New Music: August Alsina x Lil Wayne “Why Do It”

why do it

Good Lawd.

August Alsina and Weezy F Baby keep their chemistry going and reunite on their latest collaboration. To make this long story short, don’t leave your chick around these two.

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  • el jim chapo guzman


  • Schwagg132


  • ImKing

    This is good. August got soul, you can feel his music. (Lil Wayne did well too)

  • L Train

    This nigga sings the same way every time. Give it a break already!

  • Sonic

    Fuck the haters! Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive!

    Lil Wayne > Ice Cube, Eminem, Nas, Andre 3000, Redman, Mos Def, Jay Z, Scarface

    • 400_Degreez

      You must be on that Flakka… says the biggest Wayne fan of all time

    • The ripper

      Stop sniffing coke!!! Lil Wayne is not the best rapper in the world. The title belongs to Nas and will always belong to God Son until the day he retires. Lil Wayne is not even the best in his camp. The boy Drake has surpass him. Lil Wayne might be in the Top 20 but nowhere near Top 5!!! Nas, Em, AZ, Jay Z and K Dot is in my Top 5. Don’t give me fucking issues about sales because AZ could rap circles around the most paid emcees. Fuck with him and your fucking with thee most underrated emcee ever!!!!

      • Nwokeofe Odumegwu

        YOU are the one sniffing coke and know nothing about hiphop. Drake surpassed Wayne? Fucking retard talk to me when Drake drops an album better than Tha Carter 2 or a straight rap album for that matter!

        Wayne’s discography speaks for himself with

        Tha Carter 2
        Dedication 2
        Tha Carter 3
        Da Drought 3
        No Celings

        Lil Wayne is light years ahead of Drake don’t disrespect legends. You emotional bitches be out here talking reckless like you know hip hop. Lil Wayne is up there with Jay Z, Kanye West, Eminem and Nas

        • The ripper

          You lost me bro because Wayne is not better than Drake. I am not even hating on Wayne. Wayne’s music is mostly freestyles with no substance at all. You must be about 15 years of ago talking that bullshit. Half the time I don’t know what Wayne is talking about.

          Another thing, don’t try and be disrespectful by telling me I don’t know hiphop. Dude I grew up in Watts, CA and I was heavily into hiphop growing up. Wayne’s music is nothing special at all. The old Wayne was cool but this new skateboard Wayne…smh… Stop it dude….

      • Iamstillmusic

        You’re out of your mind bro, i cosign Nwokeofe. rake’s discography doesn’t speak for himself like Wayne’s. Just say you’re not a fan

        • Iamstillmusic


        • The ripper

          Nah buddy I am in my mind. I never hated on Wayne. Youngster is doing his thing the right way. I hope he’s able to break away from Baby and Slim. This new skateboard Wayne is nowhere near the status of Drake. My G, Drake is on another planet and light years away from anyone in Cash Money. Dude is doing his thing.

          • Iamstillmusic

            Your argument is making no sense! Drake is on top of hip hop right now, yes. But Wayne was there for 5 years so it doesn’t matter to him, he’s a legend. Tha Carter 2 and 3 were not just freestyles and both are better than any Drake album till date. As far as mix tapes goes he’s the best ever because he used to kill every hot that came out in a year. That’s unheard of, his flow was unmatched and could go with any song. Get your facts straight

          • The ripper

            My argument is not making any sense??? Your dumb ass defending Wayne is not make NO SENSE!!!! Wayne is not better than Drake at all!!! Stop trying to convince me and others. Talking about Wayne is a legend…smh… Wayne is a fucking Hot Boy, he’s far from legend status. 2Pac, Notorious BIG, Big L, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Nas, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy E, Jay Z, Gangstarr, EPMD, Freestyle Fellowship, Pharcycde, Too Short, etc….are legends. Sit down clown!!!

            I would compare Wayne to a basic rapper like Drag-On. Wayne freestyle skills are good but making a complete album. Boy!!! Stop it!!!!

          • Iamstillmusic

            Rap radar needs to stop letting weirdos comment. Dude Wayne RAN hiphop from 2004- to mid 2010 undisputed. That’s a fact. That alone makes him a legend. He has 2 classic albums C2 and C3. Drake has never put out an album better than C2 in his career! Ever! You sound so young bro. No Ceilings is better than any mixtape Drake has dropped EVER. If you’re not a fan, say so but blind hating is annoying.

            Now discredit what I said

          • The ripper

            I sound young?? Dude, stop it!!! You sound like you don’t know hiphop at all!!! Stop trying to big up Wayne like he’s a rap god. He ran rap 4004-2010??? Stop it!!! Lmao…. Did you forget about Jay Z and Eminem. C’mon dude, you must be from New Orleans.

          • Iamstillmusic

            Eminem was running shit from 1999 to about roughly the time Wayne dropped the first Carter. Jay Z ran hip hop from 1996 -2001. When Wayne was in his prime his only competition was Kanye West who was more of an artist than a straight spitter like Em and Wayne.

          • The ripper

            You’re crazy as hell!!!! You’re saying Eminem only had 5 year run. Stop it my G!!!! Jay Z was running rap for a long time. Back in 1996, Nas was running rap. C’mon dude!!! We’re you even born in the 90s??? Shit, 50 Cent was running rap from 2003 – 2008. Wayne is good but stop putting him on this high chair like he’s a rap god. Man!!! Smh…

          • Iamstillmusic

            Wait so you’re really tryna argue that Wayne was never on top?

  • thedeamkid19

    weak and boring

  • Michael Ib bett

    Little Wayne has a phenomenal singing voice, though I’d like to hear him perform more balleds. Possibly an entire lp of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston remakes. His C Minor needs tuning but his B Flat is Opera esque at It’s finest.