Drake & Future ‘What A Time To Be Alive’ Tops Charts


Big Tings.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but Drake and Future’s collaborative album mixtape What A Time To Be Alive will top the Billboard Hot 200. According to HHD, in just five days, the project moved an estimated 339,538 copies. This marks the second number one for both artists this year. Congrats!

UPDATE: 375,000 via Billboard

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  • Sonic

    Drake is on his way to becoming the G.O.A.T. and we’re all witnesses. Drake’s music is a blend between hip hop and R&B. Killer rapping mixed in with Stevie Wonder’s voice. Dumbo Ears Lamar makes uninspiring pop crap who jocks styles from other hardworking niggas like Diddy and Snoop Dogg.

    The impressive thing is that it wasn’t even one year since Drake put out a CLASSIC and this album still goes to no. 1 with maybe more than last time. Dre’s washed up ass waited over 15 YEARS and can’t even get a no. 1 hit.

    Drake not only wins big but brings others to prominence like Future, Weeknd, Meek Mill, Dumbo Lamar (who fell off quickly after the Drake co-sign) and Partynext Door. Like 40 said, Drake is the best ever to do it.

    • Faceless Hustlers

      Album was weak like your TCells you queer ass Arabian Goggle wearing ass cumdrinker!

      • SupaDoopaGhost1

        KILL YOSELF FOOL!!!!!


          FKN BAMA!!! FK YO FEELINGS!!!!

          • SupaDoopaGhost1

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          • Mylo

            Homo… There nothing thug About this Greek geek we’ve all seen him and his 15 inch nose!

      • hahahahahahahahhahaha goddamn…

    • SupaDoopaGhost1


    • Iamstillmusic

      Bruh do you see why people call you gay? Do you see why people think you troll for a living? What do you get out of this?

      You never make a Drake post without mentioning Kendrick because you know Kendrick would murder Drake all day. Stop being insecure you homosexual.

      Drake is no where the greatest rappers of all time because if you look at some of the greats (Jay, Kanye, Em, Wayne, Nas, Tupac, Big) they all have solidified rap classic catalogs. The closest thing Drake has to a classic album is Take Care which was an Rnb album. How does an Rnb album make him the greatest rapper of all time?

      When you makes posts like this you’re disrespecting hip hop bruh. I know you get thrills out of trolling but you need a day job. This isn’t healthy

      • Guest

        gerund or present participle: trolling
        make a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.
        Her soul purpose is to upset the reader! Hence the term “troll”

      • Good comment

    • MrAfrika

      Don’t feed the multiple account having troll obviously he has no-one else to talk to so he rather stir up the comments section for the attention his father never gave him.

    • RTH

      The grandiose claims gotta stop for anyone to give you any sort of credibility my dude. Not everything dude does is classic…

    • tha OG

      You a Dumbass!!bitch

    • Guillaume Pilon

      Yeah ur right

      He was able to help weaks mcs to get to the top

      But yeah hes a great artist

  • Faceless Hustlers

    They hyped that weedplate up by saying it was going to do 500k FOH

    • Mary Wing

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    • radio raheem

      Apparently most Future Fans dont buy his shit and I know a lot of them….. and most Drake Fans dont listen to future….. its not about Numbers but Numbers speak.. most people dont understand Numbers….



    • SupaDoopaGhost1


      • France Ortelli

        butt hurt

    • Yup 2 cuts are dope

  • Iamstillmusic

    I thought IYRITL was Drakes worst project by this album took its place. I’m from Atlanta so the future hype is real and he has a lot of songs I like but half the time he opens his mouth I have no idea what he’s saying. I wish he would slow down and pronounce his words without autotune for once. Regardless I liked about 3 songs out of 11 from this project. Weak and hyped

    • Slim Jesus GOD Mc

      Yea, I pretty much agree with EVERYTHING you said except for If you’re reading this being his worse project. I think NWTS is hands down his worst album. Don’t get me wrong I only like a handful of songs on if you’re reading this, ironically they’re mostly the songs QM wrote except for Preach. That shit goes!!! But you’re right this album was trash. Only 3 songs out of 12 for me too. I understood the drake hype for so far gone or thank me later hell even take care, but his recent albums to me have been trash and I’m not understanding the hype any more.

    • Just asking no hate

      So he should CHANGE is style for 1 person when MILLION LOVE IT?

      • Iamstillmusic

        Never said that, I just want to hear what the hell he’s taking about

        • I’M waiting…

          Well what did you say?

          • Iamstillmusic

            I’m saying sometimes I wish I could play a future song and actually understand a full song. Most of his words are mumbled and with autotune it’s not a good compliment

          • The Incredible Creation

            that’s “his style” lol

          • Faay

            and thats the ‘style’ some people don’t like lol

          • The Incredible Creation

            EVERYTHING ain’t for EVERYBODY lol

  • loon

    Most of you guys just sit around on the computers and worry about other peoples lives go outside and get your business losers

    • LP1087

      tell em

      — 2 chainz

    • F*ck Drake

      Can’t tell me what to do

    • thedeamkid19

      have you ever heard of this thing called smart phones?

      • radio raheem

        Smart Phones are Mobile Computers…….

    • doomass

      Lol saying most ppl worry about other ppl then turn around and tell other ppl what to do. You’re an idiot bro

    • radio raheem

      LMFAOOOOOOO PREACH… I used to love OG RAP RADAR… till all these fake ass Journalists swarm the site with opinions that dont matter to the artists… Yeah comment on Quality but their success isnt in your hands…

  • AngryToad

    Damn for a mixtape that was average at best. Drake is winning

  • el jim chapo guzman

    album was wack don’t really a care how much it sold….future 56 night was way better than this trash.

  • realish

    Blackdollar>>>>> wattba

  • Hussle

    Album is trash compared to Drake’s other LPs. Yeah it sold, but oh what a waste of studio time. If only he did that collab album with Wayne….

    • Quineal Travis

      With Kanye

      • radio raheem

        I have a feeling thats coming soon or later.. thats a great idea… I wouldnt be surprised

    • radio raheem

      clearly you didnt understand the point of the “Mixtape”….. “Trash” compared to majority of the shit thats out now ????? YEAH OK LMFAOOOO

  • ilexx

    As we can tell by the sales. This was all hype and no substance.

    WATTBA sold far less than what was projected because once ppl bought it they realized it simply isn’t that good.

    • radio raheem

      If youre into Hip Hop then you would know you cant stop the evolution of it…. so go listen to that potent its available to you everywhere…… why are you commenting if youre not into it or understand the art side of this simple but still complex project….. you make no sense… you just wasted a min or 2 commenting about something you dont like… if you dont have something good to say why waste your energy ???

      • ilexx

        Having a discussion or adding to a discussion, isn’t a waste of energy. If I was blindly hating then, that would be a waste of energy. I listened to the project in its entirety, 3 times, I gave it a chance and I have an opinion. Didn’t like it.

        Whether its Hip Hop or not, in person and online, I discuss things I like and things I don’t like. I’m educated enough to have these discussions and confident enough in my perspective and opinion to engage in these conversations.

        If you think there is anything to really appreciate in WATTBA, then by all means continue feeding yourself that trash fam. I have higher standards for the Hip Hop I chose to listen too.

        • radio raheem

          Just because you don’t apeal or relate to something doesn’t mean it’s bad music… I fully understand hip hop and the arts of it so excuse you for your assumption on who I was… I don’t hear I listen and I decode all music… What is hip hop if you don’t mind me asking ? Do you even know what the term means ? Or anything uniquely interesting about hip hop… ? Please share ?

          • ilexx

            I went into it like I go into all the music I listen to, just hoping to hear some good music. I don’t want to predict that something will be bad, even though I don’t love Future’s music, I’m not expecting it to be horrible.

            You want me to define Hip Hop? We cany define it wothout speaking on the history but those are lessons for another day. At the end of the day we know Hip Hop is a subculture of disenfranchised people. At the heart of that culture was rap music (dj’s & rappers), b-boys and graffiti artists.

            All forms of expression within the Hip Hop community.

            We are discussing the music right?

            My standard for the kind of Hip Hop I like to listen to in the comfort of my home, car and/or headphones happens to be artists with either a certain lvl of lyrical dexterity and/or a potent message coupled with great musical production.

            You may see me listening to WATTBA 3 times as a waste of time but I would rather give something a chance, in order to have an informed opinion.

            You see I love music on a whole, I enjoy many different genres of music.

            So when you speak on the evolution of Hip Hop, that’s where I take an issue. To evolve something must adapt and get better. Evolution is about gradual development, going from a simple form to a more complex form. Ppl speak about evolution, like just because something is different as time passed that it means it has evolved. That is not the case.

            In my eyes Future may actually represent the devolution of Hip Hop. We can break that down further if you want but just look at it like this:

            In the 80’s as Hip Hop got bigger and bigger, spreading to different states and areas, lyricism and production got better, more intricate, more musical going into the 90’s, 00’s and beyond. Up until a point at least.

            But there was evolution there.

            We can discuss how technology shifts and the digital era (protools, pirating and the whole 9) fucked with alot of that progress but that’s another discussion in itself.

            The point is that right now, the trap beats do bang but paired with subpar lyricism (if I can even call it that) or straight up mumbling, the music on a whole is low quality. There is no evolution there.

            As I stated before, I don’t love Future’s music, even though I can enjoy myself to it when I’m at the club. DS2 is far better than WATTBA.

            I didn’t think Drake’s last tape/album was that good either, even though a couple cuts off it go in the club aswell. IYRTITL is better than WATTBA though.

            So how can you feel good about a project that is subpar from two artists who can do better?

            I’m simply not afraid to call things for what they are. WATTBA is a lazy project that was a cash grab for all involved and an attempt to prop up Future further into the mainstream. And it pretty muched worked but real Hip Hop fans know the quality was lacking, which is why the hype died after ppl heard the project. Sales falling well below projections followed and pretty soon we will forget this project even existed.

            Future and Drake stans will defend this crap for as long as they can or until Views drops I guess. That’s all I hear from the Drake stans “Views is the real album, that will be much better.”

            No potency on this project, there was nothing strong about this album/mixtape at all. It’s really that simple.

          • radio raheem

            You make no sense… You said nothing unique about hip hop… So you didn’t answer my question… All you said was basic shit I already know and what the average person who thinks they know about hip hop would say… You didn’t need to waste your time and write an essay that didn’t help me… Like I said just because you don’t apeal to it doesn’t mean it’s bad… This tape was far from bad you just don’t understand it…. You think you all complex because you listen to higher standards of hip hop LMFAOOOOO but still can’t explain to me anything unique about hip hop ? … You calling projects lazy like if you were in the studio with them… It’s a mixtape stop judging it like they worked on it for 2 years…. This tape was just calm bangers for the rest of the year and the production was also calm nothing amazing to me… But this tape bangs Think smarter…. Find out the Point of things before you try to judge…. And don’t asume what I think evolution is because you’re wrong again…. Who is your favorite artist ? this should sum my experiment of this conversation up…

          • ilexx

            Dude you are failing in the worst way. I answered everything you asked and because you feel I didn’t highlight something unique about Hip Hop you are saying I didn’t answer your questions.

            Dawg I live in Miami currently, I get the South, don’t ever let me hear you say something was a calm banger, or that the beats were calm and average to you but yet you still think this shit is dope?

            I dunno what uniqueness specifically you want me to refer to but I’m not trying to satisfy your need for validation.

            I know exactly what’s dope about Hip Hop and what shit is ill and what’s ass. This Future/Drake tape is ass, which is why even in its second week on sale it still won’t cross the 500k mark which it was projected to do in its first week. This kind of consumer trend should inform you that the market isn’t fucking with it. Which is what I have been saying from my first comment.

            FYI, my favourite rapper is Jay-Z, one of the greatest rappers to ever do it so you can go kick fucking rocks bare footed.

            And learn how to spell the word appeal, twice you got that fucked up. The funny thing is that I know why it doesn’t appeal to me and I understand it perfectly but you can’t even see it. Future’s music is drug-fueled bs. Pill popping, drug user type mindless bs, when you listen to that trash you feel stupid.

            It’s made for the user, not for the hustler. It’s literally junkie music. That’s cool for what it is but I’m not a junkie.

            I wish I understood why it matters to you that I don’t like WATTBA. It didn’t take me 3 listens to know I didn’t like it, I knew on the first listen but I’m a Hip Hop head and a music lover, I gave the music a chance because I would rather be able to critique something than blindly call it trash.

            You keep saying to find out the point of things before you judge but you are making a critical error, intentions don’t matter, this is music, all that matters is the final product and the final product here was lazy bum music, lazy repetitive lyrics, throwaway production from Future’s album floor cuts and the worst lyrics Drake has ever spit in his career. I already told you what their intention was with this tape, it was a cash grab, nothing more, nothing less. In December nobody will still be listening to this tape, if you can’t see that then your sir are blinded by the hype.

          • radio raheem

            And you seem corny trying to make an irrelevant point…. I’m from NYC lets get that straight… Excuse my iPhone for the auto correct also moron.. I didn’t feel the need to waste my time going over corrections for the Internet… It’s 2015 online not a college final…. Omg Jay z wow do you know who got him started ? Were you at his tidal concert for his b-sides supporting the legend like I was ?… Do you even have a tidal ? Or were you there in the beginning parts of the acquisition… You claim to be a real hip hop head but don’t know why people rap… In hip hop culture people used rap to express and let many people know what’s going on aka trends and lifestyles even the legends did it even if it was more artistic with the lyrics… Same concepts different styles.. You on here commenting essays on rap radar but did you even shake Elliot’s hand before ? …. I’m tired of explaining to people the knowledge I know because I can’t I’m a genius… Only geniuses recognize genius… Simple Law… I do wtf I want when I want even through this systems filled the puppets… Oh you thought you were going to get cred because you said Jay z ? LMFAOOOOOOO I was already expecting you to say somebody known by the average hip hop head masses… And no you did “not” answer my question… The fact that you can’t tell me anything unique about hip hop goes to show that you don’t know wtf hop hop is… I learned nothing from you but how to waste my time and words online…. I said enough for you to realize who youre trying to argue with… I’m done wasting my words on this internet bull shit I got preferred articles to read…

          • ilexx

            Zero L’s taken over here. Did you tell me anything unique about Hip Hop? Nope. Did I learn anything from the bullshit you were spewing? Nope.

            So you’ve been involved with all this history but you found something special in WATTBA? That’s hilarious. If you were around any of those iconic Just Blaze sessions and you over here defending bs then its ppl like you that I have a problem with. Don’t settle for mediocrity, no matter how popular the artist is.

            I didn’t name Jay and state that I know anything more about Jay than anybody else, I am not his #1 fan or some shit. Sorry that I don’t fucking live in NY so I ain’t flying out to no b-sides concert but that shit looked dope though.

            You have gone so far off base that you really displayed that you are a failure at arguing, you keep wanting to me to learn ppl’s intentions behind the music, but the final product is what matters more than anything else, if I don’t get your intention from listening then your intention is lost on the listener but don’t get it twisted, as I’ve stated from the JUMP, this album was a cash grab by two ppl who are supposedly on top and NOW the album has dropped 80+% in its second week while it was on sale on more platforms and if you follow anything about sales trends you know most albums drop 70% in the second week but yet this did worse than the industry average, why? Because the quality is weak. And that’s the fucking point I’ve been making.

            So dawg you can go on playing basketball with Dame Dash’s son and all the other bs that you think makes you a fucking genius but at the end of the day you commenting back and forth with me, we on the same level right here and you sir have been yet to say ONE THING that has given any defense of the bullshit project released by Drake and Future, so with all your Hip Hop knowledge you are simply a follower of the hype and that’s all you’ve proven.

          • radio raheem

            Don’t get confused with your personal assumptions about what I know or how I feel or think that’s too deep to explain but Great explanation thanks for the time with this…

  • RickyUnos

    Dam Meek you could of made this a trio but you jumped out the window 2 fast..–RickyUnos

  • thedeamkid19

    the two of them are trash so getting together resulted in the same, the hottest rappers in the game are on that dumb shit

  • ThaRealHater

    Hate my children HATE!!!!!!

  • MrSkeezyMak

    This album was ass.. not a single banger on it.

  • Black

    I wonder if it will go plat’.

  • Faay

    LOL some of these comments truly reflect the level of intelligence for some. Having said that this project was some sort of strategic project to make money and nothing less – it’ was aimed at a specific type of audience and that was all, nothing more nothing less.

    • thedeamkid19

      so playing chess?

  • well fuggit, props to them for selling just based on their NAME cuz the content was weak, even for just trap records. but whatever, it’s just some cats having fun, making money. cant hate.