• Donn

    Dude is an amazing performer. Came a long way from that 106&Park interview lmao!!

  • Sonic

    This is a perfect example of a human being that is not scared to push the creative gene to the limit and I truly love Rodeo. A must buy in my book.

    • iLLbeYo5to9

      100% Shit is pure fire straight through

  • thedeamkid19

    this shit sucks absolutly, bars are meaningless, singing on the autotune, long boring songs, throwing illuminati symbols, its fucked up all over. the media is pushing him for unknown reasons

    • hiphopisdead


    • Itsastyles

      I don’t understand what everyone’s infatuation with this dude is…You say his bars are meaningless, Bruh he doesn’t even have bars lmfao. I think that’s why he acts a fool in public in my opinion, like he’s trynna prove a point to himself. Dude knows he’s not in a league with others…But the younger generation glorifies this 100% pure assjuice, and I can’t figure it out. Cannot stand this dude one ounce…Only ALRIGHT song he had was Don’t Play, and Big Sean came harder than he did. Let’s boycott this fcukery…

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Pure ghetto trash.