The Breakfast Club Interviews Dick Gregory

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Activist, comedian, and author Dick Gregory appeared on The Breakfast Club today. Over 90 minutes, he touched on a shitload of topics including his upcoming biographical Broadway play, race, Bill Cosby, and more.

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  • Kris Kompute

    I have no idea who buddy is but I love when my elders tell their story. Def watching tonight.

    • BlackCrown216

      He’s one of those ones who was behind the scenes writing for all the big time comedians back in the day..

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Can you name them all?

        • Megamind

          Sure…Cosby, Pryor, Mooney are some….if not writing…influencing. And he was definitely a part of the Black Power movement.


          • BlackCrown216

            Lol….your a snitch.

          • BlackCrown216

            But seriously….He dropped some bombs….

            The Alex haley plagerisim. Many people won’t even understand what that means.

            The truth about Micheal jordan and Malcom X and the autopsy reports

            The real on voting and why they kept us from reading and writing. They actually said we weren’t allowed to read…that’s crazy.

            And why so many black men are missing.

            They just had their first successful uterus transplant a few weeks ago……

            You don’t think that in the near future, they will be able to take the penis of a black man and attach it to a white man????

            They were already comfortable enough castratiing us for fun and pleasure…you don’t think they’ll be happy with our shyt??

            It’s all about power greed and sex with them…..As soon as people realize they have a war against us….The better you will learn to move out here.

            There is an attack on melanin. I bet you the uterus they used was from a black woman. Whites genetics are too recessive…..i bet you.

        • BlackCrown216

          He was ghost writing for those people. I probably could name a few……

          But I’m not a snitch

  • marty mcfly

    Salute to this elder. A pioneer intellectual in black consciousness, history and culture.

  • RTH

    Brother Time

  • “RUN.” Love this guy.

  • They’ll need to get post potus Barack on to unpack. Make it happen Malia.

  • Dick Gregory from the Lou and been the perfect example for all of us still living here. His life has always been about growth. Comedian, health guru, and activist this guy is a revolutionary! Read NIGGER. Look up his YouTube interviews. Get inspired. Shoutout C the God for bringing him on the show. Salute to you bro.

  • Strong Enough

    Is that Fredrick Douglas

  • Judge Joe Dredd

    Cool interview and perspectives, but some of his information is inaccurate…. For instance Frank James is not, nor did he change his name to Rockefeller… They are two different people in history…. John D Rockefeller’s father William Avery Rockefeller however was a noted con artist.

    • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani


    • BlackCrown216

      The task isn’t to hold on to everything he says. Of course his opinions are facts so u can’t take them into account.

      Focus on the information that sounds logical and build from there.

      There are so many parts of the bible that are inaccurate but that doesn’t mean you throw out the other parts…..

  • I don’t care.

    • BlackCrown216

      Of course you dont. Those such as yourself aren’t supposed to. That’s what makes his words so strong. It’s a part of the game.

      We need people like you. If everyone was smart, there would be no one to pity….

      • If you were smart, you would not respond to me.

        • BlackCrown216

          Lol because responding to someone like yourself is just a stupid thing to do? You might be right. ..but still. …u cant tell me whats the smart thing to do if you yourself aren’t smart……..that would be stupid!! Lol

          I do stupid stuff from time to time though….

          • jeweliano

            Got em early! Salute

          • Well, you just proved you’re the stupid one. Of course, I don’t care about this old ass guy, I’m not American nor black, but I think your movement is based on misinformation.

        • radio raheem

          im sure people in the real loop with intelligence bring your hopes down with that young mind of yours….

          • Sonic

            How old are you?

          • radio raheem

            That I won’t share with you… But we do know how gay you…. That the world knows..

          • radio raheem

            we know how gay you are already.. so I dont need to state that…

      • radio raheem

        LMFAOOOOOO well said.

  • radio raheem

    Comments reflect minds….