Future Joins Drake At Austin City Limits

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Drake helped closed out the second day of the Austin City Limits music festival Zilker Park in Austin, Texas this evening. During The Boy’s set, he brought out Hendrix for their first live performance of a few tracks off their What A Time To Be Alive album including “Jumpman”, and “Big Rings”. What a time to be in Austin.

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  • Pill Cosby™

    Drake winning

  • Dark Matters

    All I heard was noise, frankly.

  • Sonic

    They are better than Jay Z and Kanye West. Drake was not playing around with this mixtape, great rhymes from him, I can feel his energy. Y’all need to stop hating on Future when he’s hotter than your favorite rapper. Y’all just can’t understand because y’all too soft.

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    • ben stewart

      Stop smoking weed and drinking lean!

    • Sean Power

      nigga what ?

    • private

      I hate this guy because I am a Drake fan, and he is obviously a troll. I gotta hand it to him tho, he trolls well. For sometime I thought he was serious.

      • Sonic

        The hard cold truth is that I’m serious all the time. I practically never make jokes in general, anyplace, but I’m an extreme fan and I can’t control myself.

        • The Haters Advocate



    • Kraft

      ill say this good tape but cant be compared to (Watch The Throne) Cause Future Is not considered a rapper if he was,the tape would and sound completely different but i like there tape top 5 of the year to be released-Kraft Bronx,Ny (My Ep Coming Soon)!

    • estwst

      People that hate on Future just don’t know the lingo. If they all knew what he was talking about they would be #FBG too

  • thedeamkid19

    fuck this clowns and theyr shitty performance

  • Sean Power

    can’t wait to see if drake will pop up at power house nyc after meek comes on

  • Hussle

    Are we still pretending this tape was good…or we can be honest now?

    • While I didn’t enjoy the tape, Future fans are bound to love it because its up to his usual standards… then again Future set the bar extremely low so as long as the beat is decent they’ll be satisfied… for Drake though it is a step back, both in lyrics and thematic content.

      • Music

        lyrics and thematic content? It was a mix tape to feed the streets, not an album.

        • Megamind

          It has moment…Digital Dash, Jumpman, Big Rings, Diamonds…some time people just have to take the content for what it is…


        • Future approaches his albums and mixtapes the same way these days so the distinction is irrelevant.

          • Mabel Tripp

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    • The Haters Advocate



  • el jim chapo guzman

    Future join drake to collaborate on their wack ass album they got out.

  • hiphopisdead

    This tape was average. Just because it’s drake and the “hottest rapper right now” joining forces, people think it’s the best we’ve seen all year. TPAB takes the crown and second best was IYRTITL and that was above average but not great

  • lrswissh

    Damn how I know the words and these niggas don’t, man I need to stop listening to radio shit