New Music: KiD CuDi “Confused”

confused cover

Who Am I

Cudder’s had his shares of ups and downs over the years, but now that he’s back, he’s gong out of his mind on the first release off his upcoming set, Speedin’ Bullet To Heaven.

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    I fucks with Cudi however, is he now fully committing to this rock shit now? The track was pretty decent for a rock track but we want that MOTM type ish. This might as well not even be on the site to keep it a buck.

    • Iamstillmusic

      Well if we are being fair, why does Drakes RnB songs get displayed here either?

      Every artists ventures into different genres, Wayne, Kanye and Drizzy all have.

      • Guest

        But to be fair Cudi has been putting out this type of garbage for the past 3+ years and it just flat out S U C K S ! ! !

        • Iamstillmusic

          The sound wasn’t the argument, it was the genre of music and if Drizzy can put his RnB songs on this Cudi can do the San with his rock

    • Balla

      The MOTM 1 Cudi been long gone and aint coming back. I never really was feeling his new style. MOTM 2 was okay. WZRD was trash and Indicud was decent.. Its sucks cuz MOTM is one of my favorite albums. I keep holding out hope that he’ll go back to that style

  • Guest

    This dude just moans and groans incoherent out of tune bullshit anymore? This shit is laughable!

  • Azine

    Cudi’s that dude, but mind I ask…
    What is this doing on RapRadar?

    • Iamstillmusic

      He’s a rapper like drake who releases RNB songs that still get posted here

      • Yeah but atleast Drake dips out of hip hop and comes back. Cudi been on this bullshit for so long. Don’t get me twisted doe cudi is my ninja when he decides to rap.

  • Frank Kennedy

    Don’t know who fell off worse, this guy or B O B

    • The Gary Group

      Gotta be Cudi. B.o.B. still can flow

      • Hotvibe

        Me and my friend, think this tocks




  • robert miller

    Kind of relate to this track on a certain level. Lyrically it’s solid enough and sonically it’s a better rock song than many of his other failed attempts.

    Obviously Cudder stans are rooting for him to return to the sonic effervescence of MOTM1 or the dark introspective approach on MOTM2.

    If Cudi could refine this sound I would be way into it. Self loathing stoner rock. I get it.

  • myg

    Rock sound!! Nice snoop Kendrick brought the Funk yelawolf folk/country style rap an cudi wit this Solid! !


    Nah cud I this ain’t that dab

  • Reggie Bo

    Safe to say Cudi will never rap again..I fuck with this tho

  • Dsunn

    Lyrics is cool. This not hip hop tho… I wrong?

  • Room 222

    Why is this on Rapradar?

  • @navenoblique

    That’s it. I give up

  • thedeamkid19

    who the fuck is asking for music like this?

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Os he still down with good music?

    • veesky

      Nah, been off to focus on Wicked Awesome (his label) and other endeavors

      • el jim chapo guzman

        thank you.

  • Chronic

    Not as bad as some of the shit he’s put out the last couple years. But still just wish he’d make some more rap songs.

  • jb

    cudi always staying true to himself this low-key dope track

  • Strong Enough

    kudi could be a legend. i feel like he’s needs to put out more music tho

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    I think I do this Rock X Hip Hop crossover stuff better…