Juvenile & Mannie Fresh Talk Lil Wayne Joint Album

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Hot Boys Back?

With B.G. locked up away, this may be the closesest thing to a Hot Boys reunion. During an interview with AHH, Juvenile and Mannie Fresh reveal they are currently working on a joint album with Lil Wayne. CMB4Life

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  • Kris Kompute

    I’ve always admired WEEZY for how loyal he is. He niggas with niggas for life.

  • we need that “knuck if you buck (freestyle)” wayne on these jawns.

    • iseerashonal

      that verse was legendary

      • Kelly Hackbarth

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      • i’m sayin…!!! lol

  • el jim chapo guzman

    my question is WHY?

    • Savimbi

      Your mama asked for it.

      • Got Em!


      • el jim chapo guzman

        No she didn’t…. she asked for Kirk Franklin.

  • 90% of the albums Cash Money announces never see the light of day… remember that new Big Tymers album that was supposed to have Wayne, Birdman and Drake?

    • Winston Wolfe

      Yep! And the older that they get the less their chances of making a comeback! Rap isn’t the same anymore. It’s becoming so convoluted with auto-tune and mumblers. I may be getting older but come on? S/O to Kendrick Cole Lupe and whomever else is still carrying the torch for lyricism and storytelling. Only a few real ones left people. Enjoy it while it lasts

      • I agree with most of your points except the ‘enjoy it while it lasts’ part… I think hip hop is at the start of something like a renaissance… looking back a few years ago there weren’t really any popular rappers carrying that torch, at least not fresh faces. But now with Kendrick at the forefront of the genre it is opening up the format a lot… sure there are a hundred Future’s for every Kendrick but at least lyricism is ‘cool’ again, and as the genre expands there will be more and more room for diverse subject matter and intelligent content. So I don’t think Kendrick and Cole and such are the last wave of intelligent rappers, I think they are the first of a new wave of more conscious rappers. There will always be a place for the mindless stuff, but there is room for both which is the great thing.

        • Schwagg132

          Kendrick isn’t at the forefront but I do agree with what you’re saying, Kendrick is media hyped most people lean more toward Cole and Drake, I personally think Kendrick is amazing most people pretending to like his shit tho cause now its “cool” they listened to TPAB twice and never went back.

          • I think Kendrick having the most grammy nominations definitely puts him at the forefront because it means he’s reaching a wider audience than just rap fans.

        • Winston Wolfe

          Cosign! Excellent point

    • Reggie Bo

      remember the lil wayne and t-pain joint album? or the wayne x juelz santana cant feel my face joint?

      • ha! I actually remember being excited for the T-Wayne album… now it sounds like the worst idea ever.

  • Winston Wolfe

    The Wayne that we once knew is no longer. No shade just an observation. His latest mixtape was a GIGANTIC swing and a miss! Never garnered a buzz even after its release. The culture has shifted and I just don’t see him in the picture. And I hate to see the OG’s (not a Wayne fan whatsoever but I give respect where it’s due) conforming to the new auto-tuned emo trap wave bullshit that’s going on right now. Best of luck to him though

    • Tec1Nyc

      Patiently waiting for this “trap” music Era bullshit to be over.

      • Winston Wolfe


    • Schwagg132

      That mix tape was actually good, stop listening to what people say shouldn’t be good and just vibe to it, his lyrics are always there. I just don’t really care for trap beats not really much soul in em, but the auto tune adds the melody and vibe of soul which is why it blends well believe it or not there’s a right and wrong way to listen to something that’s why actual artists hear things differently.

    • Schwagg132

      FWA was AMAZING tho and with better beats.

  • DOPE

  • The Haters Advocate






  • Sonic

    Mannie Fresh looks like someone’s grandma.

  • John Bzo

    Let see where Birdman will pop up and tryna veto them or use is voodoo wand to make them sign a new contract lol