New Video: Melanie Fiona “I Tried”

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Cold World.

Locked inside a glass cage, Melanie Fiona tackles the ongoing issues around the world from domestic violence to police brutality. Her junior album is coming soon.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    my father worked in an all-white community and pulled over one black person (a female) in my father 23 years in service! HER RESPONSE to my dad pleasantly saying “hello” and asking “do you know why I pulled you over?”, she said “Yes, because I’m black!” REALLY? The very same procedure that my dad went through on EVERY traffic stop! my dad more than likely would have written her a warning, had she replied, “yes, I was going to fast/speeding.” But SHE wanted to play the RACE CARD, so my dad wrote her a citation! She was traveling 62 mph, in a 35 mph zone, And she used the same “card” in the courtroom, during the hearing! That was a bad move on her part! And she told the Judge that my dad could have accosted her (at 3:33 in the afternoon, on the Main Street of town!). Maybe they should consider color coding the residents? A good Officer’s intent, is to protect and serve with pride and to be able to go home every day!

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    • glazecity

      You know….Your right . Police brutality, racism, stereotyping, seperate neighborhoods and schools, are all just made up bullshit by black people. Yeah, we’re just imagining things. It’s all good man. The police protect and serve everyday fairly and with no bias.

      You got all the answers man. thxs

      • el jim chapo guzman

        criminals hate cops?

      • Dope

        It’s not made up, but also not every single time a white cop stops a black person is because of the color of their skin.

        • Christina Downey

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    • theoryofmynd

      Were you with your father when this incident occurred or are you just taking his word for it that is what happened?

      • el jim chapo guzman

        He usually tells us what happened at work.

  • Ketchup sandwiches

    struggle bitch music but i would still hit