New Video: Scarface x Z-Ro “Fuck You Too”

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With Z-Ro and the whole block behind him, Scarface sends a message to his haters in his new video. Fingers up. Deeply Rooted is available here.

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  • Me fav track off the album. IMO the best album of 2015

    • jeweliano

      I feel you but my fav track is the Hot Seat! Good way to start your day off

    • Savimbi

      Steer is my joint!!!

  • el jim chapo guzman


    • Kris Kompute

      Quit using black slang Jorge

      • Sonic

        Quit using white technology.

        • Lmfao!

          Somebody pay attention to Sonic before it has another mental breakdown again. Lmfao!

        • marty mcfly

          Quit using African resources and ancient African mathematical teachings, sacred geometry and foreign cheap labor to build “white technology”.

          • Sonic

            Then quit using the Internet.

          • marty mcfly

            “Technology” is a wide range of things. None of which white people can say is just “white”. Including the internet.

          • Sonic

            What have black people contributed to the world? The answer is nothing, sure you guys have a few measly, pathetic, insignificant inventions here and there, but I mean as a whole a contribution to the world. Something that helped aid your fellow man?

          • marty mcfly

            What have black people contributed to the world? Go find out. Your understanding of the world starts in middle age Greece which is why you think black people contributed nothing? Well there is 8 millenniums of developed and advanced civilization before white people started doing anything. Go find out what was created in those thousands of years beforehand. In early Greece, Africans were worshipped as the creators of writing, reading, science, astronomy/astrology,medicine, geometry, spirituality etc… Go find out what black people contributed…

          • marty mcfly

            Go look at “ancient” (a thousand years plus B.C.) Europe and “ancient” Africa and you tell me who was contributing and aiding fellow man?

      • el jim chapo guzman

        quit riding my dick.

  • Carl Vegas

    One of our Goats still actively making amazing music and these 90’s babies anxiously waiting for Slime Season 3 to drop..smh!

    • Strong Enough

      cant we have both



  • Still Banging BJ yo ! peeps open up you ears and feel this ish
    T.Lee’s Clear My Mind Here … #Purchase ‪#‎UTGI‬ video coming soon !

  • Sonic

    I respect Scarface, but only as an emcee.

  • top5ive

    Hate z-ro

    • Neighborhood Soup..

      Are U Serious?

      • I used to hate him too, thought he was mad depressing until I heard “Crack”. Been a fan every since, even went back & listened to the old shit.

        • Neighborhood Soup..

          Crack is Tougher Than A MuthaFucka… I’m about to listen to that shit now. Definitely the most underrated nigga in the game.. Hands Down

      • top5ive

        Fuck z ro. He went after fif and failed

        • Neighborhood Soup..

          he wasn’t even trying when he did that… he did that for J.Prince… He definitely has come into his own.. U r buggin’

  • Neighborhood Soup..

    DJ Akshen and The Mo City Don… Indeed.. This Shit Is Fire

    • Ashleybwachter3

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    • LP1087

      They on’t know nuttin’ bout that, google is too much information for them

      • Neighborhood Soup..

        Word Up.. That Shit Pisses Me Off.. The World Would Be a Better Place If These Young-Ins did some research..

  • IKEEPIT100

    Best album of last year hands down!! Im pissed i missed him in boston the other night damn

  • RGeezy

    Face Mob always drops heat.