New Music: Jeezy “Hit Um”

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As Carolina Panther’s QB Cam Newton set prepares for his first Super Bowl performance, Jeezy runs a few drills on this ode to the athlete presented by Under Armour.

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  • The Boy

    Greatest of All Time List

    1. Drake

    2. Jay-Z

    3. Biggie

    4. Nas

    5. 2pac

    6. Kanye West

    7 Kendrick Lamar

    8. Outkast

    9 lil Wayne

    10. J. Cole

    • Carl Vegas

      Literally laughed out loud when I saw Drake at the top of your list. cool thing is – greatest lists are subjective and personal to you. Maybe Drake made a song that changed your life, or kept you from killing yourself, idk… won’t knock you for your opinion.

    • Straight Pride

      You’re the biggest joke on this website if Drake is number 1 on the GOAT list. The fact that you would put a pop artist over Jay Z shows you’re trolling

    • Truth

      Joke list how T.i. Not on anybody list

    • The Gary Group

      -Nigga born in 98

    • DoughboyToad

      Kendrick suppose to be Number 1

  • The Gary Group

    Guess Jeezy made this song for Denver’s defense. Cause they lighting Cam Newton’s ass up

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  • DoughboyToad

    Jeezy felled off

  • el jim chapo guzman

    The snow man melted.

  • The Haters Advocate


    2.JAY Z
    4.MF DOOM

  • Sean Power

    this song is the reason why cam lost he heard it and lost all motivations, next

  • Orange Crush

    Cam Newton meet VON MILLER . . . again and again and again and #RestInPeaceDabbing

  • staytru

    jeezy still running the streets, him and yo gotti