New Music: Lil Durk Ft. Lil Wayne, Fetty Wap & Jeremih “Like Me”

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She Better Recognize

No one does it better than Lil Durk. With that being said, he brings Tune and Fetty Wap onboard for his new remix. Ladies,  take notes.

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  • Sonic

    This song is trap music. It’s just talking about life in the trap. People are so displeased with the song and what goes in the trap. Well, go do some community service in a local ghetto, white boys.

    Life is all about sex and drugs. If you don’t live in the trap, you are not allowed to listen to Fetty Wap or Lil Wayne.

    • MrSkeezyMak

      Quit upvotin’ your own shit faggot

      • Dili

        I’ll up vote ha bud. U prob a meatball but still healthy like a turkey meatballs

    • F*ck Drake

      “Life is all about sex and drugs.”


      • Dili

        U my best bud

  • thedeamkid19

    a bunch of suckas on this one

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  • Kraft

    Fetty Wap Killed This Record !! -Kraft Bronx,Ny

  • el jim chapo guzman

    jeremih and Wayne.

    • Dili

      Sup meatball

    • Dili


    • Dili

      My buddy Miley meatball, loves da parmigiana

      • Dili




    • Dili

      Yes we made the French toast but left the syrup at home

      • Dili

        Be back in ten

  • Dili

    Wow great one. Top 10 ever cause there’s good vibes. French toast

  • Dili

    This song is da best wit a remix clause

  • Dili

    I love shaq fu but also love mr. Fugue but don’t lake the fudges much

  • Dili

    Charlemagne da god is one of my best heros


    Fetty Wap took over this track