• Gargemels tracksuit

    nothing but quality

  • el jim chapo guzman

    I not feeling this song.

    • Grammar Police

      I not speak proper English?

      • Janel Hairston

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      • el jim chapo guzman

        my fault trooper.

  • fire

  • Sonic

    I’m back. You miss me!?

  • Da Business

    Not bad.

    Btw, that Anderson Paak joint is

    • Neighborhood Soup..

      His album is Crazy…

      • Da Business

        [email protected]$ r sleeping HARD…

        • Neighborhood Soup..

          Indeed.. He has a old soul.. Niggaz can’t relate..

  • Frank Yoster

    Bj the chicago is dope! One of the only fews left that actually uses his voice!

  • SaniAbacha

    First 20 seconds of this song = amazing. Rest = rhymes with voodoo.