‘Straight Outta Compton’ Tops Box Office


Street Knowledge.

Back for a third week in a row, Straight Outta Compton will remain at number 1 at the Box Office. This past weekend, it pulled in another $13.2 million in the U.S. with now $134.1 overall.



Straight Outta Compton isn’t moving outta the top spot anytime soon. Over the weekend, the film pulled in $26,760,000 and will remain number one at the box office for a second week in a row. As of today, it’s grossed $111,483,000


The N.W.A biopic is coming straight outta the top. According to Variety  Straight Outta Compton pulled in $60.2 million its opening weekend ($30 million Thursday and Friday), doubling its initial expectations.

The film has surpassed American Pie 2 as the biggest August R-rated debut. Congrats to F. Gary Gray, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and the entire cast.

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  • Kris Kompute

    Best biopic since “Ray”. Well executed. 47% of the audience was black. The black dollar is too powerful. Continue to support good art.

    • radio raheem


    • Truthbetold

      We already knew that. The only reason why Tyler perry rich.

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    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      i agree.

      i think it might be the best music biopic i’ve seen.

      • brza

        “Ray” is def the best biopic! Let’s not forget about “The Doors” I thought Val Kilmer was dope as Jim Morrison! “SOC” is right up there

        • Kris Kompute

          Never seen “The Doors” going to have to check that out.

          • brza

            Val kilmer was great! Def worth seeing

      • Sean Power

        it up there with ray and walk the line

      • Y’all don’t watch TV much huh


        The Five Heartbeat and the Temptations, both are Classic.

        • Kris Kompute

          Five Heartbeats wasn’t real and Temptations didn’t go to theaters


            The Five heartbeat was the name at first, later change it to the Dells. Going to the theater doesn’t mean the movie good.

    • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

      They made the best NWA movie possible!

  • F*ck Drake

    Loved it. The guy who played Snoopy the Dogg sounded just like him too.

    • Kris Kompute

      He did sound just like him but he was the corniest actor in the movie.

      Suge killed it.

      • Soup Weezy…..

        yeah i thought the same thing he was corny

  • gunpowder3068

    Classic movie for this generation. I hope it continues to do well so more movies like this will be made

    • bcl187

      No hell no! Make only this one and let it be that…there’s no other group more real then NWA….and dipset ! Lool

  • Herbert Norkus

    too bad dre is gay

    • The Gary Group

      Thank you. Niggas keep overlooking this shit. Suge,Pac ,and Eazy said it.


      So is your father, now what?!?!!?

  • Herbert Norkus

    and so are all of you “ravewithsatan”

  • Sean Power

    that good look for hiphop, breaking record and it was all peacefully

    • F*ck Drake

      There was a lot of police in the area where I went to go see the movie. So that was good. Pretty sure every theater had some.

      • Kris Kompute

        Idk why? It’s the white boys who shoot up the theaters.

        • F*ck Drake

          I felt safe.

          • Kris Kompute

            Bc you’re white. Prob had the .45 under your popcorn.

          • F*ck Drake


            But nah, I wouldn’t have felt safe if they weren’t there and It’s not like they were checking everyone’s shit. They were just watching. If a white, racist person wanted to attack, that would be a ideal setting.

            Btw I’m a spic lol

          • Kris Kompute


  • The Gary Group

    They need a Death Row documentary to expose “gay ass Dre”

    • Shock

      Why you wanna see Dre being gay? And only women talk about exposing niggas…you sure you ain’t the fag?

      • The Gary Group

        You defending homos. So YOU’RE Dre’s boyfriend. Oh ok


          As usual one of Suge’s Illegitimate son’s has to show up & try to start some bullshit just like his jailbird daddy!!!!

  • dmc

    Very cool experience in a sold out theater

  • Sonic

    Compton sucks as fuck. Overproduced album, weak features, weak lyrics about the old days which were already told on 2001.

    This album made me remember how terrible The Aftermath album we all forgot about was

    Dre can’t even get a no. 1 album while Drake, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Lil Wayne and French Montana have them.

    • derealcharlieclips

      but Young Thug will never ever have a bio nobody cares abt his music…go suck some birdman dick gtfoh….

  • el jim chapo guzman

    i’m shocked.

  • dope ass movie. so much energy at the theatre. everyone vibing, singing along and shit, it was great

  • The Almighty

    Amazing film, it really took me back. Now youngsters can see how dope Cube was in his day, he’s one the best MC’s ever.

  • Guillaume Pilon

    Movie was nice

    Def. A must see movie

  • WhoaPlayer

    When will we put black dollars in the other arenas that are struggling? Like our community…it may be cliche and a tedious topic. But while the movie is a reflection of reality we need to understand that the “poor” community will be shaped up and ppl shipped out if we don’t plan ahead for all of our immediate futures and our younger loved ones. The movie should be a telltale sign of history repeating itself. Let’s not erase our diligent efforts and voice. But great movie and hopefully a refreshing start…

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    It was the best NWA movie possible !!

  • DJ Game

    Actually, I don’t know where you were but most of the theater was white. So the white dollar goes a long way. If it wasn’t for the white man, you never would of even heard of nwa. Drops mic.

  • freakyboul

    47% of the audience was dumb

  • freakyboul

    fuck your page cuh “ravewithsatan”

  • Sonic

    N.W.A. really weren’t all that great. Not sure what all the hype is about all of a sudden. N.W.A. only released one album in 1988 with the original 5 members. Who cares?


      Let’s see if your favorite artist ever has any type of movie done on “its” life!!!

    • Soup Weezy…..

      ur buggin..

    • Epul

      They only released one album together and changed game up. That’s greatness right there

    • derealcharlieclips

      smh u such a waste of oxygen u n ur favourite artist..

  • Sean Power

    this will open up the door more for black bio movie, I would love to see Bob Marley and real defjam bio movie

  • This movie is ass. Vh1 shyt. I want my 9.50/back

    • Pill Cosby™

      I only paid 6 bucks

  • bcl187

    Movie was good:) wat else can we say!

  • DeadCroaker

    Ray, Selena, The Doors and Compton were great all I need is that Pac bio.

  • this is a win for hip hop culture altogether