New EP: Jeezy ‘Politically Correct’

politically correct


In honor of the Million Man March’s 20 anniversary today, Jeezy drops a 5 track EP produced by D. Rich. Stream and download below. Church In These Streets November 13.

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  • true story no lie

    This is dope

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  • duke334

    Sometimes people have to get in their car & just listen to this. This is the close thing to the Recession I’ve heard in awhile. I really appreciate Jeezy for this mixtape.

    I’m a big Jeezy fan but I thought he was falling off a little but this ep has set me back in motivation mode.

    The production is like some early 2000 cash money. #5 is some real laid back on my way to work or weekend music.

    • aletapgrossman

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    • Rico Law

      Real shit…..I been fucking wit jeezy since day one. I felt like he was falling off too. This new shit put me in the grind mode.

  • diggz


  • problem

    yo this nigga jeezy done made wayyyyy too much money for these cheezy ass pianos and keys being played in these beats .. its disgusting .. this nigga dont even invest in his own craft anymore .. lyrics are always tough .. but fuck.. my nigga .. get that production right ..

    bass aint enough always .. get them fucking fisher price pianos and organs and shit outta here .. u pay a nigga from from berklee 1000$ and they a lace these shits like mozart ….

    jeezy u fucking killing me brah ..

    politically incorrect… get them fucking yes men niggas out the fucking studio.