Fetty Wap ‘Fetty Wap’ Tops The Charts

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Chart Topping.

Fetty Wap’s got the singles on lock. But just a week after releasing his self-titled debut, Fetty Wap, he has now earned his first number one debut on the Billboard 200. Since its release last week, it has moved 129,000 units. Congrats.

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  • Slim Jesus GOD Mc

    That’s what’s up! Props 2 Fetty

  • Facts!!!

    Go shit homie but he shoulda kept putting out singles. Every single he drop go platinum! He coulda got 10 platinum singles off this album if his label was smart!

    • GetReal

      i mean hey he got a number 1 album, and sold well

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Hip hop is all fuck up now….back then you had to sell at least 500k to top the charts.

    • GetReal

      maybe cuz bitch niggas like you keep hanging on to washed up niggas like 50 cent to save hiphop, i blame you

      • el jim chapo guzman

        One eye willy definitely ain’t gonna save hip hop…look who you put on the pedestal fetty wap lol.

        • GetReal

          thats because no ones need to save hiphop fucktard, but what you need to do is get back to landscaping your favorite rappers house in Connecticut

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Fuck you getreal

    • BIGGER Fishes 2 Cook

      Across the board music doesn’t sell as it used to. There are few exceptions of course. Shit, YOU don’t even buy your favorite’s rapper’s album.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Yes I do….

  • Jay Leno

    I wonder if he even saw it coming.

  • GetReal

    this is monumental for him, congrats, i know good people when i see em

  • ThaRealHater

    smfh. Im done with hip hop. rip.

    • Kris Kompute

      Why? Cause everyone is selling?

      He made radio hits that equated to him having the #1 album in the country. Ain’t like the lyricists ain’t out here selling.

      This is a positive.

  • disqus_6vScQraZeS

    hits dont equate to album sales this further proves it. bruh been everywhere and he only did 120k

    • Kris Kompute

      Future did 150k. Only rap cats that did over 200k first week was cole, Kendrick, drake and meek.

      This is a win for fetty and all non-lyrical rap crooners.

      • disqus_6vScQraZeS

        No hits on Kendrick and Cole album

    • soooo

      Prob because ALL of Fetty’s ish is in heavy rotation. Sometimes that doesn’t translate to numbers like you’d think it would. Over saturation. Remember Soldier boy had the summer of hits and didn’t translate? Catch 22 of being so popular. They don’t have to pay for it when radio plays it all day for free.

  • Either CDs have gotten bigger or the dude has tiny hands.

    • Kris Kompute


  • Kris Kompute

    This is a win for genre. Every rap/hip-hop artist with a name and little bit of a radio presence has topped the billboard chart except for young thug. No other genre can say that.

    Everybody is eating. Finally.

    • saywhat??

      …sad part is that I hear Young Thugs cd all over the place. he just didn’t chart w/those numbers. But yeah… everyone’s eating, no?

      • Kris Kompute

        I don’t hear Thug. Ever.

        Might need to get you a new social circle.

  • The Gary Group

    Hip hop is dead, deceased, disintegrated, defunct, departed, checked out, expired, extinct, gone, lifeless, passed away, perished, R.I.P

    • Kris Kompute

      With Cole and Kendrick stopping the world every time they breathe?

      Jay, Em and Nas still relevant in their 40’s?

      A biopic about a hip-hop group being the biggest movie of the summer?

      With every rap artist topping the charts no matter what their lyrical content is?

      With underground alternative hip-hop artists able to make six figures a year off touring?

      With rap battles that are measured on pure lyricism being pay-per-view events which allows freestylers who aren’t the best songwriters an opportunity to support themselves with their talent?

      Stop saying “Hip-Hop is dead”. Shit was somewhat true in 2007. It’s in a great place now.

      Ya’ll just want some shit to complain about.

      • tha OG

        Real talk preach!!!

      • jay

        thank you

    • GetReal

      shut the fuck up no its not you lame ass niggas on here just don’t get out much and hate on everything that isn’t some lyrical miracle shit

      • givadem

        Hip hop is dead when since Beanie sigel was kicked.off Rockafella and Jay begun to.sign white.pop artists like kilye minogue and….kanye west…

  • Slickvic

    Told yall..100k easily

  • Slickvic
  • Sonic

    Best album of the year, I don’t care what anybody says. People always hate on Fetty, talking about he can’t rap and stuff, but in all honesty he got 4 top hit singles on the Billboard charts. Even the white people love him lol. Either way he’s winning. I love Fetty Wap, because he’s ok with who he is and very hard working and really humbled.

    • Delores Gillespie

      my last pay check was $7559 working 8 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 16k for months now and she works about 18 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do…



    • The Haters Advocate



    • Starlion

      Shut up

    • White People

      If we’re not allowed to speak for you then you are NOT allowed to speak for us! Trolling season is over. Take a permanent vacation from commenting (P.S. We never liked Fetty Wap) – Sincerely, White People

      • Sonic

        I don’t get it. How is this trolling? You’re a fucking bigot.

        • givadem

          1st he dont rap he sings
          2nd I call it screwd up reggae
          3rd if you think is the best album of the yeat…it s because you’re gay

          • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

            it’s because you’re gay… LOL love the logic.

  • whaaaa ? exceeded my expectations like a MF. congrats to him.

  • thedeamkid19

    proof that the mainstream rap is the worst


    HipHop is not dead Im glad he sold a decent amount … the rappers that can really spit are still selling and the rappers that have catchy songs are selling everybody eating and its making these young black men millionaires to help their fam… nobody complains when some ok pop artist sales alot of albums its just helping their genre so congrats Fetty keep eating

    • Mabel Tripp

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  • Megamind

    Salute to Fetty and his team…they grinded and deserve this victory.
    Cat was NO ONE last year…and now he has the #1 album. multi-plat singles and touring the world!

    Salute…and this is coming from someone who’s not even a fan per se…but I respect success, the humility and the grind!


  • Strong Enough

    nigga cover up that eye. PLEASE

  • The Incredible Creation

    but will we see a second album tho? …and ya’ll keep posting “hip hop is dead” as if Fetty even makes “traditional hip hop music” its not that… Fetty can’t be placed with dudes like Wu, Nas, Jay. Em, Cole etc. — hip hop is alive & well… stop comparing and putting certain artists in categories that they don’t belong in… http://toomanyfuckinrappers.tumblr.com/

  • The god is bac

    Congrats too the 300 staff, warner bros, and lyor the culture vulture cohen lol. Nah real shit doe hope you get another platinum plaque.

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    The new era of melody, persona, and song-isms for Hip Hop.