New Video: Royce 5’9 “Tabernacle”

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Never Forget

Inside the house of God, Royce recalls the day he lost his grandmother, the birth of his son and his first encounter with Eminem. His forthcoming album Layers drops April 15.

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  • Winston Wolfe

    So totally off-topic but anybody else read about Jay pulling all of his music from other sites but Tidal? Thoughts? Feel like this is forcing fans into an ultimatum in a sorts

    • marty mcfly

      Its good business imo. If you create great product why shouldn’t you be able to market it yourself and control what you made yourself? Steve Jobs makes a Iphone or FORCES you to buy it from an Apple store or another chain store that carries Apple products. Artists should be able to be their own store too. Their music is their product.

      • Cantona

        Not too sure about that comparison mate. Now if Steve Jobs owned T-Mobile and exclusively sold the iPhone through T-Mobile you’d have a point. But with this move he’s (and Kanye btw) dictating how I should listen to music and downgrading his music to a marketing gimmick for his streaming company. What happened to music is for the people? Just my opinion though…

        • marty mcfly

          The music is for the people though. The comparison makes since. If you make a product, other people don’t tell you how you should run your business, you should be able to control and market it how you want because its yours. If your a fan of an artist, why would you not want to support their music? Just cause they want you to get it directly from them? That just makes business sense. If I was an artist, I wouldn’t just give everything a work for away and get nothing back for it cause everybody else does it, that don’t make any sense. I’d control everything from top to bottom because if I created it why wouldn’t I control how its delivered to the people? There’s a saying that if you want something done right? Then do it yourself. Thats what a artist should be doing.

    • Views From The 666

      i imagine most of his fans already own/pirated his albums years ago. so it dont affect me whatsoever.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    The song is dope but the video could’ve been better.

  • jlUK

    Slaughterhouse first album is one of the best i’ve ever bought

  • MJeezy

    this is too good

  • MadShot

    So that’s where the 5 and 9 come from. Damn, that’s a story.

  • I could support Jay removing his entire catalog and saying to his fans,”Get my music from me over here because I can make my money”. But Why just The Blueprint series? Why not everything? Why did it take so long for the music to be exclusive to Tidal if he owned the company for what, the last 2 years? I mean j understand business strategy but this has nothing to do with fans and everything to do with artists. I’m not mad but I’m not stupid either.

  • Damon Jaafar

    Dope azz song and video I am ready for this album

  • Incredibly Dope.