New Music: Dave East “All The Way Up (Freestyle)”


Up East

After taking a break from his East Mixes, Dave East gets back into the swing of things by flexing his finesse over Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s hit.

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  • HipHopIsDead888

    His buzz is crazy, can’t deny that.




  • el jim chapo guzman

    This shit nice I’m all the way up.

    • Sonic

      About to pick your mother up and redecorate her walls!

      • el jim chapo guzman

        You face should be redecorated sonic” get the fuck outta here coward

  • BK

    He sounds dope over this


    feel like i heard him spit half these lyrics before

  • 476231

    nothing new

  • He sounds the same over everything. No hate cuz I feel the energy.

    • Felix

      he’s the same person…

      • The flow doesn’t have to be the same on every track tho. Regardless of the emcee. Even Jay said it to Nas “Switch up ya flow”.

        • Felix

          Rakim is considered one of the greatest of all time and he never switched up. Lil Wayne in my opinion is one of the greatest but soon as he switched everybody said they wanted him to go back to Carter 2 Wayne. Not really sure what people want from these guys

          • Well Rakim flow changed the game and wen it was time for him to evolve because others with better flows came he eventually fizzled out. And the same goes for Wayne because his flow changed the game too then others came and made his flow seem boring in comparison. Again I rock wit Dave East and think he dope however all these verses over other people songs just show me that he has that one flow for now and I’d rather wait to hear his original material instead. Wen 50 first dropped his flow was created for each new mixtape song he snatched up. An emcee gets judged over their flow.

          • Felix

            Completely understand

  • Sonic

    Wack and boring.

  • Sonic

    Dave East is fine af!

    • Leslieesaucier1

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  • Kevin Banks

    Dave this generation Jadakiss, fuck what a hater gotta say