New Mixtape: Tony Yayo ‘El Chapo 3: The Great Escape’

el chapo 3 the great escape

Tony’s Escape

Tony Yayo is back with the third installment of his El Chapo series, The Great Escape. Catch him if you can and peep the 11 tracks below. Stream and download here.


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  • el jim chapo guzman

    this is a classic mixtape this joint go hard.

    • Room 222


  • Batman

    Yayo showed up nice. I like every cut on this tape other than Always In My Biz. Definitely will get weekly spins the next few months

  • Eric Davis

    Yayo is a yoyo. Mixtape isn’t worth the download.

    • El Dogga

      But worth clicking on the link and hating?!?!

  • Extra Domus

    wow that was better than the last 5 tapes he’s done, the last thing I liked from him was the first gunpowder guru, that shit was flames. I recommend Billionaire and Institutionalized

  • Faceless Hustlers

    Game’s “EL Chapo” song > Tony Yayos “El Chapo” mixtape series

    • FREE MAX B

      aint that the skrillex song? lol fuck outta here

      • Faceless Hustlers

        Go download this weedplate lil nigga fuck up talking to me! Tony Yayo washed up with Clorox!!!

        • keep it real

          at least he aint makin songs with anybody with a little buzz to try and stay relevant

          • Faceless Hustlers

            He should being 50s dishwasher isnt working for him lol. Game still dropping classic albums feature or no feature

          • Guillaume Pilon

            Classic lp ?

            Wich one

          • keep it real

            the one 50 wrote? LOL

  • WindyCityG72

    It’s a solid effort from yayo, i’m not mad