Bobby Shmurda Calls ‘Ebro In The Morning’

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Being Bobby.

With his mother on the phone, Bobby Shmurda called into ‘Ebro In The Morning’ the other day for an update on his bail situation. He says that the 10% of the bail money he has that is normally required has been denied and rumors of an altercation in prison.



Bobby Shmurda’s got more slot time. This morning, they called Ebro again and called his “uncle” a liar, seeking 50 Cent’s help, and fake friends.


Bobby Shmurda’s still locked up. But this morning, he called Ebro on Hot 97 from the Manhattan Detention Center to speak on his case. Before incriminating himself, the line is cut off at the 2:17 mark. For Bobby’s sake, it was probably best that it did. In a recent New York Times interview, Bobby said he thought Epic Records had his back.

When I got locked up, I thought they were going to come for me but they never came. [Epic] grabbed me up at a vulnerable time. I was desperate to get out of the ’hood. I knew I was going to lose my life or go to jail. I’m going to try my best to go back on the deal. If not, I’ll give them their music and bounce.

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  • Second Degree Shmurder

    “The cops been out for me for forever man,”

    He needs to grow up and take responsibility for his actions. The cops just doing their job they didn’t make you commit all those crimes or snitch on your whole team in that song…

    • T

      The cops doing their job, is funny to me because I come from the hood in Miami and i’m glad I made it out… I’ve had cops try to rob my friends outside clubs for there Cuba Link Chains, come to the hood and plant shit on people and drag friends into unmarked cars and beat them then drop them back in the hood… Taken responsibility for you actions doesn’t mean not tell the truth about these crooked ass cops… Turn on the news my nigga cops really out here to get people, I remember a cop told one of my best friends “Don’t let me catch you out here by yourself cause you might not make it home”… Bobby doing that interview with Hot 97 is the exact reason why he’s jammed up, talking crazy on the phone is what got this young nigga in trouble.

      • Second Degree Shmurder

        Bobby talking like hes innocent though which couldn’t be further from the truth. He tried to shoot his own brother in a public space and took out a barber shop window.

        • Second Degree Shmurder

          His crew shot an innocent woman in the neck and the back and one of their own trying to shoot at rival gang members. It’s no wonder why the cops won’t leave them alone.

        • T

          you missed my point… justifying his acts isn’t what he did, secondly saying the cops is out to get him is FACTS just like it’s FACTS across the whole damn united states… Cops are worst then what you and news media might think… Also most of his charges are conspiracy charges not charges that have been proven that Bobby was the one that committed these crimes… Just like if I knew your birth name all I would have to do is call the cops and say you did something and you could get indicted.. If you read the full court reports phone conversations is what the police is going off of… Like they say in my hood when shit get HOT stay LOW, when niggas get indicated leave town… Bobby talking crazy on his phone is what got him jammed, read the reports no where in the reports do they say they have pictures are videos of him actually committing these crimes, all they have is hear say just like the Lil Boosie case…

          • Second Degree Shmurder

            but if you dont break the law you dont gotta worry about cops, its pretty dope

          • Guest

            If what you were saying was true than innocent men would never go to jail. But there are plenty of cases where people spend years in jail to later be exonerated of there crimes. Everyone has to worry about cops.

          • Kris Kompute

            “but if you don’t break the law you don’t gotta worry about the cops.”

            You must be white.

          • matt

            If you never broke the law at one point or another in your life this hip hop shit ain’t for u lol

        • T

          Also if you was facing those conspiracy charges you would plead innocent too

          • Dirkdadiggler

            Conspiracy prolly one of the worst charges to catch , bcuz anything you ever purchased even with your 9-5 money is liable to become forfeited assets to the govt. Your legally purchased home, car, assets, furniture , jewelry are all up for grabs . It’s a fucked up charge. Homies only chance of seeing the outside again is to take a plea deal cuz they obviously have enough evidence on this kidd to set his bail that high.

      • Deezel Washington

        cops down south are in general…way more racist, in the northeastern states there are tons of black police officers so this isnt a crooked cop thing or a racist white cop thing…not every time somebody gets arrested its the hip hop police or some 1 out to get them…dude was straight up telling on himself in all the songs he put out, word for word…this being said i still feel the dudes label should do something for his current legal situation and have a team of lawyers get him the best sentence possible…otherwise its gonna be a cold world for this “hot nigga”…

    • brza


    • LuckyP

      FOH you faggot

  • Hussle

    It’s a wrap man

  • Mr.Stealyogurl

    Damn, I thought Sha Money was a stand up dude? #thatshitcray

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      i dont think sha should be looked at as a bad guy.

      business is business.

      • Mr.Stealyogurl

        Nah parading around a whole bunch of dudes from the ghetto and then leaving them for dead when shit hit the fan is kinda fucked up if you ask me .
        The label is even more guilty but Sha is foul

        • Megamind

          What you think this is my G?? LOL If you get locked up is the mcdonald’s you work at suppose to put up the collateral for you to get out of jail??? Bobby is “WORK FOR HIRE”….he signed a contract to make music, not ruckus.

          Now if you want to get behind the message that’s being promoted by both Bobby & Epic…that’s a whole diff conversation and discussion. But from Bobby’s OWN mouth, the cops been on him for a while…meaning PRIOR to him having a deal. Him having a deal upped his profile and made the police connect the dots on the stuff him and his crew ALLEGEDLY were still doing!


          • Kingly_Caracter

            Exactly… These dudes think a deal and friendship are the same thing…

  • Allen Iverson

    ah ahhh ahhh!!! free da guys

  • Duane Mecca Johnson

    Said they was gon bail me out about some weeks agooooo!

  • el jim chapo guzman

    N.Y. guns law’s is a horrible feeling…hard to beat that charge.

  • Von

    I don’t really care for Bobby but I never want to see a fellow Black man in jail. Hopefully all this shit gets figured out!

    • Kingly_Caracter

      Figured out??? These niggas got caught, red handed, with an arsenal of guns and drugs to phuck up OUR people and neighborhoods…Mother of…Niggas will support anything to rep blackness. I don’t care what color he is. I don’t want that for my seeds. C’mon man.

  • brollya

    yall should use all that typing yall doin and be a phone Receptionist cuz aint nobody tRying to Read all that shit yall making up…. the comments section in heRe be so bogus and lame

  • bobby bitch!!! and hot nigga 2 hits but that hood life you need to tuck that off to the side once you make it

  • Mylo

    Nah bruh 50 ain’t gone help… Why not go to Sha Money? 2mill you gone have to sign over the masters for Hot Nigga which im guessing you sold to Epic. Smh


    “they don’t like the fact that my neighborhood support me, they don’t like the fact that i made it out the neighborhood, they don’t like the fact they i’m a young black kid”

    Nah nigga they don’t like the fact that you team sells drugs and shoots guns in public places endangering innocent people.

  • Jay

    Free shmurda


    Rosenberg: “In your eyes is there anything that you’ve done wrong that has also contributed to the place you’re in”

    Shmurda: “Nothing”


    Rowdy said Epic Records has already made “20 million, 30 million, 40 million off of us”


    • cmonhomiewemajor

      Bobbys a legend

    • Young Fry King

      Them M’s added up SO quick… no way that happened tho





    • Starpoint feat Renee Diggs


    • B.Thot


    • Kingly_Caracter

      … (Slow clap). So funny yet so, so, so real…

  • srucker

    SHA $ TAKES A MAJOR L….. bobby wants 50 to manage him..means.. 50 i need to get the fuck away from this weirdo

  • srucker

    BDOT… fuck u MEAN BIZ IS BIZ…. thats the cop out fuck boys do that claim to be helping street kids…

  • TylerFree

    We don’t need him free stay in jail.

  • Kingly_Caracter

    RR we’re begging you man…stop with the “old post stack up”. I get it you’re trying to boost topic numbers…but this is an amateur move. Damn.

    • Rocko Soprano

      I agree with u 100%, I hate that shit.


    Didn’t he call just a week ago, pun intended. He’s got too much on his hands.

    Whatever happened to the Knicks hat?

  • B.Thot

    Why would they think epic records would get them out of jail? If you work for wal-mart and you get arrested you think walk-mart would get you out of jail? WTF niggas you work for epic records. They don’t owe you shit

  • ygg

    I’ve never seen such a big deal made about a nigga with two songs to his name.

  • Bobby has a very likable spirit. It’s a shame if he did actually do what he’s been accused of.

  • Mokgethwa

    I see Rowdy Rebel still thinks anybody is interested in him hahahahaha, ma nigga give the damn phone back to Bobby

  • Dsunn

    Rapping bout catching bodies…that actually have toe tags . That’s a no no and big $

  • el jim chapo guzman

    In couple years Bobby will be forgotten.





    • diggz


  • Dab Daddy

    Let this nigga rot…he put himself and his whole team in jail with his dry snitch anthem hot nigga…he a DUMB NIGGA dumb nigga

  • Dirkdadiggler

    I’m just glad this fucker ain’t arnd anymore, to keep releasing his trash ass music Now somebody plz lock up fetty wap, soulja boy, migos, n all these wak ass mofos watering down the substance of this artform we all Love and enjoy. Just my 2 cents. Like it, or don’t like it. Its no accident artists with substance dont get the deserved exposure/promotion , it’s the ones dumbing down the substance who they keep pushing on us, just bcuz you got a number 1 song , don’t mean it’s good. Radio is “Programming”, play some Shit enough times over and over again , gets you programmed to think this is hot. Difference of todays youth , my 15 yr old neighbor likes tyga, that’s his defintion of dope, I was bumpin bone thugs, biggie, pac, big L at 15. Too many sheep’s today , not enough shepards to guide the flock.

  • Snitches get hard time…SMH… #GrowTheHeckUp

  • Deezel Washington

    at this point i still dont understand why yall dont hire someone to write these articles…like i got a job interview tom at 10 am in times square like ill drop by to yall right after if you want with my full resume…[email protected]

  • top5ive

    Excuses. Excuses. Fry Shmurda!!