New Video: A$AP Rocky Ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson “Everyday”


Born Again.

Inspired by your average Hollywood story, an overweight A$AP Rocky gets a bizarre make-over in to the man he is today. Cameos include Rod Stewart, Miguel, Mark Ronson and OG Maco. At.Long.Last.A$AP is available on iTunes. Full dates of his tour with Tyler, The Creator have just been added here.

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  • brza

    lol this was mad weird creative I guess but weird

  • MadShot

    Not usually a fan of Rocky but this joint was really smooth and the video was creatively on point

  • thedeamkid19

    all good over here. beat nice, interesting flows and lyrics with a dope video

    • F*ck Drake

      Love the song but the video is whatever. Not something I would keep watching.

      • patriciarbergs

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  • i think i gotta watch this about 4 times until i get it.

    • veesky

      Big Homie got it all wrong. “In the video, Rocky plays a man whose life of fame and success is far behind him. After multiple plastic surguries, he is a shell of himself. His life in the video is shown in reverse order, with the tragic end to his life, following depression and addiction, is played out before the simplicity of his pre-fame, consisting of love and hangin’ with the homies, is depicted.”

  • freakyboul

    this nigga swear he cured cancer

    design is for the birds

  • el jim chapo guzman


  • polopolo1

    finally a video that makes sense. this shit was good. it was in chronological order. from present to past.Starting from when he fell off and committed suicide, then when he was at his prime, finally ending with the come up back when he was just a regular guy on the block.

    i really enjoyed this video 10/10

  • Dr. Tre

    great concept and execution. Bitches and bottles are fun but it’s nice to see creativity and storytelling again in hip hop videos.

  • MJeezy