Will Smith ‘Tim Westwood’ Freestyle (2005)

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Big Willie

Back when Will Smith was still making music, he stopped by Tim Westwood’s show to flex his rhymes. Take a listen to him recite bars over the hottest joints of yesteryear, “How We Do” and “Lean Back”

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    It’s been eleven years now and niggas Still sleeping on Will’s pen game.

  • Sonic


    • Lmfao!

      – Vladimir 2.0 aka crazy person of the year

  • Jazz June

    This was better than his VERY first visit to Westwood lol.

  • Neighborhood Soup..

    This nigga said Kaboom Ooh Wee.. Meanwhile Tim Westwood has Will Smith’s nutsac in his hand

  • Shock

    Y’all know Will killed this shit. Lol