2 Chainz Dabbing Sweater Helps Family

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Dabbing For The Good.

2 Chainz is giving back this holiday season by giving proceeds from his Dabbing Santa sweater to his T.R.U. Foundation. In this clip above, 2 Chainz surprises disabled veteran and single mother, Deirdre Plater and her family, who recently faced eviction of their Palmetto, Georgia home by paying their rent for a year.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    Rappers are a bane to the black community. Most are addicted to the music and lyrics that condone and illicit criminal behavior. I say rappers should be spurned and never idolized. Go away, and take your denigrating music with you!

    • Skeem1

      I kno trollin is ur thing n all but.. You white ppl are always worried about the ‘black community’ y’all invest so much time and energy towards us yet we don’t give af about y’all!

      • el jim chapo guzman

        You part of the problems too.

      • Michael Ib bett

        Lol isnt the opposite supposed to be the problem? White people dont invest any time or energy at all in the black community? On some George Bush doesnt care about black people shit

      • Room 222

        He’s actually Haitian and Black. His real name is Vladimir François. This mofo ain’t at all or Mexican.

        • el jim chapo guzman

          Screaming my government name out in public will get hurt boy.

        • Room 112

          Talmbout me trolling? Shit? Here you are CONSTANTLY trolling Vladimir? Eat a bag of dicks

          • Room 222

            Son, you and Vladimir François think about dicks too much. Alright, whatever floars your boat.

    • Michael Ib bett

      Kind of like tony yayo. Not even creatively rapping this. Just talking at the end of a song saying i want you to spray a niggas whip up for no reason. Go right up to the car and spray their brains all over the place and stand there for 2 minutes and then run….going back and listening to that now shows how retarded he was/is.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Another MMG butler.

        • Michael Ib bett


    • LuckyP

      who the fuck respects a 3rd world country wetbacks opinion anyways? especially when speaking on the “black community”

    • Chronic

      While I think there’s some truth to what you said (that rappers talking about drugs/guns are just keeping the black community down), you make zero sense when you start saying take the music with you….yet you spend all day on a site that literally has rap in the name

    • Room 222

      Says the guy who named himself after a notorious Mexican drug lord. You’re a public embarrassment.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Your life is an embarrassment.

    • Vincent Vega

      But you obviously idolize them? Why would you be on a rap site every day commenting on everything that they do? Slap yourself . . . HARD

  • That was nice

  • Skeem1

    Dope shit!

  • #TRUU !!!