Kendrick Lamar ‘Untitled Unmastered’ Tops Charts


croWn row Kenny.

Get Top on the phone, we got another one. A week after the release of Kendrick’s lost tapes Untitled Unmastered, the album will sit at the top of the Billboard charts with approximately 143,804 copies tallied. More than likely, the figure reflects streams as well. For those keeping score, this marks Kendrick’s second number in less than a year. Pimp pimp!

UPDATE: Final tally: 178,000. According to billboard 142,000 copies in pure album sales.

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  • ImKing

    Those figures are sales only, with streams it’s 182,029. These numbers are good for a 8 track digital only released Ep. The hard copies are in stores today. PeAcE.

  • J


  • PhilLee8

    Thats it?

  • uʍop ǝpısdn

    I need this on vinyl asap!!!

  • Iamstillmusic

    Look at Kendrick killing the rap game. The God MC of our generation

    • Judge Joe Dredd

      Yeah my dude, he’s going to metamorphosis into a Bob Marley type figure hopefully. Once he focuses and makes his message universal…. But yeah he’s got his foot on neck of this shit.

      • marty mcfly

        His message is universal already. Once you start trying to relate to everybody then you gotta water yourself down to relate to those that are completely against everything you stand for. Bob Marley was great but I’d rather a more Peter Tosh approach…

        • radio raheem

          Well said

          • marty mcfly

            I can agree with the musical point of sounding universal but I’d say Kendrick is being himself because he’s made a bunch of songs that all have similar aesthetic so thats really him.

      • radio raheem

        He’s not from Jamaica or know wtf trench town rock is…. So he’ll never be the next bob marley… Don’t push it wise one.. Just because he visited his museum down there doesn’t mean he’s the next Bob Marley… Nobody will ever be the next Bob Marley… You’ll have to be formed out of that hard time with no electricity while starving for a meal…. and he’d have to be able to smoke like him…. And to even be or top Bob Marley you’ll have to go down the list of hits he produced….. Let’s not get into what most don’t know…. I was born in Jamaica by the way… So please don’t start an argument you’ll lose… Im here to pass on knowledge not dispute

    • YABOI

      He at a point where he can release anything @ any moment in its gonna top the charts!!!

    • Winston Wolfe

      So glad that LeBron got the ball rolling on this one (pun intended) Much needed new music. Haven’t stopped listening to it since its release. Here’s to hoping that he release more new music before years’ end

      • Barbaratlaforge3

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    • I honestly believe he’s on the cusp of being more than that. They shut down Trump in Chicago while singing “Alright.” That’s a damn anthem! Mayfield Keep on Pushing level.

    • radio raheem

      One of them….

      • Iamstillmusic

        The best one…

        • radio raheem

          Incorrect again ! LMFAOOOOO little do you know young grasshopper

          • Iamstillmusic

            Who is then?

          • radio raheem

            Wait till the year is over then you’ll see

  • top5ive

    Levitate…x 3

    • DJ Khaled


  • Judge Joe Dredd

    “this marks Kendrick’s second number in less than a year.” ???TF

    Second number 1 album in less than a year?

  • suckafree

    god mc is nas. stop.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    that’s all 143,804 and niggas is talking about he’s the god mc.

    • ImKing

      Apparently you don’t understand the significance of releasing a digital only untitled Ep with 8 tracks less than a year of “TPAB”. 143,804 was sales only, with streams it’s 182,029. His unrelease shit is better than niggas albums. These are good numbers.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        I’m not hating on Kendrick my dude… I was just pointing out 143,804 ain’t nothing.. nigga like drake is putting up at least 304,804 first week.

        • ImKing

          IT’S TIME TO TELL THE TRUTH: Do you realize pop artist sell more and that don’t mean that they’re better. (Remember Mc Hammer, Vanilla Ice & Nelly)

          NOW LET ME SAY THIS: Drake is a half breed Jewish Canadian signed to multiple people including Apple. (He will always sell more) If you really knew how the business works, you would understand that numbers are manipulated and adjusted all the time to sell more fortune cookies. Drake makes mediocre records designed for the radio.

          You and many others look foolish trying to discredit the one & probably only hip-hop artist of this generation that will be remembered amongst legends & greats. PeAcE.

        • ilexx

          Drake is a POP artist with an apple deal. You remember that 300k first week you are talking about, I’m pretty sure if my memory serves correctly they had the entire top shelf on iTunes blocked out for WATTBA for 24-48 hrs. Something never done before or after. But I’m guessing an Apple deal will buy you that kind of shelf space.

          Don’t try to discredit Kendrick when Drake would never even release an ‘untitled unmastered’.

          Ppl say you are hating because you are trying to discredit it in everyway possible, just give props where props are due and keep it moving, all the extra shit is for the birds.

          • marty mcfly

            In all fairness though, Kendrick doesn’t make Pop music but he is what the word “Pop” implies which is “Pop-ular” to the largest commercial audience. Taylor Swift fans know who Kendrick is… Drake is with Apple but Apple’s success comes from Technology all around the board. They were bringing in billions before Drake. Kendrick is with Interscope/Aftermath witch has to be the biggest Hip Hop machine that focuses purely on music.

            This is not to take credit from Kendrick but just sayin… When Drake and Kendrick were both underground, Drake was still putting up these kinda numbers. His So Far Gone EP went gold and aside from that, what we’ll never know is how many units So Far Gone the mixtape sold in the streets… It likely went ghetto platinum.

          • ilexx

            I hear you but Drake was never really underground but ok cool.

            The same ep that went Gold when it went to retail was lead by a number 1 single. U can call that underground if you like but Kendrick hasn’t ever had a single that high on the charts by himself. The moment Best I Ever Had did things on the charts, Drake and underground haven’t been able to exist in the same sentence.

            Either way, we all know Kendrick ain’t making bubblegum pop but Drizzy does every now and then. Drake will literally drop a pop single to promote his album and seeing that Summer ’16 was kinda urban (and wack), I expect we will be getting he pop single in the next 2-3 weeks, maybe sooner.

          • marty mcfly

            You can say Drake isn’t underground if you want because I guess he’s always had an industry connection but when So Far Gone first came out it was alot of people in the streets like who the fuck is Drake? You can say its bubble gum music? I would say its just good music (specifically So Far Gone). We can go back and forth about “underground” but imo almost every artist is underground at some point because they came from somewhere where they were an unknown to the music world and that in turn means they were not visible on the mainstream so they were “underground”. Its a blurry line so if people disagree thats fine. Kendrick wasn’t doing these kinda numbers when he was underground, imo Drake was. I remember going to the record store and seeing So Far Gone selling out at a time when his name and face recognition was considerably low. When I bought So Far Gone, I had never seen or heard of Drake before, I just saw a line of people with the project in their hand. I aint talking about the EP, I mean the mixtape and the cover wasn’t even the same artwork it was for the official So Far Gone mixtape, it was some shit even before that and there was a literal line of people forming for a mixtape.

          • ilexx

            Yeh but he came in the game on the biggest star in music’s back at the time. Lil Wayne gave him his platform and the music, once again was aiming for the pop lane.

            I understand how you are drawing the line where underground is concerned, so basically everybody was underground at some point, alright fine.

            I just see underground and mainstream as two different things. Like Curren$y, dude is popular enough but he doesn’t make music for the mainstream, I will forever look at Curren$y as a true underground artist.

            Drake makes good music for the most part, I am not denying that but the music he is making is created for the mainstream and when he goes singy songy on em it’s diving into he pop lane. Hold on were going home anybody?

          • marty mcfly

            Go up, I responded to this comment on your other comment. My bad.

          • marty mcfly

            I see the underground as when you rap and most Hip Hop fans don’t know who you are. Like if a artist drops music and nobody you know knows who the fuck the person even is? That to me is “underground”. The “unknown” rapper…

            I can see how people would say Curren$y is underground but imo most Hip Hop fans would say they have about 20 projects from him and have been listening to him for like half a decade at this point. If thats “underground”? It must be the most popular form of underground there is.

          • marty mcfly

            I gotta make a correction. At the time I bought So Far Gone, the single Best I Ever Had wasn’t on the radio yet and it had no video. Houstonlantavegas was on the radio at the time…

          • marty mcfly

            None of this takes away from Kendrick but imo he started doing these 100k kinda numbers after he became “Pop”-ular… So he doesn’t make “Pop” music but he can move through the same playing field as somebody who does.

          • ilexx

            I can accept that. He can move through the same playing field as other artists who are making pop music because he has a large enough fanbase but he isn’t making music to appeal to the pop crowd.

            To me that’s likely the best space to be in, you can be as true to yourself as possible.

          • marty mcfly

            Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting he’s making pop music. He doesn’t have to cause he’s pop-ular already.

          • marty mcfly

            Back then I used to just get almost one of every mixtape cause thats how I was. I just took a whole shelf just for the fuck of it and I’d go back and play the shit loud at my house and the whole neighborhood would be kickin it there. Now at this time, most of the people were like who and what the fuck is a Drake? Now it may not seem like that now because Drake is a mega star but at this time, its not like Drake was just known by everybody. Now as far as the single? At that time as well, most the people I knew were just hearing the song for the first time. I wasn’t in the clubs yet, it was on radio though but still…

            It was still a bunch of people like who is Drake. Now in terms of Kendrick? I remember MTv, Hot 97 and almost every Hip Hop blog was already in full hype beast mode about Kendrick and this is before even Hiiipower came out and by the time that came out he was on full hype mode. Sway and Peter Rosenburg were talking about Kendrick like he was their lord and savior and he was not putting up these kinda numbers. I remember Kendrick doing numbers AFTER he became “pop”ular with the single feature Dr Dre and then Swimming Pools but not beforehand.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            I feel what you saying ilex but believe or not Kendrick is overrated….

          • ilexx

            Alot of ppl thought Jay-Z was overrated too but that didn’t stop him from having the greatest rap career we’ve ever seen.

            Maybe Kendrick is overrated, maybe not, we just gotta see if he keeps delivering. For me, i don’t look at him as overrated because he doesn’t get the over hype that Ross used to get or that Future currently gets, in fact there is no hype for a Kendrick or Cole and these guys just keep delivering and their fans buy into it week in and week out. That’s what quality artists do.

          • @doublen517

            He really is. People be lost in the rhymes. So far I’ve met one person who can rap an entire Kendrick verse. He’s good but there are people who can say the same things with less words, that are more pleasing to the ear

          • el jim chapo guzman

            You absolutely right my nigga.

          • radio raheem

            You don’t know how stupid you sound to the ” intelligent hip hop” club

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Your an idiot though

          • radio raheem

            sure I am moron…. I school

          • el jim chapo guzman

            your a rapradar number 1 fuckboi

          • Fully Auto Rofchild

            You’re a dick rider. This shit sucks. Just because its called unmastered doesn’t mean its really unmixed and mastered birdbrain lol. THIS AINT HIP HOP !!! THIS is FUCKING POETRY!!! Hip hop is beats and bars, head knocking music not this incense burning shit. Numbers only count for his accountants lol This shit is worst than TPAB. If Kendrick was really making music TO TRULY STAND UP FOR BLACK IF WOULD BE OFFENSIVE TO WHITE AMERICA & NOT CELEBRATED !!!! They give him awards and shit cuz he makes rap the way white ppl think it should be 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

          • ilexx

            Fam, his producers and ppl at the label said they fought to actually get the stuff mastered. Now because I know music I already know that of course there is a preliminary mix on these tracks but, I don’t think they were mastered.

            Now, if the ppl involved with sequencing the actual album said it isn’t mastered and they fought to get it mastered but Kdot didn’t want that…. If they said that, why should I listen to what u have to say?

          • marty mcfly

            Thats not necessarily true because there has been a bunch of white people over the years going to Public enemy, Ice Cube, Wu Tang and Immortal Technique concerts, hyped enough to say fuck white people right along with Jay Electronica…

            Kendrick never said he was aiming to offend white people. You can stand up for black people and not even mention white people in the same sentence or song at all. Its possible. Nas, Common, KRS, Rakim etc… Gotta a bunch of songs “standing up for black people” where they don’t even mention white people. Sometimes not even speaking about white people is more powerful then dedicating some words to them even to tell them fuck you…

            And please do not get it twisted into believing just cause you saw Kendrick get a grammy by a music industry entity that it aint plenty of other white people saying fuck that proud monkey Kendrick…

          • radio raheem

            Does drakes success burn you up ? LMFAOOOOOOO

          • ilexx

            Sorry fam it doesn’t. I just see it for exactly what it is.

    • ilexx

      Well Future needed to premiere his album on Khaled’s beats show in order to do the similar numbers and Kendrick still did better.

      8 unreleased, unfinished, unmastered songs……

      Anybody hating on that is just ignorant. But we already know you are bottom of the barrel when it comes to ignorance.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        lol ignorance!!!!!!!!!!! NO i’m not ilex.

    • polopolo1

      His throwaway tracks did better than dirty sprite wym?

      • el jim chapo guzman

        I’m not a fan of future..

    • Hussle

      only drake and cole do better, and its not even his LP. foh

      • el jim chapo guzman


    • radio raheem

      Do you listen to lyrics ? Moron

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Yes!!! Moron

        • Idiots

          You’re an idiot. Log off.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            You’re a clown

        • radio raheem

          exactly…. verified moron !!! LMFAOOOOOO its sad online…. this shit is entertaining….

          • el jim chapo guzman

            smh cant fix stupid.

  • P.OV.IC

    That cant include streams, if it does that seems low.

  • Yepac Shakur

    HUGE kendrick fan, but come on now. These numbers are not good. ESP for someone that’s suppose to be an top tier mc


      it was a surprise release of throwaway songs only available digitally… how much do you think it should have sold?

  • Michael Ib bett

    Nas lost tapes is in my top 3 nas albums. When is eminem gonna release the shit that didnt make mmlp and the eminem show. Thats what people wanna hear from him


    Untitled 1 and the second half of untitled 7 were my favorite tracks.

  • yep

    Nice to see J Cole has officially surpassed this raccoon.

  • “Get God on the phonee!”

  • Mobutu

    Good job, Kendrick!

    G-Unit boss 50 Cent has reportedly confessed to lying about having a mansion in Africa during his publicized bankruptcy court proceedings.

    According to reports, Fif admitted he never owned a house in Africa this week.

    The rap star filed legal docs in his bankruptcy case, saying, “I do not, nor have I ever owned, any real property in Africa.” He included a picture of his Instagram post last year touting the mansion he claimed to have owned. 50’s trying to prove to creditors he’s not hiding assets … claiming he only makes it appear his lifestyle is super lavish in order to “move the needle” for fans who idolize that “50 Cent” persona.



  • radio raheem

    Are we really surprised here…..

  • radio raheem

    The funniest thing to me is most people always rep the current top dog “ironically”…. Of rap and feel good because he is the top dog… But that still doesn’t mean you yourself know wtf HIP HOP IS LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO…. Rep up all you want… You’ll still be a noob