your album? OMG FUCK OUTTA HERE Tweet Mill. Pass Jigga tweeting maybe. So you have a chance to respond in a hip hop manner and back up all that tough talk – instead you show us that your basically an internet thug. Not only did you fail to show up at Hot 97 like a lil biatch scared cat – but you hop on stage and start fucking expounding to a nicki minaj crowd how your only upset he gave you a verse written by someone else…Instead of just dropping a fucking song. But lets be real you couldn’t even handle Control i guess it was too much to ask for. Why don’t you take some of that yelling and yell a diss. I mean it was handed to you- it would have been SOOOOOOO FUCKING EASY – so many things you could have dissed drake on

        1. getting slapped by diddy

        2. getting extorted by birdman

        3. using a fucking ghost writer and claiming crown – even after rapping on his song FEAR, and i quote “And I could use a writer just to balance out my flows

        But I never share my thoughts, this is all a nigga knows
        And every time I try, it opens up my eyes
        These verses are a chance to be remembered and reprised
        And I would be performing this as long as I’m alive
        So every word I utter will be mine”

        4. kissing madonna

        5. dropping a mediocare album what the sales and charts say

        6. fucking the girl of HIS dreams

        … could go on forever – this would have been like taking candy from a baby for you and you dropped the ball…LAMMMMMMEEEEEE

    • MrDisrespectful

      Are you serious? So Meek suppose to STOP promoting his album cause he got rap beef with Drake? You Drake stans disgust me! Lol the release for this video was already planned way before the beef. Not to mention Meek is going to the radio TONIGHT to release his diss and the Rico reference!!! But it doesn’t matter to you tho. You already have your mind made up who won this battle anyway smh

      • Where’s that Meek record dissing Drake brah?

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Safari eat your heart out

  • bcl187

    Wow they’re first kiss in public and it’s in a music video! THIS IS GOTTA BE THE FAKEST RELATIONSHIP EVER!

    • Room 222

      This can’t be THEIR first.


      Meek got that pussy homie

  • R.N.S

    Meek is fucking the games baddest bitch ! he wins! you can get charged up all you want!! he is sticking his dick in a girl you wanted! done! both of yall millionaires! yall both got millions of followers! i dont think meek goes to sleep wishing he was drake!

    • Mylo

      What game… Bitch was just suckin a nigga off who twerked.

  • Mr.Stealyogurl

    Video is full of cornballs

  • currystew

    I understand where Joe Budden is coming from now.

  • SapToad

    Rappers are soft bruh Meek is a cornball

  • 400_Degreez

    Fuck this shit… I’m just waiting on the Flex freestyles tonight

  • SlipDiddly

    Rumor has it there’s something that only I know, Rumor has it I steer the ship with my eyes closed, Rumor has it I either FUCKED HER or I never could but Rumor Has it hasn’t done you n***as any good

  • Peekay


  • WTF

    we got a video of Nicki shoving her tongue down Meek’s throat and he callng Drake soft off his warning shot? nah man, this dude Meek sprung off her pussy and that hard white he sniffing.

  • Notfunny

    Any nigga got a problem? Run up on my twitter page & catch a tweet!

    – Meek

    • Nickey38


  • Notfunny

    This beef bigger than u think catch the tidal wave


    Drake be dirty mackin you’ll capin for that fuckkary it’s a reason this nigga be beefing with all these rappers & R&B singers. Meek got that pussy he didn’t put 2 & 2 together.

    • Mylo

      Honestly when you #1 everybody sends shots it’s been that way. From MC Shan to MC hammer, from Snoop to Jayz.

  • 3:15-3:16 hahahahahahaaaaaa

  • FACTS!!!

    Meek about to let social media kill the little career he got. I like Meek but I think he wrong on this one. Drake got REAL FANS! The people that’s waiting to hear what Meek gone say on Flex tonight DON’T BUY ALBUMS!!! How many of yall got that new meek album? LOL
    APPLE just gave Drake 20 MILLION!!! And ya’ll think they about let little ole fuck that up? HELL NAW!!! They about to CRUSH dude if you don’t back down!!!

    • Megamind

      I love Facts! It trumps hearsay…gossip and bullshit! Everything you stated is FACT! I’m a fan of both artist…they can both RAP! But I’ll put it like this…Meek album is FREE on spotify to stream and I STILL haven’t checked it out! This is the crab in the barrel theory enacted…people are waiting to see IF Meek can pull Drake down…Drake is too far head for this to even matter in the “money” circle. This won’t stop people reaching out for features…#1 records, etc.

      Meek jumped out the window…this might cost him down the road.
      Well stated!


  • L Train

    Nikki kiss a frog. No she’s going to have a bunch of warts!

  • Kingly_Caracter

    GMO’s fuckin up all the beef….

  • TRUE T.E.A.M

    It’s ridiculous how much hate there is in the Hip Hop world!!!! Meek came home from jail, got Nicki Minaj not a gold digger but a woman with more stardom & money then him, dropped a #1 album & you got all these MMG haters talking about he’s soft!!!! It’s called the music BU$INE$$ meaning your in the business of selling music whether actual cd’s, singles, itunes downloads whatever & the 1st time he drops a song like this niggaz want to compare him to Drake whose whole albums are damn near Hip Hop Ballads!!!! GTFOH!!!!! Is 50 Cent soft for dropping “Ayo Technlogy” or “Have a baby by me”?!?!? HELL NO!!!

  • Megamind

    The Ego is a powerful thing. We do a lot to pacify it.
    Meek was better off just riding the wave his newound “status” afforded him.
    He didn’t learn shit from Big Sean and Hov.

    Now in Hov case he was already a Hip-Hop icon and Superstar…when he got with Beyonce…they made him an International Megastar. There were people in other countries who didn’t know who Jay was prior to Bey. No matter how big he was here…she was a global star. He ain’t tripping…he’s just as comfortable in his skin, so he didn’t trip…plus both their bread is WAYYY UP! But don’t be surprised if Beyonce passes him in 5-10 yrs….she’s only be late 30s, early 40s…she’ll be able to keep rocking. I see Hov really hanging it up after his next project…

    Same with Sean…he road the Ariana way…didn’t simp out…had street & club/radio records and never looked clownish. They broke up and he didn’t miss a beat. Still on tour etc.

    I work in digital marketing for a label…all this info is verifiable. Go check out Sean’s social metrics. He got something like 4 mil IG follower…that’s in direct proximity of his former relationship.

    Meek’s ego really has him thinking HE’S the reason why he’s popping. This isn’t to knock his talent. But when you stand next to someone hot, you’re bound to get residual warmth. He’s on HER tour! That’s a BF/GF favor…look at that line-up and more importantly Meek’s music…he don’t even really FIT in that line. They are trying to cross him over. Nicki has pre-teen, young teen fans…Meek has a backdrop on stage that says “FUCK YOU”. I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the opener…even for Rae Sremumrd…because of the content of Meek’s music. He jumped out the window dissing Drake. This MIGHT cost his pockets long term…we’ll see


  • jam

    what up Ja Rule!!!

  • katyln

    Just Going Back To Home raprada””r > < Google Online job

  • GMF357

    Funny how everyone is now calling Meek a creampuff and cornball but was all butt hurt when Joe Budden said it a week ago

  • steven rolling

    I like the verse from Meek Mill that’s a straight rip off of Biggie from his let’s ride track.

  • Relationship goals, my ass. ?

  • prince

    That’s smart