Childish Gambino Covers Tamia “So Into You”

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 11.52.02 AM

Into It.

We can’t really explain it, but Childish Gambino can sing—really well. During a recent pit-stop at Triple J radio in Australia, Gambino performed a cover of Tamia’s 1998 classic.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    That nigga sweet.

  • super fire but i still dont get why he didnt change boy to girl like everyone else does when they do a cover by a girl. or a when a girl does it they charge girl to guy. i cant bump hearing a dude sing about about another nigga.

    • Sonic

      Because he is bisexual.

      • Savimbi

        No such thing as bisexual once you get your anal cavities invaded as a male.

        • Pamela Schlosser

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  • brza

    He killed this! Well done

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  • i don’t get why this guy gets any attention

    • Guest

      Because he’s an Emmy Award winning writer, actor and musician? Duh!

      • Them post his ass on a pop blog

        • Dark Matters

          The kid’s got bars.

          • Everybody got bars! Shyt load of rappers that are iller on datpiff and less fruitball

          • yeah

            Then stay on datpiff you corn

  • Strong Enough

    yo dude with the hat really just tapped on the pad. thats all he did? lmao

    • @WorldFamous_Kev

      Would You Have Rather Him Have An Entire Drum Set Up and Bang On That The Whole Time?

      • lrswissh

        Niggas don’t know what a Roland spd-x is man niggas be super stupid bro lololololololol

      • Strong Enough

        Come on. I mean he stands there and taps the pad once every minute. Shit is hilarious

    • lrswissh

      Niggas don’t know what a Roland spd-x is bro. Niggas be super stupid bro lololololololol

      • Strong Enough

        That shit sound very specific 😂

        • lrswissh

          It’s like having an entire drumset in a small box man smh

          • Strong Enough

            oh yeah sure. everyone is supposed to know what the fuck a roland xtruihjh4 whatever the fuck its called is. bruh lol

  • Iamstillmusic

    He murdered this. Didn’t know Gambino had vocals like that.

  • The Devastation Inc.

    I felt like I was watching Empire

  • thedeamkid19

    the rappers want to be singers and the singers want to be rappers, fucked up shit

  • Greatness.

  • Int’l J

    Not only did he kill it but he looks like Marvin Gaye hittin the high notes, lol

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Wicked cover!!!