Jadakiss Covers ‘The Source’

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Pucker Up.

Kiss comes face-to-face with uh, himself on the second over (Jeezy) of The Source‘s upcoming holiday issue. Below is an excerpt from his cover story. Magazine hits stands December 4.

Deliberate and direct. So it comes as no surprise when I point out a few people have mentioned he’s looking happier than ever during his recent promotional appearances. He quickly shoots that down. “I got a good poker face, dog. If I put my weight on your back, you wouldn’t move a yard.” He says, “yard” with the conviction of a prosecutor who knows the subject of their cross-exam is guilty. It’s the loudest his voice had reached all day. “For me, this is a business, it’s a regular job. When I go home, I deal with the bulls*it of trying to run my family and make everybody happy. When I’m at work, I’m dealing with trying to make hit records, sell merch, book tours and get endorsements and branding and stuff like that. I very seldom try to intertwine the two because it could f*ck you up. But I also use some of the stress and hardships of my life at home and let that out in the studio, as opposed to going somewhere and doing something stupid.”

Top 5 Dead Or Alive can be purchased on iTunes.

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  • Dab Daddy

    Jada look different and that cover sucks

    • the boy boy lucci

      Your daddy sucks pussy.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Jada is my nigga but top 5 dead or alive got too many corny features…

    • The Haters Advocate



      • el jim chapo guzman

        i’ll give a 6

        • 6.5

          • el jim chapo guzman

            That track with future is the best track on their right?

          • No. “You Don’t Eat”, “Synergy” and “Jason” are my favorite tracks.

  • That nigga hairline man smh

    • Della Lawson

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  • YamzIsLife

    The source got mthfckas thinking they hot!

  • DariusMrperfect Morgan

    Can someone ask kiss where do he get his hair piece from?..🤔💆🏽…come on y’all know that ain’t real

  • Top 5 Dead or Alive is average at best.

    • The Haters Advocate

      WHOS YOUR TOP 5?


      • Ghostface, Nas, Method Man, Biggie, Redman

        • The Haters Advocate

          NICE !! i RESPECT THAT


        • polopolo1

          2pac, cheif keef, meek mill, young thug, Kanye

        • Jack Torrance

          You just called Redman’s “Dope Man” video “Garbage” though? You rap trolls make no sense?

  • Savimbi

    Jada w/ the self cut system!!!!

    • Dark Matters


  • uʍop ǝpısdn

    The hairline on Jada’s sculpture is clearly lying to him

  • 1KillMovez1

    Nigga look like raven LIL brotha

  • myg

    Albums out!! Yea he proved a point he just mite b T5DOA!! Its best hip hop album of year!!

    • keep it real

      gibbs album is better

  • RGeezy

    Too bad the album didn’t live up the title.

    • the boy boy lucci

      Ya lifes a hype.

  • pradagod

    dope album ………

  • Luther

    They could of touch up the hairline up better than that.

    • the boy boy lucci

      Shut ya bitch ass up.

  • thedeamkid19

    that picture explains his carrer


    The fucks going on wit that hairline? Like wtf?????

  • gяêên яångêя♔WE LIŦ G㊉Ð♔

    Why jada looking like jay in this cover?