The Weeknd “The Hills” Remixes (Nicki Minaj/Eminem)

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Want A Little Company?

As The Weeknd’s “The Hills” remains at the top of the Billboard 100, The Weeknd celebrates the accomplishment with Nicki and Marshall for two separate remixes. Pick them both up on iTunes now.

Nicki Minaj:



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  • koa29

    both are nicki minaj

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Fail… both links are Nicki.

  • Uhhh…. I cannot believe how GARBAGE these are… I wish I could put in a looping trashcan opening gif in this comment section…
    Em sounds like 2001 version of him on a song from a new age emo pop star… doesn’t work at all
    Thanks drake for mentioning that “wraith” car now every rapper is gonna keep doing it looking at you Nicki

    • MrSkeezyMak

      Nah, Em murked this.

      • Deezel Washington

        yeah exactly, this the first song eminem released in a while that wasnt bad….

        • yaaaa

          It really is.

          • Deezel Washington

            wow, so bars and lyricism is bad to you? he clearly held out on this song just cuz its a remix and he was playing around with it…im not really feeling the new em at all lately but even i have to admit that this remix is def. not bad at all…

          • duuhhh

            i agreed with you bro

    • breezy

      wow, you’re a real faget!!!

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        • breezy

          I hate white bitches!!!

  • Kid

    Em did OK, but damnnn!!!! I expected more. E could’ve slayed this. Shoulda rap’d fast.. Somethin

    • breezy

      “e”, what ya’ll fuckin?!!!

    • Deezel Washington

      this isnt entourage its em, and always will be eminem…fuck outta here, first song dude released thats a banger in a happy for him, encourage the guy, dammmmmmmmmn

  • dmc


  • The Ghost Of BK

    what a weird ass song tbh

  • weekend T bright and fatty on that song amassing

    • breezy

      catch aids!!!

      • no brigth is the hardest weekend warrior before doc dre and ice cube ddid stanley with out vaseline he/or she the spirit was em virginn that important to the story

  • au cant wait to see bright dark side

  • HAHAH bright need knock out pills AHAHA

  • film beach and ecstasy … ooo is it suitable that disney promote MDMA to kids

    • that in fact NIKE and all other cooperation ho stand beside this ones

  • fy fan kids have on and off thing

    • cant relate

  • hm ho is texting bright ???

    • cant relate have no phone yes a nokia with out camera

      • hardly text att all in my life

  • no to saexy donkey song … never dated a girl with high heels before .. not poped pills (disney have no objection) with girl and cocain (working for disney ) would it not be pusseling that THIS IS WHAT you transmit to kids … back in my day at least they WARN us for herion and so on … now they sell the COOL dope fine on Disney channel

  • whell wheell noy you understand why i dont relate or what to be connected to this shit

  • Sonic

    Average. A Drake or Fetty Wap or Future or Young Thung remix would be much better.

    • aletapgrossman

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    em remixe is aight.

  • en

    why not just put em both on one track?

  • A Rich

    I want you to see my darkside but like a mic check you got 1 2……… murdered it em the god